Utopia V2.0 or A Reason to Live

Utopia V2.0
A Reason to Live

By Nick.Eliot[at]Cannotfindserver.net

Welcome to the Universe. Come on in it is lovely.
So which are you after? Utopia or a reason to live? If you read to the end you will see a bit of both.
I don’t care who you are or where you came from. You are someone or something that is worthy of love and growth and understanding. And there are no limits. Be you a hero, useless, evil, whatever you are classified as is suject to change as you gain a deeper understanding of what is going on. If you are not ready, stop reading. But if you are curious to know a bit more of the why’s of life please keep reading as that is all I have to offer.

These words are from me to you as a person to a person. I worked hard on them, and I hope they help.

The first question you need to ask yourself. Is how much truly independent thought have you ever had? Independent thought is really hard to do. It is just the same as having to invent the internal combustion engine every time you want to think something that others haven’t already told you. That is very hard to do. It is hard because most of what we know comes all the way from the people in the past. And most of our ideas are formed off things we already know. That is no big deal. In fact it is a good thing as there is a lot more knowledge we can use to have ideas with.

But, the huge problem is when the knowledge we are fed is a lie!  If we know the truth first then everything fits into place and we know better what we are facing and how exactly to deal with it. We also know better how to create new ides based on true facts and logic. However the problem with knowing yourself and who you are and what you are doing here doesn’t normally add up. The only reason can be that the information you have to work with is either a lie or accidently false. Please read on and see if it helps things fall into place a little. All I have to say may not be accurate 100% but if it helps things to fall into place and takes some of your confusion about existing away then it can only be a good thing right?

So as you are the center of your own personal universe, the first question must be: who are you? If you do not know exactly who you are and why you do the things that you do then you are what I call a ‘lost soul’. I gave that name because it sounded right. I cannot prove souls exist or not. To be a lost soul to me, is someone who can try their best at life or try their worst and still end up getting things wrong. A lost soul to me is somebody completely blameless. Like a child born in a bad area to a mother on crack cocain. Who grows up and kills and rapes and robs. They are blameless to me. Not for their choices, their choices need to be controlled. But basically all their life around them from birth was designed for them to grow up and commit those crimes. It was inevitable and designed by drug dealers and drug growers and all the other rich people who benefit greatly from there being crime and poor people.

And on the other side of the coin there is the rich person, living in a good neighborhood. Getting everything they want. Looking down on those who commit the robberies as if those people ever had the guidance not to choose to commit crimes. There are the drug growers and the drug dealers and the super rich people who designed the whole scheme. All are blameless. For that is how the life that surrounded them guided them to be. That was their path, they are blameless.

And then there is the psychopathic serial killers, yet another example of how existence designs people to do a specific thing. They are born and if they have a soul it was placed into body with a brain structure different to most humans, and they simply kill and manipulate because they are designed to and it is hard to go against what you are and become more. But it is not impossible and they are not evil. How can anybody be evil? You need to understand who you are and what life is first. You would have to be as enlightened as a God figure and THEN choose a life of destruction. That is the only type of thing that I would describe as an evil being. And the more I learn about life and the more understanding I get, the more I love and the less I hate as things are nowhere near as bad as we feel they are. Enlightenment, is peace. If there is a God figure, all they would be is peaceful. Because they understand.

Of course there are those who do no “wrong” in life at all and get on okay. They also are blameless. No more or less so that anybody else, it is simply how life lead them to be. And it is a lot less likely that they understand more of it that someone who has suffered. They don’t help society much as they are nearer to happy than most people and don’t care. And for that they are blameless. It is just how they were designed by life to be.

All of us are essential. That is a complicated thing to understand. But it is science, like from the film trilogy Back to the Future. The theory is, that if I suddenly disappeared out of existence then the universe would implode. Because my life here right now effects every single thing around me. If I breath in or out, that changes all the levels of oxygen around me. Which because we live in the same time on Earth, will eventually put an oxygen or a carbon molecule (the things we breath in and out) close to you that you will breath also. That will change a lot more tiny things inside your body.

