The Sanity of the World

                                                  The Sanity of the World




                                                            Nick Eliot



     I am a diagnosed schizophrenic. At age 13 I went insane due to an overflow of my brain chemicals.  I am now no longer classified as insane. The most profound thing to ever happen to me in my entire life was when I was age about 20 years old. My mental health had by then gone through neuroses after neuroses, mania after mania until the delusions which are the main effect of schizophrenia (not split personalities, duh) had hit and I was in a delusional imaginary universe. In that deeply schizophrenic state anything I wanted to imagine came true.

     I was the master of the universe and had been on great adventures, which were mostly based around a horrible hospital mental ward. I had sailed noah’s ark to Jamaica (my delusional home) and I was trying to get out of the ships deck and to the beach party held in my honor before my home security system killed all the partygoers.

     Yet delusion as I might, think as I might, try as I might, there was just nothing that was going to change the real reality around me. I was still stuck in the same room, every time I tried to get out or a rescue by my ship’s crew was attempted. My super powers somehow reconstructed the room door every time it was broken through, and nothing really changed.

     Then I was pinned down and bitten in the bum by a daughter nurse and it felt like she was spitting mango juice into my buttock. And then THE STRANGEST THING!

     I returned to reality.  The mango juice turned out to be a horrible drug called depixol which inhibited a lot of my brain chemicals from going into my brain cells. And sanity was the result.


     Unfortunately it dawned on me that I had been schizophrenic since age 13. Which kind of explained why my life had always gone so wrong no matter how hard I tried to be sane and do well.  And now years later after being able to maneouver myself off the depixol and be allowed a proper drug that works for my particular brain chemistry, namely the drug Abilify I am able to tell the tale clearly.

     This writing however is not about me. It is about everybody. And an attempt to help the world with the insights I gained from a life’s battle with insanity.  This writing is an attempt to make you saner.  Why?  Because insanity is something I know a lot about.  And I see it all over.  Not the raving obvious kind like I was.  But a much deeper level of insanity amongst all of life on Earth.  It’s not something most people notice.  Though after my experiences I feel it, I see it screaming loudly at me from child to old lady globally.

     It is my deep belief that an end to such global insanity would really help us as a species and as an entire planet even. If global sanity never comes then your children and your children’s children will have to face exactly the same problems you do in your lives.


     I’m respectful to people with beliefs, I understand why they believe the way they do. But I warn you that this writing will be completely honest and may offend Athiests and the deeply religious alike. Please have understanding that I may not be correct in the things that I say, my aim is only to help, that is where my heart and burning passion lies. And please forgive me for innacuracies.


     The most profound thing to ever happen to me was indeed being injected with Depixol. Because I was given proof that there was really was a reality.  It was so strange.  There was no way I could think past the reality I was in and there still isnt.  Reality isn’t quite what people think it is.  It nearly is, but what people think reality is is missing some basic cornerstone foundations.

     Many people when confronted with these questions will say that we make our own realities.  We don’t.  We share the same Earth, we share the same universe.  Our consciousness and awake minds appear to us like we’re the god of our own seperate universe.  Each person walking down the street has their own seperate world of personal history, personal drama, love, hate, dreams and their own existence.

     But we share.  We share the same Earth.  We share the same rules of that Earth in that solar system, in that universe.  Understanding the rules of this Universe is taking a lot of work.  Though some things are becoming clear to us.  Magic doesn’t exist, miracles don’t happen.  There is the magic of technology, and there is the miracle of existence.  Though seriously all things here make sense.  Even the things we don’t understand yet.


     So here I am, spinning around space on a giant oval shaped ball at many thousands of miles an hour, typing information into a device that stores that knowledge as electrons in the hopes it may find a good home in some other conscious’ thoughts.

     Which leads me on to what frustrates me.  Ignorance frustrates me.  Ignorance and insanity are basically the same thing.  And in that way I see crazy people almost everywhere I go and in almost everything I do.  They’re usually what you would classify as “bad people” although you can be just as crazy and be a lovely person.

     When I put it to my friends how upset I am with the world.  They replied to me that there is a lot of good people out there still and not to let it get me down the bad things that people do. I know some wonderful people to say that, however it is completely innacturate and quite a crazy thing to say.

     What I mean by that is WHAT ABOUT ALL THE “BAD” PEOPLE?  Who is caring for them?  They don’t upset me so much because they act in mean and stupid ways to me.  They upset me so much because there’s a reason they act like that.  They’re the most lost amongst us.  The most insane.  They’re not right, they need help.  Yet they’re left to rule our worlds because they think they are just getting what they want.  From rich oil tycoon to poor street thug rapist, all they do is take what they want.  And they will never get what they need.

