Is a Blade of Grass a Robot?

Hiya: ).

So! Is a blade of grass a robot?
I have been wondering for a while about this.

The question really is, do we have souls?
Because people seem to think only human beings have souls and would go to an afterlife.
If you gave a soul to all the animals and plants, then what kind of heaven would they ever have?
They seem ignorant and like robots,
but if you look closer, an animal is exactly the same as a human in the soul aspect.
A seal mum actually cries when its pup is clubbed to death in front of it.
An elephant is fully capable of painting a beautiful picture with a brush.
A whale, is more of an animal than all of us and booms out deep, wise songs to the ocean deep all day long.

So seals , humans, elephants, whales, grass. Which of us has a soul, which of us is not a robot?

Because if one of them doesn’t have a soul, then we are all robots.

Descartes, a long dead philosopher said ‘I think therefore I am.’ And the guy had a fucking point!

Although he doesn’t think any more it seems, because he is dead!

A good side to this given by an aquaintance of mine was the question ‘does a single living cell have a soul?’

a blade of grass is a collection of cells, so am I

we, all of us look on this with a human’s perspective, a practical perspective, like for example: ‘wtf?’

if the cell is the foundation of the soul then when one dies off or you lose your leg in a motorcycle accident, you lost a part of the collection of cells that make up your soul.

and yet in practice this is not true.

If we lose our leg, we are the same person, if a blade of grass is mowed, then the grass is still grass.

so the real question is, if we wern’t robots, then why does the soul attach to living cells?

when does it do it in our birthing too, is a good question

perhaps there is only 1 big soul for the universe and life and everything
and parts of it attach to living cells and make a human or a blade of grass

the same could be applied to robots in the future.

and then, the biggest question is, why are we so seperate?

from journeys in the subconscious I see how the connected soul could be accurate, but why and how is it split up into blades of grass and people?

I guess that is the only practicle way for any giant soul to be, , diverse

AHA! It’s because there is no other earlthy or eternal other way to be able to understand ourselves.

Other than practical introspection.

Before we invented say, Ice Cream as a random example, before that there was no ice cream in existence, it never existed, nobody knew about it, it was not understood.

The point there I am trying to make is that before we came along to this part of the universe as humans and the whole species of life on Earth family (grass included), before that there was no undersanding of why the earth turned round or the sky was blue.

Therefore, it would be sensible for any ignorant universe to try and figure out some basic concepts. Such as ‘why is my sky blue?’ and ‘what would ice cream be like?’.

And the only way to do that is through conscious thought, BECAUSE as I have explained before, there is equal and opposite exchange in the universe, and if you actually want to make something that isnt just an equal and opposite exchange reaction, you need to think, or else you are just another atom bouncing off another atom. When we think we make progress beyond the laws of thermodynamics. Because what goes in is not = to what comes out.

But the question on my lips, since I was a boy, is when I die, will I still be me?

You look at a person with brain damage, and you can obviously tell that they are not themselves any more.

It is very sad. But very important to note. How much our collection of braincells make us who we are.
We have our memories, our empathy, all sorts, all built in.
If we were dead, they would theoreticaclly not be there any more.
We would just be reabsorbed.

SO! What is the frigging point of making an effort if that is all that happens?
That means even if we have a soul and a part of a giant soul, we are still robots.

Just sensor parts of some big soul asshole.

Because if you had brain damage, would you really want to be in heaven as a recreation of a brain damaged thing?
Hell no!
You would want to feel like yourself.

I think,
that we are all eternal.

If every one of us exists in this point in time, then we are all eternal for this point in time. And that means that we are all neccessary for the universe to exist right now.
If we were not here, then there could be no universe. Why? Because it would be a “paradox” for us to not have existed right now. And therefore the unvierse would collapse in on itself or some bad shit would happen.

I just dont want to lose my sense of ‘Me’ when I die, that’s all I want.

Is a blade of grass a robot?
Fuck no.

It’s a blade of grass. And it is alive.

The same as bacteria and me.

We are all part of an eternal process of truth finding and existing I think.
We are all a huge introspection of a universe. I think.

And I think and I feel, that I will pretty much stay me for eternity, different bodies, memories and all.
But that is just my opinion and probably not accurate. But I will continue to use the word ‘I’ to describe myself.: )

We exist people, and we’re eternal. Get used to it! That bit at least is True. Dead or alive, we are eternal right now!

Nick.Eliot[at]  06/26/2012


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