There’s no I in Team

So it’s becoming very apparent to me that everything is fking amazing. It is so hard to not fall into the reality of daily life and instead see the incredible wonder of ‘Spaceship Earth’ all around. From the wonders of a leaf to the awe of the abilities of humanity to rearrange matter and move it all over the world and reconstruct it, to a beautiful night’s sky, to the oceans deep with life. I could go on and on and on. There is so much to see, it’s so amazing it is hard to comprehend. But is it good or bad?

Well the way I see it is we’re flying through space really fast and we’ve got something really awesome going on down here. Although were still a bit lost and looking for some sort of directions.
If those UFOs in the sky really are aliens it doesn’t look like they’re interested in helping us. So we’re gonna have to buckle down and enlighten ourselves at some point. I think we’re doing really well at it already. We have everything we need to get it over with now. All the tools are there, just a bit of willpower to become more than the sum of our parts is what’s needed.

But how do you do that when you’re busy doing other things? The only way and it’s not easy is to ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. Because the way I see it, we live in complete anarchy already. We just form ourselves into this structure of ruling bodies and police/army and everyone else. It’s natural as evolution shows if there is a space for something to exploit something else then exploitation will happen if you don’t put up defenses to plug the space and stop it.

Also though if we wanted utopia we cannot do it by force, because ‘You can’t take away people’s right to be assholes’. And the structure we have naturally now is basically going into a super controlled structure with CCTV everywhere and it’s trying to do just that. Which is very practical. Although it’s gonna make life quite pressured like being under the control of a control freak. It’ll just breed hatred which will just keep bursting out.

There’s a better solution though. If we can crank up the base level of enlightenment that babies are born into. The level of enlightenment of the world of thought. Basically our mass consciousness. Then we will get to a point, where war will be unacceptable to both sides. And at that stage the masses will have all the power, simply because you would need to make a robot to have a war as no man or woman would accept the orders to shoot the gun and fight the war.

Of course this will take time. And until then we will have to put up with what is in our fate for the future.
I know you can’t take away people’s right to be assholes, but you can take away their need to be assholes, with enlightenment. Being evil is impossible, enlightenment saves. Truth saves.
We really have nothing better to do here apart from just keep doing the same shit but with better technology. And nobody is happy with that. There’s always something to feel shitty about in an unenlightened world.

But then people are in their comfort zones. They’re happy doing all the same screwed up shit they usually do until they die. And questioning reality is REALLY DIFFICULT TO DO. Maybe if philosophy from this era was taught in schools? The philosophers of ancient Greece were some cool guys but ancient was a long time ago and we have gotten very lost on the way but if they taught children such things as: Borders don’t really exist. Or that all the life on Earth is completely interlinked and all the same family (which is Science + Philosophy fact!). Or stuff like getting to know yourself is a fascinating experience and it changes you for the better. Or that aside from war, peace is also an option. Or that we are like reality sensors for our Spaceship Earth Family because we have minds and voices and eyes and lots of other useful senses and abilities for the reasoning of the universe’s (that we are part of) existence. And that because we have all these talents it’s good to look to the future because when we act with a purpose in mind we can guide the flow of the present better. And that the more Truth we actually know we will have better plans and better guidance of the beautiful flow of life. And that by Truth I mean Enlightenment. Budda didn’t figure everything out, ancient was a long time ago. Or we could teach how death is a very natural part of life and isn’t the end of the world. Not for those left living. And that the greatest thing in the universe for a human, is the freedom inside their own minds to be able to question the greatest question of if there is life after our bodies stop working. We will always have that freedom. It is sacred.

N.Eliot 09/28/2012


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