     Any baby born could go that way.  It could be your child who ends up a “bad” man.  For whatever reason, greed, drugs, bullying.  Things in your control, things out of your control.

     No baby is born evil.  Some are born psychopathic which means they can never feel for other people.  But that’s not the same thing as being born bad or evil.  At least being born psychopathic is better than being born with regular emotions and still messing up.

    The reason “bad” people are the most lost among us is because they’re the most self destructive among us.  There really is no saving a lot of them, for with every negative act they do that they understand as negative, the more damage they do to themselves.  Each negative action like raping a child for instance (as happens all over the world all the time), that action destroys all their chances of happiness, all their self esteem, all their hopes and dreams of a happy life where they can smile deep within themselves.

    I’m not saying we should be all huggy feely with the criminals of our global society.  If you leave vulnerabilities open in society then crime will happen.  Nature (which we are a part of) does that.  It is why Lions prey on weak member of great herds, it is why we get ill with viruses and attacked by bacteria.  

     Utopia, if life on Earth ever gets to a stage people call it Utopia, will be a place where nobody is disadvantanged enough to want to exploit vulnerabilities.  If everyone had microwave ovens, and you left a microwave oven on the street, it would not get stolen, for example.  It would be a place where a man and woman had enough sexual self esteem to not want to destroy innocent children’s worlds with their rape.  That is what Paedophilia is, low sexual self esteem.  The person, deep down within themselves thinks no attractive adult would want to do the naughty with them, so their mind immediatly turns to something defenceless.  They stop seeing children as “noobs” that need protecting and instead see them as sex objects because there is no way they can protect themselves from the pedo’s lusts.  It’s a simple cause and effect which we remain ignorant to.


     And that is what life is, cause and effect.  It is acutally a scientific law of this part of the universe, Earth was basically a chain reaction until intelligent life was born to it.  The Earth was formed, volcanos happened, one thing changed other things which changed other things.  Just basic stuff like rain falling, wind blowing.  That could be happening on some other planet many miles away right now and what would it matter?  If there’s never any intelligent life to ever visit that planet what really is the point of that?  Sure it’s nice that there’s a planet there with things going on, but there’s billions of round things in space and none of them are that big of a deal until something can actually look at the round thing and observe it or become a part of it as our consciousnesses have done here on Earth.


     So what’s the big deal with us?  Well, with intelligent life combined with the ability for intelligent life to communicate and the ability to interact with the rocks and stuff and move them about.. That life can change the fate of the universe around it.  Life is no longer a blind chain reaction of chemicals and elements of matter.  That part of the universe becomes guided by its minds.  To put it another way, we can shape this part of the universe and remember the past and use it to guide the future.

    We really have everything we need to do that.  Hands, ears, brains, voices, a long history of past technologys to build upon and make new tools.  Everything!  Apart from one major, planet destroying factor.  We are not sane people!  We don’t know why we’re here or what we’re supposed to be doing, we do not know the Truth.

     So we stumble around blindly satisfying whatever desires arise within us or attempting to.  Most of us not even understanding why we’re doing that even within our own personal consciousness.  It’s so bad the unknowing that people will jump on any religion going and form complex delusionary states about it. It’s so bad that others will deny all things spiritual and give themselves as much value as a rock or a grain of sand.

     You may not realize, but your delusionary realities really hurt the progress of life on Earth.  Your lack of any willpower to seek for more than insanity and spread your insanity around as loudly as you wish, is the cause of most suffering on planet Earth.  Why?  Because that great indifference to rational, honest, truthful thought gives babies born into this world an ignorant, insane atmosphere to grow up in.  So who is surprised when they do things that hurt others?  An insane person is capable of doing pretty much anything with no reason for it.  If we have no guide then we are lost and the only guide we need is the Truth!


     I’m not saying I know the Truth and all of the Truth, I am saying that we need to seek it, all of us.  It would solve every problem if we at least started with being honest with ourselves.  And then moved on to being more honest with each other.  We were born into this world out of some sort of monkey creature, and we didn’t know anything then.  We were given very very little to start off with and to guide this planet.

     And the story of Human life on Earth has pretty much been a horror story since then because of that.  Yet now we enter the information age.  There is knowledge and writing all around, so our pursuit of ignorance instead of truth is now a choice and not a certainty.

     And if we seek it honestly and openly we will carve a great decent world out of this beautiful giant rock.  All we need to do is two things, 1. Be honest with ourselves.  2. Be able to change our minds.

