Existence … …. … yay

Brothers and Sisters and inbetweens. We have all the freedom we could ever want.
We have the freedom to reap the planet of whatever we need, and reform it however we want.
WE are near the top of our game.

We’re not totally cut off yet.
In fact, we are very conscious.
We’re at the top of this planet as far as labeling each part goes.
It is a structure though and nothing less, it is a structure of support.
All the plants and animals support us.
Whether they like it or not.

Like how our hearts pump our blood to support our consciousness, so does everything else.
Because this is what the combined willpower of this planet wants.
It wants parts of it that can carry information through this wave of time. If the past doesn’t exist, and the future doesn’t exist, then there’s really no better way of carrying the information.
Taking the first stone hand axe and being able to build on it until the planet became bright with lightbulbs to the point you see a city from space as a bright jewel.

The global storage of information is flowing through everyone. What isn’t flowing is the consciousness.
The reality, the meaning of it.
Life is a lie! That much is clear as a bell to me.
We are highly gullible and manipulable.
It is a large part of how we can do what we do.

I mean modern life is real to the people living it. But without conscious awareness of who you are and what is what coupled with a genetic disposition towards not caring about that and attempting to just get by with life.
It all is enough to lull us all into a sleep which could last a whole lifetime.

It makes us think life is boring or horrid unless something wonderful is happening to us right at the moment.
Trust me that isn’t true.

And it leads to misery, drug addiction, the downfall of your self esteem until you’re some criminal rapist who thinks they are unsalvigable. It can make you into a person you don’t want to be. Or make you spout hatred and naive beliefs.

I struggle every day to try see things as they really are instead of how they feel and seem at first glance.
It is not easy as that reality is quite locked away due to my biology and the need for Human Beings to progress.

I think it is genetic perhaps, to not see the other side of the coin of life and just wonder in its awesomeness all day long. I mean we wouldn’t get anything done if we did that all day long. There would be no information superhighway or any of that stuff if we had figured it out before.

Although with conscious effort every day the real reality is becoming clearer and clearer. And it’s okay ya know. : ) It is really really awesome in fact.

I have a very hard time being able to communicate it because it is so extraordinary. There is so much positivity I don’t know which word to put first to start to describe it and it all ends up in a drivel of words.

I just want people to see that it is really okay to stop hating and start understanding. We’re all one family, the whole world over. Right down to each blessed bright eyed poor farm animal, to each amoeba all the way to each blade of grass.
We’re a global consciousness machine. And we have some really kicking music. If you were an alien looking down on us all, you would think DAMN! That’s some seriously soul independent shit! Extraordinary! :O

It is OK! To dance, there are plenty of good reasons. Lots and lots and an immense wonder to enjoy. And to not get lost in depression and all the absolute gibberish that you hear on the news. Sure we have our problems as a species, many of them are manufactured though, for other lost souls who can’t see either and just want to reap what rewards their base instincts want. And have power over others and money. That’s just bullshit, don’t buy into bullshit. All the world’s problems can easily be solved by us really thinking about ourselves and about what the eyes of our mind really see when they look at reality.

If we were not lost in depression, and a happy world, with a healthy, more realistic reality maintained by our family. Then it will solve all of our problems.
Enlightenment is the elixir of life, to feel and to know, that it’s happening whether we know or not or care or not or are alive or not.

Rock on fam!: )

Nick.Eliot 09/30/2012


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