Have decided the UK version of the new Sherlock Holmes is even better than the American!
Also thinking about a theory that life is about survival more than anything else since most of existence here consists of hazards and dangers and illnesses.
We don’t notice this as we are so clever that the clear danger of existence, such as crashing a car, doesn’t happen every day to us. So we blindly go on and on after personal success. Meanwhile the great danger is still there and we consider ourselves suprised and unlucky when the inevitable happens and it strikes our personal success negatively.
Also we, in our struggle for personal success and “survival of the fittest” don’t notice (due to the capitalist system) that our personal success is absolutely linked to the rest of the species. Which obviously means that we are a team, because money is imaginary.
The moral of the theory being that we are not living the life we think we are. And the team would do better if we were more clear about our unity, leading to a safer and far more successful life for life on Earth.

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