If I disappeared out of existence right now then that would never happen. There would just be a space where I should have been and as in the films there would be a Paradox and the timeline of Earth would not be the same any more and probably all time would collapse and there would be no Universe any more.
The thing I have noticed is that the consciousness we live in HAS TO MAKE SENSE. And for that it needs all of us and if we die, we need to die. We cannot simply disappear. Because that makes no sense.

And if there is a miracle, that needs to make sense too. There has to be a reason to a God also and any God would have to have powers that come from a place of logic and not magic.

So what are you doing here? Well, you are part of the machine of life. If you look at our solar system, the planets around us and look a lot further to most of outer space around. Most of it is quite useless. Well it is essential as you are or else the universe wouldn’t exist. But, it never makes any progress whatsoever. It just floats around in space and does some pre-designed chemical reactions. There is no change it brings to the universe apart from what would occur anyway. The sense of the ‘Laws of Thermodynamics’ basically says that energy and matter only changes what it is and there is no other way things could happen to it. There is no product or benefit or negativity from most of outer space.

However when you add life into the equation. Intelligent life just like us. Then you get minds. And with a mind and willpower to use it, things change. There is a product and a benefit to “life, the universe and everything”. There is something made that wasn’t there before. How come? Because we can think! A meteorite cannot think but a life with a mind can! And produce something new into the universe, it can make a change. It can learn to understand. It can do a lot of things. All with the same bits of stuff around it had before but make something new. Like a human can invent an axe and chop down a tree and change the world. A meteorite cannot. With our minds we break the laws of thermodynamics every time we do something. Because we make more out of something than we had when we started. We are amazing!

Although we do not do it alone. Everyone on Earth is closely linked and everything we do is linked also. Like every word I type I learned from whoever invented English and speech. I would have to invent my own language otherwise. I also learned to write from a school, and the reason for the school existing was down to a lot more people. And they were sustained by the food they ate also so it gets more complicated as my knowing how to type is linked to so many plants, animals, people, bacteria. All sorts of things that were essential to my learning to communicate on this piece of writing. Never, please never feel you are alone in life. You are a part of it just like every blade of grass, and each one rests upon the other and we need each other. We are all a part of the same universe.

So why are you not happy? Well, for a start you are not designed to be, not for long periods of time. It would seem that human life is one of the hardest to live. We are not wild animals, we are tamed animals. And we are biologically designed not to be happy. It is all down to perceptions, happiness is not something set in stone. For example, if I were high as a kite on good Marijuana at this moment, I would be and feel happy. I would feel content. Emotions are chemicals. A depressed and sad person is someone who’s chemicals are all putting bad feeling into their body. There is a saying ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.’; like a person without money may look at a rich person and think ‘wow I would love to be so comfortable’. And the rich person may look at the poor person and think, ‘wow I would love to be so real’. When for all they know both the rich person and the poor person have life a lot better than they realize, they are not happy because their entire body and mind is designed by life to not be happy for no reason and sober.
Basically we are designed to never be satisfied. Life is good compared to how we used to have to live. We have made so much for ourselves to be happier and still we dont sit around having a wonderful time. All we do is keep going, pushing, striving, scheming onwards until we are dead.

And death is nothing to fear either. For one thing it happens to everybody so you are not going where billions haven’t already travelled. It is so natural and normal that there is no reason to fear it.
And if we are lucky then there is an afterlife to go to, one where we can be told all of the Truth of our life maybe. If we die and there is no afterlife and that is the end of us completely then there is no worry in that either. Because you would have zero worries left, and zero responsibilities. You would just become a part of the universe that doesn’t think and feel.  Death in that way would be the ultimate pressure off situation.

