Racism is a very confusing and a very simple subject.


You can make it complicated or clear depending on how you look at it.



And yet it can also get very very simple if you reach out! And come to terms with the fact that people are mostly ignorant.


The babies are born innocent and ignorant and they are fed with the ignorance from others who were also born ignorant and havent figured it out yet

havent figured out that we all are mostly ignorant.

And saying ignorance, I also mean ill treatment from others not just spreading racist jokes etc.


I myself keep out of poeple’s way quite a lot for they run around with powerful minds and powerful bodies being stupid.


Hurting one another.

Not being able to figure out that ‘wouldn’t it be a jolly good idea if we were all nice to each other for a change?’


I stay out of their way so they wont turn that blundering power on me. Because they’d like to for some strange reason.

It’s very cowardly of me, although it really does help me keep a clear head on reality by not having it stuck up the arse of the bustle of humanity.

And it also protects them from my ignorance too : /.


We as a species are stuck in the human condition. We wont really be able to win for losing because ignorance begets ignorance and society is trapped in a lot of vicious circles of violence and hate. Up to the point it can mess up millions at a time, into thinking they’re so different from their fellow human beings, that they can cut themselves off from everyone else in their country, losing all their possible support. And go it alone.



For example, afro-americans.

They were first segragated by the whites into vile slavery. And now that times have changed they, by in large aim to segragate every caucasian family that is surrounded by black families.

Strange but true. It is a perfect example of the human condition and of how we are lost to repeat every mistake again and again.


It’s not a ‘black thing’. It isn’t a white thing either. German and Polish Gypsies and Jewish people were rounded up just for having a religion/lifestlye and hated by the ‘Germans’ with their xenophobic asses, (exactly the same thing as racism).



And all americans are hated by a lot of middle-eastern muslims, with exaclty the same thing as racism, all because America supports the Jewish.

Disregardless of what type of people they are.



There seems to be some form of key developing in this logic.

If you look at things even more logically, there is no Germany or Middle East as borders are man made and do not exist burnt into the Earth’s surface.


So it’s not a ‘black thing’ its not a ‘country thing’. The Germans incinerated both Gypsies and Jewish so it’s not a religion thing.


What the heck is it? And how do we stop it?


There seems to be just an underlying hatred of people who are different.


How on Earth can you stop something so universal to our species?



My guess is just to publisise what we are^ so it doens’t as much become who we are.

If we publisise the truth about ourselves, the truth will help us see where we are going wrong.


Public lies are bullshit that rapes society to the core.


There! There’s my reactionary statement to it all:/ we need a lot more people to tell a lot more truth. And people need to listen to them.


I need to join in too! On every train/plane/in every bar and resteraunt/on every street.

It is said that the first step to enlightenment is to know that you know nothing.

So let us all embrace the fact we are all ignorant!

I , Nick.Eliot[at]Cannotfindserver.net am ignorant!





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