     Time and time again I am totally shocked by people’s complete inability to accept they are wrong about something.  Especially in matters of philosophy.  Why are people so resistant I wonder, the only answer lies in their mental health.  People in delusionary states do not like anything invading that and will defend their insanity to the end.

    There is far more benefit for your sanity if you are able to change your mind and accept you are wrong about things.  There is no shame in being proven wrong if you were honestly attempting to seek the light of Truth.  It’s not always easy, but if you want to be sane, sometimes you have to give up big dreams.


     So what’s in it for you?  Well, it will make you a better person for a start.  Being honest with yourself, about yourself, and being honest with yourself about everybody else is a very cleansing exercise.  Truth and understanding that truth is always healing in that way because you gain a form of map to guide yourself and your life by.  The truths offered by most major religions try to do that, but as they’re not 100% honest and because of that do not explain human nature, so good people end up raping choir boys or burning women to death.  Or the Athiests explanation ends up in drug addicts who have given up on life and commit much crime.  Thankfully they’re not True or we really would be in trouble.

     Nope, there is light in Truth.  There’s no such thing as good and evil for one thing.  And that is nice to know.  And the more you understand who and what we are and why we do what we do, the less you will want to do bad things.  No man or supreme being can actually be evil.  They can do bad things out of insane ignorance.  But if they’re honest, and understand why they’re doing things each day.  If they’re honest enough to understand the pain they’re causing and why they’re causing it and how much they are depriving and hurting themselves through each bad negative action.  And that it honestly makes more sense not to do those negative acts.  Any truely sane person would stop commiting the negative acts.  Negative acts are just a sign of an insane messed up head.  Rational beings do not start global wars over oil when people can run their cars on renewable fuels for example.  It’s a completely irrational thing to do, and nobody in their right mind would do such a thing, just for the love of money that they don’t need.


     There’s so many wonderful things to learn when you’re honest.  You can see life clearer.  Such things as flags being nonsense, a country’s borders being nonsense also.  In an insane world, you can draw an insane imaginary line down a part of the Earth and say that only one type of people live on one side and one type of people live on the other.  It’s stark raving lunacy.  Anyone with any scrap of sanity can see that.  Why should one set of people on one side of an imaginary line follow different laws than people on the other side of the imaginary line?  Where is the sense in that?  Where is the sense in giving your life for that?  It’s crazy what people do and what people command other people to do.

     Although fighting a war over a bit of soil does make sense if that soil is the only way to feed your family.  Which is an example that is ignoring the fact we can grow crops even underground these days if we want to with growlights.  With hydroponics we don’t even need the soil!  But taking the example.  Say you fought a great war for some soil.  And you won.  Will you be happy with your soil?  Happily ever after?  No.  Why not?  Ignoring the basic trauma that the war caused you.  You have basically fenced yourself and your children and children’s children into being forced to live on that soil, within that border.  You have lost your freedom to walk the Earth and rest where you like.  You have lost all the benefits of friendship with the rest of the people of the Earth.  You are from then on on your own.  On your own on a planet of billions of your fellow human beings.

     Besides, wars are started and funded by insane manipulative people.  Not by one man defending his family food supply.  Wars are designed to make money for other people.  And both the losers and the victors have to follow the laws of the rich crazy warmongerers once the war is finished.  And you can stake your month’s wages that those laws you will have to follow will be manipulative and crazy and most likely designed to make more money for them.

    There is no happily ever after in war.  Any even half sane person will try and avoid a fight if they have the opportunity.  So why are we a warring species?  Simply put: because we are insane and we follow the rules of the more insane.  It’s very sad but true.  Even if you are fighting for a good cause, if you were unable to come to an agreement with your minds before fighting then you can be positive that you live on Earth within an insane species.  Fighting, at its best is a sport.  It is not what Great and noble people do when it is not a sport.  Great and noble people resist madness.  And normally suffer because of that.


     And what of the money?  Money is another con by the rich, to make themselves more powerful.  If each coin in your hand can be exchanged for goods and services from someone else, a simple, practical and good idea in a world where you need goods and services, then where’s the con?  Well the tokens of money are a good idea.  It’s obvious, but they’re obviously imaginary.  Which is a problem when a rich person no better or worse than you or me can walk up to you and say, ‘I have many hundreds of thousands more imaginary tokens than you.  So worship me.’  And so you get on your hands and knees and do anything they want you to.  When that person is no better or worse than you or me.  Weird!

     Of course there are some rich people who make their money honestly.  But isn’t it obvious that having that much difference from one purse to the other purse is going to cause major problems?

