As A Man Thinketh Free
After reading this piece about how thoughts affect who we are and the world around us I wish to post a text response to it.
The author seems to be very proud of the points he is making, yet a little extreme with his manner and lacking a good dose of doubt.  As noted before, it’s best to be able to admit you are wrong about everything at any given time when presented with better, more accurate ideas.

However he starts out quite blindingly with the theory that how we are, is goverened by how we think.  If we think positively, we become positive, if we think negatively, we become negative. And he continues to state the great power our willpower has to shape who we are.
And it makes good sense, he even goes on to state how the world we find ourselves in, is the world we bring about ourselves, and can change both to the positive or negative based on your inner intentions.

I think he is correct, as human beings we are very powerful creatures, if we have souls then we are very powerful souls for we can think, speak, draw, write, read, build, fight.  The inner willpower to become what you want to become has a great effect on our lives and the situation around us.  Simply because we are very powerful and we have a lot of options upon this world.  Even if we don’t realize it.
However the author is stating this is a rule rather than a choice.  He is not accounting for the danger of the world, and of living in a semi-ignorant species.  What we Will for can’t always be.  The world is full of possibility.  So what we want can become real.  But only to an extent.  These are not all our own seperate universes. These are all our own seperate universes living on Earth, which is the real universe.  Any change we make in our routine greatly affects other people, even if we dont change our routine the paths of many will change due to a normal day in our lives.  Simply by existing around them, on the same planet.

Atoms get shifted around by us spilling a cup of coffee, that would not have happened if we didnt spill it, and the life of the coffee mug and the floor and the dirty shirt and then the washing powder, the washing powder company the water, the people that in the back of their minds hear your washing machine, the dogs who smell it.  The list goes on just about eternally for the small things you change by spilling your coffee or not spilling your coffee.

Another point of contest I have with this author is his firm belief that there is a right and a wrong way to Will, if youre pure and vituoous he says, you get a good life.  If you are harboring venemous thoughts, you get a bad life.  Yet how can we explain right and wrong to, say the atoms of the spilt coffee?  The universe we share is made of atoms that dont seem to give a shit either way.  They make up most of the stuff of the universe too.  Good and bad are a moot point.

Yet his theories are holding some water, I would like to add another theory to them: That you get the life you really want.
We are Very powerful beings.  And what we want is usually what we do.  Take a panic attack for example.  That is caused by us not wanting to be in the situation we are in.  So much so it will override all our concious thought until the situation is resolved by us for example, staying indoors.  We don’t feel in control of our panic attack, but we always are.  The key I suppose, is that we don’t like going out, even if we do enjoy it, it means badness to us, deep inside.
If our sub-conscious will has that much power over us in times of panic attack, how much power does it hold in times it doesn’t consider dangerous?  And what would happen if it were the same amount and deep down as your own guardian angel you controlled most of your life where it was possible, to achieve your goals.

But say your goal was to win 1 million pounds. You would probably never win it, and become a gambling addict. At least you tried. You brought about the possibility by gambling.  Yet your willpower to be powerful and rich did not come true.  The author explains this away saying it was not a just and noble cause, hence a life of degrading gambling followed.  Where I disagree with him again in that there is no good and bad, only true and false.  Only truth and ignorance.  And if you will deep down for an ignorant goal, you will likely lead an ignorant life.  Maybe that’s your life being fulfilled because all you wanted was money.

What’s bugging me is the author seems almost right about something but not quite.  I think that is that when he says virtuous, he means true.  When he says depravity, he means ignorance.  And that if you wish for the truth, you will find it, within yourself and all around with enough deep thought aimed towards the accurate.
Yet he raves on like the results are almost instant.  Of course if you change your mind about life and decide to focus on the positive, you will attract positive things normally.  That’s down to your power. And perhaps the universes around you will bend towards you better. But say you wished to understand everything.  You can’t do that without understanding pain.  What if the pain you put yourself in, is part of the Will to wake yourself up?  The sub-conscious at work.  A sub-conscious that wants you to grow in that instance.  Although some, all they feel is pain.  Think of the life of the unluckiest person on Earth.  If you dont believe in luck then see it as negative things happening to the poor person in everything they ever do and STATISTICALLY, they have more incidents than anyone else not caused by themselves.
I think the problem there is one of freedom.  If you’re born into an abusive family, you are born not free to be yourself.  If you grow up around vicious venemous people who attack you.  Your Willpower may not be strong enough to bend all the universes, the people around you.  That is where the author’s  main theory is proven wrong.  We are not born into a perfect universe. It’s not a computer game, it’s dangerous.  People who suffer greatly due to natural disasters did not really bring that on themselves.  But who we find ourselves, is something quite in our control.

The rest of the author’s words were not of note.

Nick.Eliot 05/17/13


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