Wondering whether my friend is right and there’s a psychpathic elite club that rule the world. I imagine being a psychopath is quite lonely as nobody understands you. So I could see them forming clubs. And if an internet troll is psychopathic in DNA also. Then politicians are just kick assed internet trolls.
Wouldn’t that be something!
Had a 2 hour conversation tonight with someone who classifies themselves as a normie and didn’t mind sharing. She was extremely out of touch with reality and what life was about. Yet was proud of her reality and was sure it was real because there were so many people who thought the same.
Was pretty scary and a very deep interrogation of her mind. For me anyway.
I’m starting to think all this society being structured into different “types” of people is really true. I don’t think it is because it’s more about environment than nature is what you think is real.
Though our society seems to be structured to exploit the vulnerabilities in the minds of children, until you get people like my normie friend all over.

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