     How on Earth would your child and the rich person’s child ever grow up with any shred of sanity in such a situation?  Where they’re forced by life to WORSHIP somebody no better or worse than them?  Or to think they’re somehow “better” than their fellow man and not be able to make friends with them.

     The problems the difference in purse sizes make across the world each and every day are so great it defies description.  It makes some so desperate to be one of the bigger purse holders that they would drive others to be homeless and in poverty just so their purse is worth even more because you are more desperate when you’re poor and you would do even more for the rich person.  And with the threat of falling homless being real for the mid sized purse holders, they will be scared into doing whatever they can to not end up homeless either, a life in fear.  

     You suffer a lot more when you are poor.  And the crazy rich person doesn’t have a hope in their life of reaching a clean sane frame of mind because they live in a world where they are worshipped.

     Money breeds hate between man and man before it is of any use for goods and services.  What if there isn’t enough work to even make a half comfortable life for yourself?  What if you’re born with a mental illness in the wrong country and can’t work?  What if your child is?  What if you hurt your leg and cant work?  The truth is there aren’t enough jobs in the world for everyone to be comfortable, but there is obviously plenty of technology for making food, there is obviously plenty of room for everyone to have an acre of land or more and enough rocks to have a house on it.


     But will that ever happen?  Not when we have this financial system where a few people benefit from a lot more people being poor and having a horrible life.

     There are ways to live on this Earth in a RATIONAL system.  Not dog eat dog, we’re not dogs!  We are human beings!(duh!)  We can do better than this.  We’re also greedy and communism doesn’t seem to work but I don’t see any reason on Earth why we can’t have a global limit on how big a purse someone can own.  Say you hit $1,000,000 in earnings and then any extra imaginary tokens you earn would be given to those without $1.  Or even into the parks for goodness sakes.  This whole money idea is just feeding the maddness as it is at the moment.  It’s clear as a bell to see.  It is corrupting almost everyone also.  Just for imaginary tokens.  What’s really going on with these tokens is you are giving them to people, for example for food, and they are giving you food.  Just as you earned your tokens helping them, say for example, by cleaning windows.  We’re all being lovely to each other with money. But we’re pretending we’re only doing it for the money.  Which doesn’t actually exist anyway.

     And the lust for the money brings so much corruption, pain, hatred, SUFFERING and insanity upon all of us.  It divides human and human.  People kill for it and people happily watch other people die for it.  Pathetic!  Insane!  Nonsense!



     Imagine if suddenly there was a switch in your mind and a supreme being flipped it.  Imagine if you had the healthy mind’s version of being injected with depixol, and you could suddenly see everything as it was.

     You would look at yourself in horror for how blind lost and insane you have been.

     What if there is life after death.  And in it you get to see the truth of life.  That would be horrific, the shock of all the wasted years chasing after insane rich people’s lies.  Imagine there were life after death and your religeon wasnt the right one.  That would be a real kick in the teeth.  Knowing you just wasted all those years blind and ignorant and not even trying to be better.  It’s a scary thought.  

    What if all of a sudden the butchery you were born into was plain to see.  What if you could feel the suffering of all the many tens or even hundreds of thousands of animals who were born, then lived a horrible life then died for you.  How would you feel then?  If you could see how they felt?

     Animals do have emotions, fish probably even have emotions.  Think of all that pain you cause each day.  The whole lifetime of a badly treated animal.  Who’s life is dedicated to you and you buying its corpse off the shelves.  I’m not a vegetarian don’t get me wrong, fake meat isn’t good enough yet for that.  I just want you to see what you really do each day when you fry your bacon or your chicken.  Most people resist such fanciful notions with any delusion or lie to themselves that they can find.  They’ll even mock the animal and joke of their daily macabre butchery. Why?  Because they would prefer to be insane and lie to themselves than to face reality.

      The reality of a defencless animal being tortured for the sake of skin bronzer testing even.  Is that a really good way to spend your life?  Paying people to torture innocent creatures just so you can have unecessarry orange skin?  People do it every day and don’t give it a second thought.  Insane people will pay insane farmers for the farmer to ruin their humanity by torturing cows who’s whole life is in a veal crate, for example.  Not being able to even move thier entire life.  And the cows have emotions quite similar to you or me by the looks of it.  And people happily pay that farmer and eat the veal from the veal crate.

     The truth is nasty.  It can floor a person to the ground and never let them stand again if they cannot stomach it.  If you are going to torture animals all day long by paying other people to torture them.  Then perhaps you should be honest about it.  And honest towards yourself about it too.  No half sane being would do such a thing unless they were starving to death.  Personally I will try to buy meat from animals that I hope have lived a semi decent life.  And even if not that, then I will thank each animal for its effort or life, before eating the results of that life or effort and taking what became of their pain within my body so I may live on and be able to do things the animal cannot do.  Which is the only honest justification of it that I can see.  I will try be real and understand things they could never and not be insane.  They all died for me and I respect that enough to make an effort in life.