So why are you here? Why were you born? For the same reason a farm chicken is born to be honest. You are born to play your role in life on Earth, to be essential for the time you have in it and even for after you die to have changed things. There is no escaping your birth. There is no stopping it. if it was lust of the longing for a child you were always going to be born. Whether society needed feeding or destroying or keeping the same, a life is born.
In both religious and atheist beliefs that is the same. For the religious God put us on Earth. For the Atheist nature and time and space put us on Earth to become a part of it. So maybe it is true, we are inevitable. Each one of us.

Utopia. Where is it? Why don’t we live in it? Where is our paradise on Earth? Well. The answer is only slightly complicated because it comes in two ways.
1.  As I have stated we will never be satisfied so we may never live in what people think is the perfect society. One where everyone is happy. And to be honest the reality of who we are as lost souls and the structure of society we have of ‘anything goes’ do not go together well. We need better protection for the ignorance of most of us. Society is simply not designed for the best progress of who we are, all we seem to manage to do is create cool technology and heal the sick, but for a price.
We have rich lost souls controlling all the other lost souls and all you end up is ignorance all over and a lot of mess and a sweet microwave oven that you take for granted. I have a microwave oven myself, I’m lucky.

Now I’m going to tell you something that rich lost souls do NOT want you to know. That… Everyone can have a microwave oven! We can all ‘Have our cake and eat it too’. We can all have what we need, from the war-torn parts of the world, to the starving to the wealthy. There is little difference in the minds of the babies born all over the world. We are all human. We are all blameless and we are all worthy of a microwave oven.
But for the very fact we would not all appreciate our microwave ovens, we ourselves prevent that possibility. We would rather fight and be selfish and keep our microwave ovens away from the others. The ones without microwave ovens would rather sulk and be jealous and not make their own microwave ovens and make a mess. This is simply who we are and why we do not all have microwave ovens. Because we do not want to get along. Why? Because we are lost souls and easy to manipulate into thinking we are man against man-woman against woman-woman against man-man against woman etc..
And we are manipulated by other lost souls into worshiping flags and pretending we are against our fellow human, our brothers and sisters. It needs to be this way, because so many are lost souls if you do not fight a war then you will get invaded and your things and life will be ruined.
Utopia, paradise on Earth could only work if either we lived in an enlightened world, or we lived in an enlightened part of the world with massive defenses, in medicine, military, and perceptions of reality and beliefs and sustainable resources like electricity and wheat.

2. We already live in Utopia, it’s just illogical that everyone could realize it, and so we don’t. What I mean by this is. We live in an amazing universe, we live on an amazing planet, what we do is incredible, life is incredible. Also there are so many out there right now enjoying doing something. That there is probably a lot more happiness and enjoyment on Earth than there ever has been and that is fantastic. Maybe 1 billion people right now are probably enjoying something. And the 6 billion other will probably enjoy something soon or eventually.
It is hard to think like that when there is one of your brothers and sisters being raped right now or in a war-zone or generally in some kind of hellish experience. And those suffering right now are all of our brothers and sisters. The secret is if we just stopped and took a break from our lives, everyone on Earth, And looked around and saw life for what it really was, then the rapists would start to understand and stop hurting themselves and their humanity and personal universe any further than they already damaged it. Perhaps even helping to prevent it happening to other children and stop life guiding them down a dark road.
The drug barons would stop and realize that life was too short to be destroying all their brother’s and sister’s lives and they would start to really care about themselves and their ignorance. Even simpler the war-zone warriors could realize they were hurting themselves and just playing a part in pain sharing with their opponents.

Of course this would not happen over a night or a day. That would be a magic. And not possible. There are many lost souls on Earth who do nothing but damage to themselves with each shitty act they perform. And they are high on drugs and emotions also and their savior into non ignorance and healthy happiness and self esteem would be a lifelong struggle that they are not in any way prepared by life to start. But nothing is impossible and people DO CHANGE. There is a lot less suffering and ignorance in the world than there used to be already. Life is getting better. Humanity is already on the way to saving itself. And humanity is a part of all life on this Earth and this Earth is a part of all the universe and the universe is a part of everything. Your life is here, your life is now. So do not fear death and fight for your birthright of meaningful reality in any way you can.


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