I live on a planet of 7 billion monsters.
They call themselves sinners, or greedy or whatever.

The fact remains we are all beasts.

When you look past the niceties of human psychology and look at what we are, we are animals, very intelligent and capable animals.

But do you see animals even attempt half the sick shit we do, then you would wonder who is more deserving of the term “animal” as it is used, to disrespect and belittle.

To the calves in the veal crates, we are the animals, to the chickens in the battery farms, we are the animals.

To each other, we are the monsters.

All surrounded by a thin veil of what we pretend to be.

If the body and mind are just tools to use to live, then what are our souls comprised of?
Monsters but how ancient?

How wild?

How sick?

We all try to keep the veil, to be who we want to be. It never happens. There is always the darkness inside.
It’s just a question of whether you know yourself.

And to know yourself is to become yourself, and perhaps you and the monster you are can learn to agree with each other.

Before some monster comes and leads one part of you astray. Into bullshit and untruth.

Where you will not be true to yourself. They could lead you into bad ways, or into good ways.
Lead the wolf or the lamb inside you.

People wonder, why there is so much bad in the world when there doesn’t need to be at all.

The answer is simple. It is because we are born into a planet of 7 billion monsters.
We’re not stupid though, it is an awfully good idea that we learn to get along.

But do we do it out of truth? No , we do it because we need to live.
To live in anarchy would be worse, so we bow our heads and go through the motions, and do what was laid out for us to do in Fate.

And people bow and they bow and they bow. Because they were born to bow. They are lost in untruths and ignorance, we all are.
Just scraping to find some meaning in our lives.

The question isn’t why do people turn bad and do bad things.
That is already answered. The beast inside overrules the lamb above. It could happen at any time to any of us.
The question really should be ‘why do people turn good?’

Asides from going though the motions of life and doing what you think is what you’re supposed to do. (which is actually as defined by Fate).

What about you is actually good?
What about you is actually bad?

You are a beast in a herd and you do your job, that is all.

Do you want to be anything more?

There is so much darkness underr the sun.
With every day that passes, every second, even this one. There is enough darkness to swallow your sanity up and leave you barking at a wall.

So you bow your head.
Good person?

Because you don’t want it to happen to you.

You do not want to be led astray.

Don’t you know you are already lost? We all are, stuck on this AWE inspiriing rock hurtling through space with no fucking clue.

Do you undersand?

Do you want to care too? Or do you want to bow your head to the ignorance and the monsters around you?

Or do you just want to have fun? While the shit goes down around the corner?

That’s actually not a bad idea you know. The more fun that is had on Earth the less pain there will be.
Because there will not only be the presence of fun in the world but the spreading of it.

So what is the answer?

What do you do when you’re stuck on an awe rock with 7 billion lost monsters?

All my answer is is to find myself, and be myself and feel the pain of life, most of the time, we all need to find reality.
And stick to it.
It is the only way to not be lead astray.  Let the beast meet the lamb and let yourself work as one, to the rules you deem true to yourself with your best possible attempt at what your Truth is.



Nick.Eliot 21/05/2012


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