Good vs Evil

Firstly “evil” is the wrong word,
being evil denotes you have wicked power
if you were evil, you’d have to be wise, you’d have to understand entirely who you are, what the universe is, and what made you who you are today,

and at the end of all that you would have the wisdom to to actually decide to be Evil

just being some feeble tiny human mind who thinks they’re badassed and doesn’t understand why they are here and what they are doing, does not give you the wisdom to actually be an evil being I’m afraid

you’re just some misguided brain I suppose, and a wanker

the point is that if you were anyone who could actually understand or begin to understand what is going on on Earth, then you would realise you were a higher mind that wraps an inner primitive, animal, innately ignorant, monkey mind

you would realise that you were descended from the primitive and still have it in you
you would realise that we are just waking up into what we are
what we are being the first parts of matter etc. on this planet who can actually look at thing, and know what that thing is
matter waking up to this universe’s reality
and you would realise the importance of spreading reality to other people, so we can wake up to the universe
you would realise your role in the human race
and that role would be to help, as helping the rest of the matter with eyes, rather than just harming a few is common sense, something “evil” people don’t have in droves

the question is, is good and decency some value that is set in stone?
Some part of the maycup of the universe?
Is it wiser to be a wolf.. fuck people over and get yours, or to be a nice guy and help people on their way
and does it matter?

and the answer is that no, it is not a value engrained in the universe, although if there is an afterlife it may be engrained to get into there, because a fucktard wouldn’t have the wisdom to be in any reality but an ignorant one

No what matters is Truth
Truth is engrained in the universe, we can tell if something is correct or incorrect, like if I walked on air, would I fall through it?
or What do you get if you add up 2 and 2?
or Is it more useful to help or to hinder?
or If I showed my kid black people were niggers, would he end up racist?
No offence to anyone out there, it’s an example (anyone doing that would just be spreading their ignorance around obviously)

and the fact of the matter is, if you are a wanker, bad and “evil” you would hurt people, and there is no logical reason to do that
not if you understand

and that hurt you give out will spread across the world, every tiny action of every individual spreads out as people follow you, and hurt many more, or turn the hurt on other people, as you do

and you would hardly improve one thing on earth, apart from showing people you’re a wanker.

That doesn’t make sense, look at the bigger picture, you are not actually locked into your life, the drama in your life and the whole of your human universe is not actually of note, it’s blind-ignorant and unimportant

Think bigger, see what’s really going on!  Your life is tiny, it is only of importance to you and those you harm. Those people are not big enemies or victims, they are just small biological eyes of matter and soul.


As are you and me, if you think of the human race as what we are ,

And harming doesn’t make sense
when you see the world from a philosopher’s point of view, you can easily see that we are all in this together
we are all just sibling life forms, descended from the same parents
Far from a species of worth as we are all so ignorant

think of all our minds and how we communicate with each other so constantly and intensely

, how much we interact and that we don’t know what we are doing, and all that we could achieve if we had purpose, and sense and honor, which is our future, a future of sense

Where your existence would be remembered for what?  How would it be felt as time and possibilities multiplied and made their way to a future where people are wise, and understand us today as we understand people thousands of years ago??

I honestly have a hard time believing it
if nasty people don’t believe in god
then what are they??
think about it
they’re an insignificant minuscule piece of matter
that’s a wanker
that’s all they are
what lofty heights eh?

and if they do believe in god, or god exists, they get to heaven, finding out that the fairy-tale devil doesn’t exist
and Gods like
‘WTF? you haven’t even grasped the tiniest morsel of what we’re trying to do here??’
imagine the let down

And there’s the matter of self respect.
there’s enough knowledge in any wanker, that if they looked deep into themselves
into who and what they really are
they know they’re scum, and not worth a damn

whereas I know near every part of myself, and I can say I’m proud of myself.

I know who I am, and ‘found myself’ years ago
and had to change a fair few things

but now I can say I’m a logical being.  And I’m wise enough to understand what saying such a thing with absolute honesty means.  It means I’m not a moron, it means I’m a nice guy, I am awake and there is pride for my worth and it is True

a problem with people is that they lie to themselves, I am purely honest with myself and will accept no substitute for Truth.  I mean what are we here for?  Not to live a lie.

is anyone actually born good? Or born evil?


we are all born ignorant, some more than others

[Update] when I read this piece out to a brilliant friend of mine, she reminded me that I have not truely looked into the eyes of an evil person, I was never raped as a child, and she had been by monsters.

Though I stand by my piece, and realized the explanation it was lacking is more along the lines of what you could call “moral insanity”

It is similar to being schizophrenic and fully giving up all of the old reality (the semi-real “normal” Human, mostly false one that we live in in society today) and giving yourself freely to your delusions, your insanity 100%

From which you can never truely recover

just as a person who has raped a child cannot recover

My Theory is, that when you commit such a crime, you are commiting it against your “Humanity”

and as with a delusional person giving themselves up to fantasy, so a paedophile or asshole gives themselves up to “moral insanity”

they give up their humanity and are as lost as a chronically delusional schizophrenic

and they appear evil, yet they are meerly ethically and morally insane

and need DEALING WITH in the proper manner, bearing in mind that they are not cureable any more.

And it can be classified as insanity, for they are illogical and untruthful, and only harming and not helping

which is complete illogility, a.k.a. Insanity


(C)opywrite Nick.Eliot[at] 20/09/2006


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