How to Start World War III

It would appear the only way to start a war is for a mass of people to want more.
World War 1 was caused by classical means of wanting a greater empire within a war-faring species with the performing of a dramatic shocking event which fully unified those people to spark it off.
World War 2 was caused by a battle between rich and poor, Germany was left with huge debts to pay after World War 1 which left them so powerless and so Jealous of the Jewish people there who were still thriving, that they rallied up and made war.

So how could we have a world war three?
Especially in a police state world..

Well for a war to happen you need great enough factions on either side.
And you need one of those sides to feel threatened enough to kick off, or to be desperate enough to kick off.

So what is the plan of the ‘powers that be’ to play the next move in their favorite game? Especially in a nuclear age??

A lot of the prerequisites are there, things such as an unenlightened species who don’t give a fuck about enlightenment. And strong imaginary borders to separate man from man (which are being strengthened daily).

But with the information age and the ability to communicate with each other so well, what would the plan be to divide us?

The answer would be to make a large unified section of said species very disadvantaged, and then to give access to weapons or the ability to create weapons.

Ways to do that are with money, with resources, with disease or with the control of liberty.
Although diseased people aren’t really able to fight a war so that may be out of the equation.

The most recent wars, such as the invasion of Tibet and Afghanistan are only possible due to their lack of nuclear weapons and therefore their openness to exploitation.
Most other large separated groups of people (“countries”) have access to some, preventing invasion.
So the most feasible form of warfare left for warmongerers to wage is civil war.

Well up until the control of all nuclear warheads from space is in full fault proof operation that is. Which is already in production by the way and has been for some years.

And cutting off a “country”‘s resources would I assume unite that group of people. And you do need a unifying factor, such as a pretend border between those people and the people who are the ones doing the cutting off of resources and wealth.

Oil, people would say is the biggest resource on Earth.
With the advent of nuclear power stations electricity can be made endlessly though (if harmfully to the environment).
So to start a massive war you would need to do it before people all start driving electric cars. USA and UK are in the process of capturing control of most of the last of the major oil supplies. Maybe if they were to deny oil tankers from other countries the ability to fill up (for whatever dramatic reason they can instigate) then that would start a war.
It would also make them defensless if they couldn’t fill up their jets.
Perhaps also a small nuclear warhead being exploded within a country that didn’t intend to fire one back would start a war too.

As I see it, you need a lot of real deprivation, of which there is plenty on planet Earth. But there isn’t a great enough concentration of it anywhere as on most the surface of Earth there are humans doing well and some doing badly within each part.

Or instead of deprivation, they would have to unify a whole section of people against another section of people, which isn’t that hard to do. But even then you would need to unify them against another set of people with no nuclear warfare capabilities (e.g. the Twin Towers).

War is big business and fun to these people. One world united is a total fail to them. There would be nothing left for them to do at work. So they would have to just live a life like the rest of us and confront their own personal demons.
Their greatest enemy is everyone learning English and going online on the internet. So I imagine they would attempt to control the flow of communications on the internet and the learning of English at any possible opportunity. Or else let everyone get online and use the internet to control people’s minds.

So in conclusion, a major war isn’t likely to happen unless the satellite defense system against the firing of nuclear missiles upon another group of people is made foolproof, or unless a large scale attack of nuclear warhead magnitude occurs, with the apparent offenders being unviable to simply nuke back in retaliation (such as a “country” where there are many allies present or one with many innocents).
OR that due to widespread nuclear weapons civil war will occur within a “country” probably rich Verses poor such as when Hitler attacked the Jewish. And other “countries” will rally up against those within that country, probably in support of each faction within the civil war.

Rules of thumb, as I see them:
1. Know that whilst you do not seek any form of free thought and lack the ability to become further enlightened by being unable to change your mind, you are part of the problem as you are easy to control.
2. Mistrust any great dramatic war instigating events.
3. Do not hate your fellow man, for they may be better off but they’re just as ignorant as the rest of us.
4. Mistrust any control over learning the same language as everyone else and the control of the internet.
5. Know that in any form of warfare, the warmongerer powers that be will always come out on top.

Nick.Eliot [10/15/2012]


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