Revelations, the 1% the Final Solution


In this world, the top 1% of people rule all the wealth almost. And the other 99% of us have to scrabble round for what’s left. FACT.

But why do we allow these 1% to control us and the human Earth to their liking?

It seems like a sham and a trick, it seems like our use of money naturally bends us to allowing 1 out of 100 people to have it all.
But what came before money was invented?

We have spent a lot longer being tribal than being business executives. FACT.

Back in those days, who controlled the tribes of 100 people or so?

1% of that tribe did, the leader.

Back in feudal times a bit more recently, who controlled all the money? The 1% out of 100. The kings, the barons, the landowners.

They also controlled the freedom then.

Now in the modern era we have just naturally fallen into the same pattern. It is simply who we are.
The difference is, the people of the colder climates were never content. And were always striving for change, simply because we are not in a climate where we feel content.
Asides from the fact it is quite hard to make a human being feel content all their lives.

But in the colder climates there gave birth a seed of pissy people who were never satisfied. And that mindset has now spread across the world in the march of technological progress.
Aiming for an end to our hard work and suffering through the comforts of technology.

But people need to realize that there will be no contentment in it.
Yes technology will ease our suffering near completely.
But technology can be used to kill or cure. The same gun can protect you and kill you.

It all depends on the situation.
We need to create a Global situation where the technology will protect.

And as of 2011 and as of today, the present moment in time, the situation is shit. And the technology mostly kills, everything, including the planet.

There is war, there is a war over resources, there is war over belief. There is the same war that has been waged back in feudal times and back in tribal times.
It is in our nature. FACT.

A warring tribe will always exist amongst peaceful tribes. Why? Because we have no other predators apart from disease these days. Studying lions in Africa all the way to wolf packs in Canada tells us this.

If there is a weak animal around, be it lame or diseased it will be prayed upon. And that action keeps the lame diseased animal’s pack strong, through natural selection. It was weak, only strong ones are left.

If a country is weak at any time, and it has valuable resources (like a diseased animal has meat) it will be preyed upon. It is nature’s way. And it is why I am talking to you today.
For it has happened in my DNA’s history for many many many years. Culminating in me. And you too I expect.


I am a diseased and lame animal, and yet I have not been prayed upon.
I am a schizophrenic who used to have severe infections from bacteria.
And in the UK there is the most blessed, wonderous National Health Service.

The animals around me used science, learning and a lot of hard work and made me survive to this day to write this sanely.

They even support me with money (resources) and protect me and support me further with encouragement to get a job and to sort the rest of my illness’ lesser effects such as low motivation.

The UK is great in that. But here is the REAL RUB…
The UK doesn’t exist.
Borders don’t exist.
We make them up.

It is a fantasy we share. My tribe, the people of the UK, are not really a tribe. They are part of a huge global family of animals who are at the top of the food chain and pray on each other to keep ourselves strong.
Strong enough for what though?
This is all in our genes, to strive for comfort the world over.

The only answer would seem to be to make us all equally not weak nor lame.

To seek the Truth. And realize what we are.

To seek the future, and build a future for our species where we will all be content.


Yet for peace to exist there needs to be global equality.

How do we do that when the technology we invented only serves to make us have more and more children, and weaken sectors of us?
How do we do that when we are designed in our deepest DNA to follow the 1 in every 100 people no matter how fucking stupid and unwise they may be?

We only have about 99 years to live if we are lucky. That is barely enough time for the average Homosapien (human being) to learn enough wisdom to be a good leader.
I myself would have trouble and I feel like I’m getting to know quite a lot.

We can no longer rely on that 1 in 100 person being a good boss, preacher, council member or president.
We can no longer live in this same tried and hated tribal mentaility!
With less and less resources as the species grows and grows we need to recognize that in order to govern ourselves better we need to stop giving 99% of the power to the random 1 idiot who wants it.

Why do we give them that power?
The same reason you look for a job rather than starting your own business. Because most times you cannot do it! Or you don’t want to do it!

We cannot any longer give 99% of the power to one guy or gal and hope they do something good with it. Because some do, but 99% of leaders of any variation are twats, because power corrupts. FACT.

The worry is, of all leaders is not that they will lose their power it is that people are so stupid en mass that they will only make stupid decisions and stop the progress of learning and of technology. Which I am sorry to say is FACT.

So it is a choice between corrupt decisions or stupid decisions.

So in our tribes we always decide to go for the corrupt. Almost always anyway.

The proof of which is all over modern history and its government decisions.

The question is, how do we overcome the human condition, the tribal condition if you will?
How do we design our society to suit the world better and to suit our genetic heritage?
How do we allow technology to make us ALL content?

The answer is simple, we become one tribe!

That way, there will be NO weak tribes around for our leaders to direct us to go kill and steal from.

That way all our knowledge will be combined and directed towards the health of the whole tribe.
That way we can have a Global Health Service that uses technology to heal everyone around the world.

But money will still divide us greatly, it is in the nature of its use in our species.
But the fix for that is simple, we have a maximum amount of money we can earn, an earnings cap as I have written about before. To stop inflation and to get rid of the uber rich (powerful).
There would be no super powerful 1% then. Because what use are our leaders when there is nobody to kill and steal from???

It is so simple.

We would end up a species designed for health and safety and we would have world peace.
Our leader’s time would only be consumed with fighting crime and the health of the planet’s people and other such seemingly mundane affairs.
Our scientists would be on the same track and finally on the up and up as our builders.

Our preachers would also have trouble seperating us because as a tribe we would follow several renditions of God and it would take the carpet and power from under their crazed feet and devote them to a more mutual understanding.

The population growth problem would be in the species’ mindset and we would address it as one family united.

One tribe, the only answer to all the world’s problems, unification and the end to borders.

Otherwise we are totally fucked and headed to make Earth even more of a living hell.

Nick.Eliot[at] 20th October 2011 3:08am GMT another human. MAIN PAGE

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that the idea of a world united is mentioned in the bible, in the book about armageddon which is also entitled ‘Revelations’
So spooked the fuck out I read it.
The man, John, is obviously a schizophrenic, you can tell that by his obsession with numbers and his work is a recounting of his delusions. Working on this logic I myself know that all schizophrenic delusions have some method to the madness.
From thinking that I noticed that the seven churches his vision of God first sends messages to represent the seven deadly sins. The first wrath, then acedia, greed, lust, sloth, vainglory and pride.
Then he recounts of a lot of global warfare. Earthquakes and stuff too which is basically nature anyway he also talks of illnesses which are also nature.

The beast and the mark of the beast is money, finance and the governing of people and the marking of them officially.
He is basically saying that our corruption will cause shit and suffering and hopefully we will come out of it for a long time. But it will inevitably come back.


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