So after talking to people across Europe I think I got it figured out.
We’re coming to an age in humanity where there is enough technology for renewable fuels for all and enough technology for food production for all, and there is enough information for the end of ignorance, and there is still plenty of land and resources for us all to have happy houses.
So what do you do if youre a powerful or should I say “rich” person when faced with that?
Well the best way to keep your bank account being worth anything extremely valuable would be to drive a large part of the population of Europe into the poorhouse, make them all homeless, make everyone scared of their jobs being lost. Just to breed a hell of a lot of fear and desperation into those with jobs and make everyone homeless YEARN after your bank account, so much so they would bend their knees in a heartbeat to suck your dick for it.
All of this austerity and credit crunch and war for oil is total bullshit and completely unnecessary. It is not the natural biproduct of some foolish banker’s mistake, the bankers always get paid, they all know exactly what they’re doing. And that is destroying the lives of their fellow man so that they may continue to “get paid”. Humans are still ignorant as of 12/12/12 from the rich to the poor as above. : )


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