It is with a heady heart, and tears in my eyes, that I bring you the most insane of my philosophical teachings.

In my earlier piece I spoke of how the universe is balanced. Of how every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Physics teaches us this. Though the principle for the Philosopher is far more profound than a scientist may fathom.

Energy is balanced with itself. It is balanced because that is the nuts and bolts of how the universe exists.

It maintains its balance to keep the universe functioning.

Ask yourself this question: if the universe wasnt here, then what would exist?

You cannot get something out of nothing.

The laws of physics, and great intrisic mathematics that this world and universe exist upon state that you must give something back for what you get.

I have always hated God.

I have hated him for letting me exist in His world and universe and afterlife.

I have hated him not just selfishly for me, but hated viley for the responsibility I put upon myself for understanding the great suffering of Humanity.

Why did/do we suffer?

Because we are born half monkey and primitive. And since the first Homosapien was born up to today we are born into near complete ignorance, with no guidance as to life. And no teachings.

The ignorant destroy this world every day with their petty, closed-minded state of being. The state of the completely lost and the completely powerful.

I have hated God for paying the cost of Humanity’s violent, over-emotional nature.

I have hated God for paying the price of existence with the suffering of humanity.

Each action has an equal and opposite reaction. You cannot have life, without death. You cannot have power, without something’s expense.

We exist in the universe, and in this universe the energy can be transformed, but nothing can be gained.

And that is true, as of now.

This is how existence works for us, in my view.

This “everythin'” is in constant balance, and unavoidably so. Because it needs to be, to maintain itself.

You cannot get something out of nothing.

God, or maybe the force of nature of universal mathematics, or maybe something else, caused this universe to come into being.

And it must maintain it’s balance to maintain everything. Because it probably doesn’t add up to much. It probably doensn’t add up to anything.

The value of everything.

Is probably zero. Because it is all counter balanced.

You may not realize the philosophical import of what I am to say next.

Surfice to say it is the meaning of life. (a varied subject)

What value is life?

It is hard and painful a lot of the time, completely boring most of the time, and good for some of the time.

If you were God. Would you pay the price of all of the inevitable suffering of humanity if it was worth one universe? One AWE inspiring universe with Humanity locked into it to suffer, strive and survive?

The price has been paid.

Would you pay it?

If you think of the suffering of Humanity. Something that has not stopped for one second since the birth of the first Homosapien until now.

Would you really agree for your country to go to war if your family had to suffer the same things those in Iraq do?

Or would you still want Saddam Hussain dead?


Our Plague.

Brought upon us by God as the price intelligence has to pay before it can reap any reward.



Bloodshed between kin.

The rape of innocents.


The Truth of the matter is. It is all worth it.

God paid the price for a reason.

Because, and hear me now, Wisdom and true thought can get something out of nothing.

We have paid the price, and now it is coming time to reap our rewards. To THINK our way out of ignorance and into the light of life.

To use sound judgement in things, and to do it whilst respecting our primitive, wolf life inner minds, that stem from so long ago.

The smarter we are. The better we become, for the less suffering will be caused.

Take me as an example.

My life is worth nothing!

I am naturally completely insane, delusionary and raving mad. That is just nature, Humanity needs schizophrenics to exist, the proof is because we are still alive in 2008.

But technology reaped through thought and work has given me a cure to take every single day. And that cure allows me to live.

One hundred years ago my life would be nothing. A hanously sick man inside a jail cell or locked in a disaproving family’s attic.

Take my day so far today.

I have watched Anime for free online, and played an open souce, exciting and completely free game called Alien Arena.

Our intelligence and technology gained through it is the end to our suffering. But wisdom must be worked upon most importantly of all!

For if I didn’t have a drop of it, I would flawlessly be convincing you I am the new Messiah and getting you to send me your government cheaques. I might even be thinking it myself.

To say it so, you cannot get something for nothing.

The price of existence is our suffering. But we will find our way out.

You cannot get something out of nothing, because all energy is balanced equally. Though with thought, you CAN get something out of nothing.

And that is what makes God’s payment worth it.

The future will be bright.

Maybe after untold suffering the likes of which the world has never seen. Maybe not. The simple Truth is that we are the only factor that I know of that can get something out of nothing. Because thought isn’t governed by the laws of physics. We can think what we like : ) there isn’t any great energy exchange other that the electricity used, and the electricity doesn’t know what it is, there is only the result of its movements and its bonding with matter that allows it to know what it IS, inside a scientific mind.

We can each one of us think the species to peace and happiness.

So think.


And be well.

And thank God for the future!

God needs a friend.






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