You win ignorance.

I have set out 2 rules, that I must follow for future girlfriends, I think this will sort out everyone that would be totally incompatible for me.

1. they don’t believe in magic
2. they believe in love

must be followed with strict diligence, very serious

It has come back to my attention, just how ignorant a species we really are.
And I know why, the Truth, is not something sought after by the masses. It’s not really sought after by anyone apart from me it seems.
And I know why, the Truth, is very fucking complicated to figure out. Not many can do it. Not many are up to the challenge of being properly sane aka “Enlightened”.
I have to add the disclaimer of course that I am just on the road and not there yet.
But I can still speak my Truths as I find them along the way.

People are lost and uncertain about their existence, so much so they’re drawn towards cults like the Jahovas Witnesses that pretend to offer the Truth (with apparent proof).

So much so are they lost, they would invent a laser to tear apart space-time just to see if there’s a meaning underneath.

Yet the billions upon billions of self important egoist universes out there (I mean each one of you) would rather just follow their base instincts because they know there’s no proof of God in any factual obvious sense, like some big bloke in the sky coming and talking smack.
So they give up and rape children and destroy themselves as well.

So I’m wondering, what is the point of humans?
Billions on billions of my family all out there, somehow supporting me with tobacco money, what is the point if it’s all fake?
What is the point if they’re not after comprehending what anything means.

There’s no stopping them you know, from the world rulers down to the homeless, they’re all bent on ignorance.

How would you ever even feed reality to these people??
Nobody wants to hear the truth and change their minds. Someone who learns to change their mind is rare even.
Few are smart enough to think past the preconcieved notions of religion and athiesm.
Nobody wants it. And theyre all so egotistical they think they’re soooo capable of choosing the right faith.

And every day we grow more powerful as a species, maybe that’s the problem.
And you get nice people stuck in the middle of all this bullshittingfest.
Nice people like me, I’m a nice person.

And I can’t fucking stand it to be honest.
It’s shit, I cant wait to get cancer and die.

What the fuck is the point?

I could seriously spend all day reaping rewards off people by manipulation and control. And it’s not because I’m a nice person that I don’t. I don’t do that because I’m not a moron. I understand the value of everything and of existence and decency is a natural result, evil is impossible in someone with a sound mind. Plus I care about myself and don’t wish to be destroyed by my actions. I don’t want to harm myself with the things I do.

Life is so simple to me.
I don’t go out and “get a life” becuase I’m living one anyway, my personal pleasure isn’t of paramount importance. It’s just how I choose to be becuse I’m totally aghast at society. I don’t wanna buy into that shit.

I would like to save the world, although it’s quite apparent it doesn’t want saving. It would rather have its own drama fit. And I doubt that will change within my lifetime.

So why bother?

Society isn’t in any hurry so why should I be?

Maybe if there’s reincarnation I’ll try again when folks actually want what they need. Truth.

You win ignorance, touche!

Nick.Eliot 11/24/2012


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