Reasons for Paedophilia

The Cause of Paedophilia and the Reason Child Abuse is so Widespread

    Nobody wants to write this but everybody needs to read about this. Child rape is widespread in this day and age and despite heavy controls in some countries it still happens and children are still hurt incredibly, every day. I am writing this in the faint hope that it will help someone, help to prevent just one atrocity as I have seen the effects of it in my loved ones and know the gravity of the situation.

    Our sexuality is a pea sized part of our mind, an ancient part of our mind set to make sure we breed and continue the species. But you cannot breed with a child, they are in no way, shape, fasion or form prepared physically or mentally for such atrociities. So how ever does our ancient sexuality get it so wrong for so many poeple? The answer is not so obvious. Is it all about control as poeple say? No, that may be the answer for some with mental problems such as narcissism but really it is just half the answer for a most complicated affliction. Control seems like the cause but to fully explain the reason would be to look at our confidence and self-esteem. If you are scared of the opposite sex, you dont feel appealing to the opposite sex and don’t feel deep inside that you deserve the babe/hunk and they would want to do anything you want with you. Then the first thing your pea-sized sexuality will do is direct your attentions to a sexual partner who you will be capable of doing anything you want to. Not only someone you can control but someone who wont bring about any problems to your sexuality such as being appealing to them and facing the threat of a grown human. This is also true for people who don’t feel free sexually and feel they can’t orgasm and find sexual release in their present situation. Their sexuality will direct towards a target such as a child who would be nothing more than a horrified sex-slave. Which exactly meets the needs of the person’s sexuality at that moment.

    Of course there are those who have been abused as a child themselves in “generational abuse” who go on to rape children themselves. I think the crime against humanity having happened in their lives already, breaks down the boundaries and perceptions so much that they use it as an excuse. It happened to them so they lie to themselves that they are now allowed to do it to another. And fall in to the same pattern as described.

    Of course, and I should not have to explain the horrors this assumes. It is provable in that paedophilia could happen in just about anybody. The facts prove it as it occurs in every sector of society. The rich, the poor, the sucessful, the unsucessful. The attractive and the ugly. It is all down to how you feel deep inside. And the result of this across the board of humans is a devastating number of lives ruined. The young have thier innocense destroyed as it is raped out of them, their lives deeply wounded so bad that it is hard ever to heal. The rapists rape the humanity out of theirselves as they, with their unforseen wants cause a crime against humanity in their own lives. They look into the mirror every day and see a feind of the lowest calibre and one who is vile as they know they are so low they should be destroyed. They continue to rape and hurt people as they think that is all they are good for. They think they are not worth helping to support life on Earth I assume. Often they blame the child because they cannot assume responsibility for commiting acts so horrific. Though what child is really ready to have sex? What young innocense is prepared for that? None.

    It is so sad to be near incomprehensible. It is something nobody wants to think about but that everyone needs to be aware of the reasons why. Why? Because at least if people in all walks of life know the root cause of why they feel like raping a child and keep themselves aware all times that it is only the answer given to them by their sexuality for their current self esteem. Then that may dispell the vile drive of their minds and help them and their possible victims from bringing a crime against humanity into their lives.

    This piece is dedicated to my wife, in the hope her childhood struggle may not ever be understood by another, please share this piece freely.



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