Hi, I wish to explain how my existence is.  Explaining parts of my reality.

There is a lot to understand in this existence that you may or may not already know.

Most of it is pretty simple really.  Yet in life we can all find ourselves in a situation where we ‘cant see a forest because of all the trees.’

I could talk endlessly about the ins and outs of god, but that is not my desire, for there is much in life we can see for ourselves, we just have trouble understanding it.

How do you explain your philosophy? How do you explain your existence and the existence of all those around you?

Do you even care? Or think it is important?

How much value is there in understanding why everything is happening?

We could just let things happen anyway unguided, we could live our lives isolated from each other’s growth; or we could seek out reality as a species in a way that has never been possible before.

In the past, there were ignorant people.  Life was about invading other countries, and killing and maiming and raping, enslaving, stealing and surviving.
There was no other choice, it was a brutal world and weaknesses in our defences were everywhere.  Wherever there is room to exploit, something or some one will exploit that weakness, it is a basic rule of life here.
And from the past we gained much pain together as a species.  We became divided, we were lost.  Lost in our ideas of reality, of medicine.  Guarding our knowledge from those who communicated differently.

There was no choice, when you have no guide in life at all on this Earth, you can either lie to yourself and invent one or just be scared of the dark, or kill everything that stands in your way. But you will die too, either of old age, or from them fighting back. Are you scared to die?  That is probably because you dont understand what you are.

We are the first intelligent species on this Earth with all the abilities neccessary to communicate and invent and see and work and understand.  In our numbers we are stronger and more capable than most can even imagine.
And we even have the technology and the lessons from billions upon billions in the past who have died, every creature’s life changes the world in some way. So does every plant.

I have and do suffer a mental health problem that floods my brain with brain chemicals.  When I am ill I can choose any reality as real.  When I am well again I land back in this one.  Why? Because it is the only reality we have.  One might even call it, “reality”.
There are many who would argue that a sofa is not a sofa.  Nothing is real, and other such ways of trying to be clever when they cant find the answers.

Who finds the answers is not important.  We are a team, we are family of life on Earth.  Even if you kill a pig, that pig has still lived to support you and its body will go into your body.  And you will do things on this Earth that the pig could not be capable of.
Don’t you think you should honor the dead by doing what they could not?

In the past our ancestors lived and struggled and killed and died so that we may live.  Billions upon billions of mothers and fathers and scared children.  More than you could count, even if you had hundreds of years.
Those ancestors were not useless.  They invented language and writing and new ways of thinking.

And all that time, they were ignorant.

They did not have our freedom to choose not to be ignorant.

The problem is we are still ignorant.

I could stop taking my pills yet there is no way I can become a god and perform miracles.  I will always land back in reality, just where I was all the time but didnt think it.  A reality where most do not want to care about why they are.  They just want to do what they normally do and try and to be doing better than other people.  A planet of the ignorant.

In 150 years, when we are all dead. Just about every creature on the planet wiped out, and their children take over.
What will those children of the future think of us?

They will watch our television and read our books and be amazed.  The struggles and wars we have now will only be of a small interest to them.  As those are from people 150 years ago today.

They will probably be surprised such ignorant people can create such beauty.  They will probably be glad we didn’t totally destroy the world.

We, as humans, are a species of nurturers, thinkers, workers and leaders.  Our greatest humane disasters happen when groups of us are bold and stupid enough to think that we understand reality.

When a leader rises up and for them this is this and that is that and there is no doubt in their minds.  Positive in themselves that they are right about everything and they could not be wrong. That is when millions die in the hell of your worst nightmares.

That is when millions kill and rape and damage all that was sane in their minds, driven by their lust and their greed. Destroying themselves as well in the process.

You really don’t have to accept it you know.  You do not have to run with the crowd.  You can also be brave enough to “be the change you want to see in the world”.  If nobody starts acting rationally then it will never become a trend EVER.

And it is hard!  In this island Im on that people call England, and fly stupid colored sheets of cloth called flags; a 21 year old young woman was kicked to death just for being who she wanted to be and wearing some different make up. I’m not lying.

She was doing what billions and billions of people who lived and died before her would have liked to have done.  Yet who is to say the grown men who attacked her were not correct in what they did?

Why should we make an effort to shake what is normal and how things are supposed to be done?

The reason is simple.  There is no progress in the status quo situation.  It’s what the words status quo mean to me.  We are not happy in our lives.  We think we will be happy if we follow the status quo and become super rich.  If the super rich are happy being on top of everyone else then at least someone is happy right?  Are you going to die super rich? No.
And even if you do die super rich, will you embrace death knowing that you left the world in good order for your life?
Will all those deaths of the past have meant something to have created you here and now?

Life is simple and REAL, we should not be surprised if we do not understand it yet; it is early days still.  We are making brilliant progress with our technologies and our culture.  These days of the internet and the great sharing and growth of knowledge are wonderful, yet we are creatures who like to ignore wonderful and do something more productive or easier than enjoying the wonder around us.
We do that because we think we are not one species, but 7 billion disconnected, selfish souls.  All after our own needs.

Yet that is not who we are in our hearts.  Those of us, many of us, who have not let the darkness of ingorance distract our belief in the light of life, the light of a better world. Will help their neighbor when they are in serious need of help.
There are a great many of us who wish to help each other up instead of kick each other down.

It’s more practical.  Being a good person is the smartest thing you can be.
This way the whole tribe of humanity gets to the light faster.

Don’t be fooled by lies, even lies to yourself, there is Truth in this universe we all share.  We even have evidence that many many seperate creatures agree upon.  Things such as, water is good for you.  There’s not many magic and miracles in that, yet we can all decide the same thing.  The scientists, the children, the preachers, the preaching, the dogs and the pigs, the goldfish.

We have all agreed that there is a Truth in this reality we all share.  How many more can we find?
To me personally, it is the most imoportant thing we could be doing.
To look for Truth now we have all we need to do that.
Because the things we can’t all honestly agree on, such as politics, are the things we are most ignorant about as a species.  Let everyone have their voice.  So that it may change the world in a way they could look back on if there were a heaven, or if there is no heaven let them die happy, knowing they have made some of the right decisions and the wrong decisions they have learned and taught others a better way to be, and why that was a bad idea.  Humanity are the grand masters of trial and error, that’s just how it seems to work. And there has been and will always be a lot of error.

Nick.Eliot 06/April/2013


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