I am not Anonymous

Just watched the Anonymous video about the Singularity.
This one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gdn3M-htbm0
I have to say the text is strange, it is either written by someone tripping or not human, goodness only knows which heh.
It’s also egotistical and quite selfish.

Obviously computers will come who are smarter than you or I put together.  Maybe smarter than the entire human race put together.
For this reason I always try never to say things like ‘puter, instead I always say computer.
The fear this guy who wrote this has is valid.  The people who first get the aging process stopped will probably be the rich and that is a very bad thing.  The process of evolution of thought.  Of all types of evolution will stop as the most banal sensless people become invulnerable.
The process of death is so valuable to our species!  Imagine if an old king, some psychopathic wanker, would never have been stopped by death!
We would have to keep on praising them and following them, and we still would be doing that to this day.
Just the same as a rich man’s servants praise their master.

It’s quite dangerous for such gifts as infinite life to be given to anyone or anything not evolved enough in deep wisdom.
You would end up with such bullshit for everything else to have to cope with.

And with the onset of nano technology and genetic engineering like the video says, there will be superpowers avaliable to such persons beyond our wildest dreams of what a superpower is.

Although to be superpowerful you would require others to NOT be superpowerful or else youre just another person.
So I assume these rich early adopters would try to ramp up the “price” (money is not real) of these abilities until they can rule by themselves without even having to have others fight their wars for them.

Which leads to the question, ‘what can you give the man who has everything?’
I assume it will take them SOME TIME before they realize what they really want out of life. A lot more than 30 odd years I expect.  By which time they probably will have noticed they have made a fundemental mistake.  Fucking people over for their selfish wants was not actually a good idea, and there is no way to turn back the hands of time and undo it.

We are not Gods, and because of all those reasons we will not become gods after the technological revolution; this ‘Singularity’ has come of age.  Even if we can become omnipotent.

These are fundemental Truths in mine eyes.

Truth be told the apparent goals of Anonymous in this text are quite warm. They wish to save the oncoming catastrophy that giving superpowers to ignorant beings would cause.
There will probably be some unpleasantness otherwise and for that reason it’s a pretty good idea to fight for freedom of the species from tyranny and what is classified as evil in this day and age (e.g. needless wars and all the other hells on Earth we give each other on a constant basis).  And basically get the planet Earth sorted and ready in our hearts and minds before it happens.

Although, there are fundemental Truths missing here. 
The focus should be on the life on Earth’s WISDOM.  Not its technology, not its rulers and certainly not its pieces of colored paper and digits in a bank’s computer screen.

Although granted, many on Earth.  The masses as they’re called.  Abor wisdom, enlightenment, original thought.  Anything which is going to have to make them think harder than ‘what am I going to have at the drive through?’.  You know it’s true as much as I do.  It’s a pathetic offering at the gates of the aparrent coming new world.

The masses are like worker bees.  It’s all they want or understand.  So give them super powers and fk knows what would happen lol.

But I would rather they have them first than some twisted rich man who has never worked soil or stripped wallpaper.

Myself, I’m a grown up, I don’t need or want super powers and will be quite satisfied when I’m dead.

I think the crux of this anonymous piece is that without some form of meterorite wiping us out soon, we will get the super powers and we need to be prepared for that.  Because it’s coming soon to an Earth near you.
And we are nowhere near ready for it.

It’s gonna be a right fuck up.  We’ll probably end the species this way soon.  Amageddon at one rich petulant poor lost soul’s whim for example.

Because as much as there’s worker bees, there’s still plenty of super geniuses wanting to fuck about.  And if this is how they run the species they must be really fucking lame when it comes to deep wisdom or anything of any worth or Truth.  Truth which will dawn on them in the end with their infinite lifespans.

I guess this Singularity will not be very pretty.  It’ll be awesome, though try have a peaceful walk in the woods when you’re surrounded by nano technology and everyone lives forever.  We’ll run out of space on Earth with all babies born with no roots of what life is really about. And then we will go spread our ignorance elsewhere and ‘reengineer the matter in the universe’ with our petulant child race bullshit.

And then, eventually, even the dullest of these “Gods” will realize some of the Truths of existence.  And only the purest of heart will be able to cope with still existing.  Especially when it’s near impossible to kill yourself.  We will end up quite brilliant and quite barmy. And quite quite sad.

It’s all so simple.
I just wish, personally myself. That people would care more about our existences. It’s not about prolonging life because you don’t want to die.  It’s about giving us a Life Wish, a reason to live.  A reason such as deep in our souls to the very tips of our toes being HAPPY!
It’s all so simple, there’s no reason to make it this complicated.

Peace & Love, are the only things that will keep you going through an eternity.  Especially an eternity where we have ‘reengineered the human genome’ and we are all super smart.  The boredom and insanity that would cause would be EPIC.
And universal Peace & Love may not be realized for a looong time.

There will be some fucking turbulence alright.  And I will be in my grave by then, you fucking numbskulls, that’s where we all belong after our lives. Suck it up. And be glad there is going to be a computer in control a lot wiser and deeper than you are at the moment.

Nick.Eliot    March 7th 2013


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