The Planet of Lost Soiuls

It has come to my attention, after many years deep in profound thought, that we are a planet of lost people. From the rich to the poor, from the powerful to the powerless.
At least when a life is born in the wild, it knows what it’s there for, it knows what to do, it knows to survive.
Yet a human, or any consciousness taken out of the wild, is lost.

Survival is automatic now. For many. Just as a computer is designed to do a job and not stop doing it. We, it seems are designed to be lost.

The idea of the existence of souls is a still unproven point. But if you have the ability to imagine that we all had souls. The imagination aids the thought process into different perspectives.

Let’s not start imagining souls, that is difficult to understand. Instead, let us imagine something we can prove, in order attempt to expand our consciousness.

Imagine being a football supporter, of for example “the red team”.
You see the football pitch, you see the players, and everything is good or bad for the red players and you.

Now Imagine being a football supporter of “the blue team”, your heart will rise and fall with all that is blue.

So you have two similar people. The same pitch the same players yet two different realities are there.

So which one is real?
Obviously the only thing that is real is the pitch, the players and all the supporters. And the game that occurred and what people did during it.

But what is actually happening?

How is the best way to perceive what is happening? To see it as a red? or a blue? To see it as things moving automatically on a pitch somewhere in the universe? To see it as great being verses great being?

This is an example  of how confusing existence is. Because all the things are happening but for different people at the same time.

It’s also happening differently for the grass, and for the insects around the pitch.

But if in memory, every one present at the match could share their reality of it, and you compare them all, you can prove they all went to the same football match, because the same things happened.

The same footballers moved around the ball and the same supporters cheered and sang and boo’d and shouted insults.

That’s lots of different experiences, but the same match. So the question we would all like to know, is what is the meaning of life, what happened at the football match? Which meaning of it was the real one?

And the answer to me is none of them.
In fact I do not think anyone on Earth knows what happened at the football match. The reason being that none of us are that well informed. We are not born conscious of the meaning of life. In fact we are born blind ignorant. From the first humans, from the first animals, from the first consciousness, we have had to be told what the meaning of life is, and there has been few who said they knew what it was.

I am not here to say they were telling the truth, wrong, mad, or lying. People get touchy about that. I am just writing this piece to try spread the joys of philosophical thought. Thinking comes for free. For everyone and everything that can think.
And every one, who is a worshipper or athiest or don’t knower; is a philosopher already.

It is possible, that, and just imagine it if you are able to, for fun, that no human will ever know what is going on.
Perhaps our brains aren’t big enough, perhaps our senses are too dull, perhaps our science is too weak.

I myself find the hardest thing about knowing what is going on is that I am not designed to.

I am a human, I am programmed to not enjoy life on a deep level as I would stop my prime directive of progress.
Our bodies and our circumstances and other’s circumstances really stop the enjoyment of life. They make it hard to appreciate it.

To be able  to see that I don’t know what exactly is going on and being able to prove it and to know that I am very distracted by feeling bad a lot of the time. The awareness I don’t know and would have trouble even if something came out and told me.

And I assume it’s just like that for everyone.

So, if nobody knows what’s going on, even a super powerful oil tycoon who has the power to send men to their deaths or a politician.

Well then, at least that puts us all in the same boat together. And that is a good thing. To know that all of the people on Earth are on the same level.


So the question is, what do we do?

Do we give up and live out our lives lost?
We will anyway.

I think, that there is a truth to the football match, there is a ‘what happened’.
I think all life of everything that can think has a similar meaning.
I wont just cling to the science and say some biological robots moved some atoms and molecules around.

I think something happened at the football match, the same thing that happens for everything that thinks there. Life and by that I mean the meaning of life happens for all of us all the time.

What I really wanted to say is that we are all here, we are mostly conscious. Even the billions who are asleep and dreaming about something are conscious. Nobody is really evil, because they don’t know what evil means because they can’t perceive their victim’s reality and they were lead into bad acts by events that happened all through their lives, and their lack of any higher than base perceptions.

The truth, the meaning of life I think is good. Because the more I try to figure truth out, the stronger I become, the saner I become, the safer I become, the freeer I become. 🙂

Nick.Eliot[at] 25/7/2012


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