I’m sitting here watching the reinactment of the documented battle of Troy. (watching the film Troy out in 2004).

And I can’t fucking stand it any more.


Achilles, Hector, all of them. Renowned in history for being the biggest douches of the age.

First off, starting a war over a woman was bullshit. The Greeks were looking for an excuse to be twats and throw down and take the walls of Troy.

And then they all come over in their fleet when they could have just let the people of Troy just live in peace and do well, and they could have done well also and Greece would still be a great country today.

Instead they go and send most of their good male genes into death. Just for honor!

I’ll tell you where honor like that gets you, it gets you dead like Hector. Pwnd by Achilles when he was apparently a good man. And ended up leaving his wife and son after meeting Achilles’ challenge of a duel outside the gates of Troy.

Now what he could have done would be to have had Achilles pwned by archers as he stood outside of those walls calling for Hector to come out and fight.

Then the Greeks would hate them forever, but still it’s no deal, they would have still wanted to fight.

I am a pacifist, and if I am remembered at all. It will not be as a total douche I hope like these gents. Trying to get their names in the history books to promote violence and death in the hearts of children for many years to come.

Why do you think society is the way it is if this is what we feed our young, and this is the mind set we have as a species?

I’m not going to fucking fight in the middle-east for all the gold in China. Fuck that.

I only would go fight against genocide or violent ignorant bullies. Which I guess Saddam was (a bully, violent and ignorant).

But the warfare going on in Middle East isn’t about that any more. It’s just about pain, suffering and misery and prolonging that fact.

And everyone fighting in it and controlling it, on both sides, will only be seen by rational men as idiots or victims. And that will go down in history.

Warrior = douche, honor or not. The only honor is to promote peace and growth, by any means necessary. And this war will not do that.

The only one that has in history was WWII on the part of the Allies.

Fuck your world war 3. You wont go down in pages and scenes of glory. Your best bet is to be reenacted in some well made film and seen as a complete twat by people your senior until the end of time.

We are all going to die. We are the walking dead each one of us. The only constant we have ever had is continuing the species.

What the fuck is the point of that if you are a part of the problem (the problem of continuing the bullshit)?

Say no to moronic violence as I say no to fighting in this war. If you torture me, throw me to rapists in prison or not.

When I am dead, and if I can see life for what it is when I am dead, if there is that possibility. Then I shall be glad and at peace I was tortured and raped and shamed for not going and destroying the lives of a bunch of ordinary people on the other side of the world.


My life and pride is not worth it to me.

The greatest men of all time are not remembered well in history. Men much greater than me, who mostly all died unrenouned for telling the douches to shove it.

If there is a heaven, then they are the only ones resting peacefully.




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