Hold on to the HERD

    >there comes a time in every intelligent persons life…
    the time when they see the people around them, they see the way the world works, and they’re repulsed by it
    they are separated from it by their intelligence and realize how very stupid the average person is

    and then they call them ‘the HERD’ in true Nietzschien fashion
    and hate them<

    a lot of people don’t bother to think at all
    they just live to suit themselves, yet they don’t even know themselves


    they do not even know that they could be completely wrong about everything

    and so you end up with ‘mind controlled sex slaves’ , a mass of people who don’t know shit, spouting shit and violence towards each other, and occasionally impacting upon people like us, irritatingly enough.

    They’re great for an economy
    great if you want to fight a war

    as long as you can control them.

    But this is no way for us to be
    and by us I mean everybody;

    the key difference is not intelligence
    it is the ability for growth and personal evolution
    if you think yourself better than the Herd (as I have done) then you are forgetting what it is like to be in another’s mind,


    I need to explain

    for instance, the difference between ME and hitler: )

    hitler was a man who with eyes straight ahead, most likely never doubted himself or his bigotries whatsoever

    he never realized that he might be wrong about everything

    whereas I am willing and able to change my entire belief system if a more logical truth were presented to me, and it came across as True

    everything I say, my entire website and the fruits of years and years of deep thought, may be bollocks

    but I KNOW I am correct

    I know I am correct merely because of this way of thinking I have figured out

    if you take your EGO out of the equation and be just a human after Truth; then you can never be proved wrong.

    Truth is a great goal for humanity
    For years and years humanity has just repeated itself
    history has repeated itself

    things have gone in social cycles, one causing another, repeating another

    yet now we have the printing press and we can keep a record
    the suffering of the past, if not forgotten, can educate the future

    and our knowledge, and the bits of it that seem True and worthy of repeating, can build upon each other until we have a happy world

    everyone needs to see there was a hitler in the History, and understand why he was wrong inside their minds, the recorded history being constant guidance to our cultural evolution.


    Although some would say, that there is no Truth to history

    but we ARE living our own truth as a species
    and the only way to find out what it is , is to learn to think properly,
    to BATTER your world in the same way that I do
    , say you get a thought that the bloke walking down the street wearing a pony tail is a gay enemy

    is that truth the whole of the truth and all of the truth?
    perhaps you might be a bit wrong? like hitler was? not accepting that there may be innacuracies?

    Because there is Truth to the human world and the effects we have upon each other

    what it is? I couldn’t say at the moment

    people seem to think it’s to do with enlightening your soul

    I think we’re locked into a spiral of the universe’s creation

    and both could be intertwined

    the fact is, if the universe had no life, there would be no point to IT, let alone us
    if it had no eyes to see or brains to think (including God’s), there wouldn’t be a point to anything existing

    in fact it most likely would not exist if there wern’t even the antenna of an insect to feel it

    And yet it does, and we give it purpose, and life

    yet we need to sort ourselves out
    we really do

    people need to seek the truth,
    for in the truth lies enlightenment.


    And there is truth in our society

    we can all tell that hitler really fugged his life up
    and many other’s too, and I have proven logically that that is not the truthful/accurate way of behaving

    he wasn’t the brightest hammer in the box of hammers, because he didn’t have the Wisdom to seek the truth

    he didn’t have the intelligence to figure that out

    he was brilliant in his mind I am sure, yet he was part of a brain numbed herd who act with their primitive mind and lived for the thoughts that felt good, not the thoughts that were true.

    Those of us who have at some point seen the Herd, and detested it,
    We are simply the animals on the edges of the herd, keeping our eyes out for reality as an animal does for predators
    ATTEMPTING to teach people to run away from the danger of false/wrong/horrible things and guide the stampede of numerous of our fellow beings towards the safety of the light

    the safety of truth

    the safety of understanding hitler was wrong/false and unTrue
    and in that we will find the truth of enlightenment
    pure truth cures all

    it Harms
    then it heals

    and we are all in this together people!

    all the truthful independent honest thought will WILL guide the stampede
    but you’ve got to recognize that theres (probably) a soul and mind inside the thugs on the street

    they’re despicable and repulsive, yet you must see them as just caught up in the blind terrified stampede of the herd
    right in the middle
    as we run towards the light: )



    (C)opywrite Nick.Eliot[at]Cannotfindserver.net 12/05/2007


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