Reasons to be Cheerful

: )


I don’t know if I can write this

things have been getting to me lately
unpleasant people serving in shops and doctors refusing to help me

and it gets me down

Ive got a lot to feel down about if I sat and thought about my previous life

or about humanity


and it brings me to wonder why everything is so bad

when I look into history theres lots of people ill with the plague,
and lots of people being horrible to each other in the name of religion and money

theres peasants getting ripped off by wealthy people and slogging their guts out for a pittance
and theres ignorance abounding which is also distasteful

I look into the present,
and theres ignorance abounding and depressed suicide bombers

theres illness and unfairness

and theres friends who are going to die

I look into the future
and theres world war three between Muslims and fakirs (unbelievers)

and it gets me down

but its not true!
I look around and theres badness
because thats what catches a humans eye
we’re addicted to badness

its not whats going on at all

in reality theres some bad
a LOT of average
and some good

the bad catches the mind a lot more than the good
and the load of average doesn’t get looked at at all!

so we end up thinking things are bad
unless something very good is happening in our lives

then we are cheerful

and the very good is an elusive thing, always yearned for yet so seldom achieved
because it is very difficult without circumstances helping you out

and the point is, where are heads are is all wrong
its not accurate
its not truthful

were addicted to the bad
in our soap operas on tv we don’t want to watch good people having a good time
what we choose to watch is death and drama and bastards

on the news we don’t report whats happy
we report whats sad

simply because whats happy seems completely uninteresting and boring
not even worthy of note
just like all the average news

which leaves us with the bad
which is a completely inaccurate reporting of what is going on in the world today

a friend once told me that he had read a philosophy that said that there is actually more good than “evil” in the world
if you add all of it up

I don’t know the philosopher’s name so sadly I can’t quote him

if that man is right then we’ve got a low opinion of people for no reason

I figured out the three wise monkeys tonight
speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil

the reason they are so wise is because they don’t focus on the bad, and they don’t add any extra bad into the world

And so we shouldn’t

Stop and think for a moment about something negative about people and how they’ve been with you

then think about something neutral

then think about something positive

they’re all there, yet we don’t lie in our beds thinking about all the neutral and nice things
we think about the bad or the problems

we are designed to
and this needn’t be so
we can adapt
it’s what were best at

we can change the relationships between our braincells
break the ‘groove’ in our brains and form a new one

humanity deserves a break from the human condition!


People had a hard time in the past
but they didn’t spend all day moaning about it

and they wouldn’t if they moved here, to the future (now the past)
where most people reading this online are living in the lap of luxury

sprung beds! pillows!
hot and cold running water!

You turn on your computer and you should be blown away you’re using something so incredible

you turn the key in your car and you don’t have a hard 5 mile walk in all weathers

fuck that somebody else has a better car
you can go where you want
And it keeps the rain off

theres lots of reasons to be cheerful

if you’re bummed out cos you’re at work and you don’t want to be

Just think!
you are part of the biggest tidal wave of movement and production
what humans do in humdrum day to day is a frantic avalanche of movement of materials
reforming and improvement of matter

take the room you are in [I mean this], and each thing in the room
think where each part of it came from
its from all over and under the Earth

all sorts of places
and it is improved

think of the life of each little part of each little thing
where its been
how it got to your room
the people that made it happen
and the people who supported those people to make it happen, who made it possible

and the tools they used
the code!
everything and more obviously your computer is an evolution of code!
even every thought in your head
we are getting better and better
all the way from the first stone handaxe
the first word
the first counting to 1


its amazing the power of humanity
that power that comes from everybody
including you
the power of change!

and thats just flipping burgers at Macdonald’s


Things arnt perfect Ill grant you
though they’re much improved on what they were

theres no reason to feel down unless something horrible’s just happened to you or your loved ones

and even that will pass

just let it go

think of all the good things
and the mundane things

train yourself not to focus on the bad simply because it hits your brain harder

its simply not worth it

for you, a precious human, to be upset when things are so good
just because you haven’t noticed

ponder a while on all the little kindnesses you’ve had from your loved ones
the joy of having a friend

the brilliance of mankind
and all the improvements each day

bad memories are a waste of time
and need to be let go


(C)opyright Nick.Eliot[at] 10/07/2006


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