     The honest Truth of what we do every day on planet Earth is horrific, and very nasty.  It’s probably why people’s sanity is washed away by the insanity of lies and not caring.  People can’t handle it most of the time, they don’t like to think about it.  I will tell you 1 truth about that: it will not get any better for your children, or your grandchildren that way.  Forever onwards.

     Although it’s not all doom and gloom!  No far from it.  The world is AMAZING, what we do is AWE INSPIRING.  However, we are not designed to notice, as a species we are in fact desingned to completely ignore how EPIC everything is.  We are also designed not to be happy for long periods of time.  If you’re after long term happiness you may as well forget about it.  We are designed by nature to adapt.  Which means we ‘can’t see the woods for the trees’ as is a saying in England.  Even if you get sane enough to see the truth in the above thoughts, you’re likely never actually see life for what it is.  Because you and I are just not designed that way.

     For example, say you are sitting in a room right now and there is some furniture in that room.  Where is each part of it from?  Trees that grew in a forest, metal from deep down in mines under the surface of the Earth.  Where did each part of each chemical that made the paint on your walls, or toothpaste in your tube come from?  I don’t know.  The question is, how did it all get suddenly in your room?

     It’s probably from all over the world!  There’s a whole backstory to each technology in your room.  The ones that invented it, the people who made it.  Just look around and see how much manpower went in to your room.  Isn’t that incredible?

So much time, effort, patience, thought, work, transport.  All there for you.  And that was only possible because of those that helped the people who brought it to you from all over the world.  Those who built the factories, those who fed the workers.  Those that educated the workers also of course.  

     So many many hands at work, all for you!  And that’s just one room, there are billions of rooms in this world!  I say that as an example of the complete awe of what team earth makes happen every day and we just can’t see things like that.  We adapt and take it for granted.  Because that’s just how we’re made.  I wonder if we would get anything near as much done if we could see the effect each one of us is having on each other.  Or would we just stare at each other, open mouthed in AWE?


     Plus existence is quite extraordinarily amazing!  I know we still suffer a lot of the time, however life is a lot more comfortable than it ever has been, and for a lot more people.  I live in England, and I have taps (faucets) and one of them runs hot and one of them runs cold.  Have you any idea how much someone just a couple of hundred years ago would have been amazed by that?  And that’s just the taps!

     There’s so much more!  And also there are many nice and wonderful things that are happening on this Earth.  As humans we normally focus on the bad of life because that is what we need to fix.  People don’t enjoy reading and watching the news becuase it is happy news.  No they like drama, people like problems to fix, people like to worry.  And there are some great problems in the world (mostly that everyone acts like a madman) like children being forced into warfare in Africa for some drug baron for example.  But there is also great great wonderfulness happening.  There are babies born, there are games being played, there’s people happily in love.  And life is quite wonderful.  However as noted above it is also quite insane and nobody has an easy life these days because of that.  However that doesn’t stop the wonderful things that are happening from happening.  And they are multitude.  Just existing is good enough for me.  I don’t really enjoy it as I’m kind of freaked out by these crazy lying false fake folk.  But some of them are lovely despite all that.  A billion even, probably many many more. And all the rest, the annoying ones, all have great potential to think rationally also. : )


     However there are still some questions any semi-rational mind would ask. Such as ‘Why am I here?’.  To that the answer is simple!  Because you’re a human, at least at the moment you are.  And Earth is where humans live at the moment.  To roughly quote some science (the Weak Anthropic Principle).. if the universe is big enough and diverse enough to have a planet such as Earth which can and does support intelligent life, then someone has to be the intelligent life.  That would be you.  You were always here, at this point in time of reading this.  Such is existence, fighting it is pointless, because each and every one of us is an essential part of it.  Or else we would not be here.


     And as for how we are going to sustain the massive population growth on Earth of human beings.  We have 2 options.  Either we grow a pair and give the medical assurance to the poor countries where they have many children that half their children wont die.  And hope they’re sane enough to understand the problems of having too many babies (perhaps by allowing them a proper education for fuck’s sakes!).  And perhaps assure them that they’re not going to starve to death if they don’t have many babies. Or there’s option number two which is to wait for some rich bastard to get annoyed and unleash a plague or a great war upon us all.


     The future is in your hands as much as it is in mine.


Thank you for your time: )!


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