The Trap


  I have just finished wathcing the documentary series ‘The Trap’ as shown on the BBC in 2007.  My first major thoughts are that the history of politics in the last 50 years has been quite bloody and meddlesome.
And based on a load of strange ideas. Ideas with one foot in fact and one foot in bullshit.
Politics seems to be a tense proffesion, on the one side there’s the utopian society ideas. On the other side of the politician’s mental world is the will to exploit of all those around them.
As I have previously noted, as a basic rule of nature if there is space to exploit then someone or something will exploit. In politics there is much opportunity to exploit so it seems even the most utopian of ideas end up in exploitation.

It was a good documentary.  Scary so much of the world has been changed by a doofus like Jean Paul Satre.  The man had little to no ideas about anything spirtual or other than him and his goals. I read of him and thankfully forgot most of it as I burned his book on the moorland. Basically there was a lot more in Heaven and Earth than dreamt of in his philosophy, and that he was so adamant and authoratative in his teachings and without a heavy ounce of doubt; he pissed me off.

The most fascinating insights I found in The Trap was the attempt by a social philosopher called Berlin to explain what went wrong with communism.  He said there were two ways to give liberty.  One way you get the masses to do what you want with coercian by means of fear tactics, mind control, telling them and making them realize what they really need so that they would either revolt and get a better system, or to obey and keep their system.
The other way he noticed was to just let people be themselves and see what resulted.

This all leads me to my new theory, WHICH IS A THEORY PLEASE BE ACCUSTOMED TO THE MEANING OF THE WORD. My theory is that in the human society there are worker ants and warrior ant type people.  Seperated by intelligence into their roles in society.
The key difference between the two is that the “worker” types do not have the ability or even the will to sort out society, they are happy just being them and letting other people sort that shit out because it holds little interest to them.
Which is fair enough.
And the other type, the “warrior ant” type people are those with the ability and will to sort such issues out.  Of course this is a quite offensive theory that I have been trying to avoid for most of my life.  However after observing society and talking to those who classify themselves as ‘one of the masses’.  These people seem quite easily manipulatable into whatever world view you want to give them. Sometimes I find myself roused by propaganda too! Unfortunately my goals of world peace and love and unity are not shared by everyone in their own daily lives. If this has always been the case then most revolutions to date may have been caused by people meddling.

So the question raised is WHY would any one of the warrior ants want to change a society that didn’t really want to be changed in the first place?  The great problem being those in control of revolutions in politics think that they know better and could be totally wrong.
You can rouse the masses of worker ants into a revolution, but would it really be a good thing for all concerned?

Our natural order as a species, our current state of “Anarchy” as I see it is in fact one of order, with controlling warrior ants telling others what to do. It is basic humanity to have a chief of the village and fighters and homemakers.

However now we are hitting a future where everyone can chat to everyone all over the world. For the first time, there is the opportunity for the world to be united under one sanity.  The great problem being who is to say what that is?
Who is to say their way of living is better?  The western politicians of USA and UK etcetera seem to think that their ideals are the best and will blow the shit out of your country for them.  I think personally our goals as Truth seekers of the species is to set a lower bar.  There are some truths we agree on, such as torture and rape are wrong, we should really focus on that. Focus on the things we can all agree on on some level.  And just leave it at that.  It would be great if the world wernt ruled via some stupid book some manipulative people wrote ages ago such as the bible or the quran MIRACLES DONT HAPPEN PEOPLE, YOU ALREADY ARE ONE.

I think the greatest problem with revolutions is they are started by people who think they know better.  As a philosopher I understand that nobody really knows how to make utopia yet.  These ‘final solutions’ politicians keep coming up with are never going to work. Never going to make good lands and a happy populace.  Because nobody knows how to do that yet.  We should stick to the bits of truth we know, and get them sorted out first globally. 

And as for all this nonsense that the free market will solve everything, that advice was given to you by a wealthy person and I am not a shop. :>
And as for the theory that everyone is out for themeselves ‘game theory’ my main criticism is the altruistic goals should not be overlooked because they seem like those of a zealot (Hitler type). In fact feeling good because youre doing good IS selfish in a way. And what all major thinkers havent seemed to realize is that there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s still good for both parties!

To feel good for doing good to others is selfish and it is unselfish at the same time, it is a positive thing for all concerned and I challenge anyone to argue against that.

FU, you poor hacks who control the world.

Nick.Eliot 29/03/2013


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