Life – For Young Adults


For Young Adults

Hi: ).
If you are reading this I hope you are a young adult. Because this is possibly your last chance of not living an ignorant life. There is an information wall of lies, ignorance and manipulation between you and anything True.  Though this road is not for the weak. And it must be learned by only those who have to know, the curious.  Because when you understand where you are and what has been done on this Earth and what happens on this Earth all the time.  It can make it hard to smile.

You have been born into a strange species. The education system teaches everybody the same boring stuff.  Because that’s all it wants you to know. It wants you to gladly accept your role here.  To accept that when you were born into your country you became a citizen of it and should pay its taxes and accept that you owe its debts.

Which is a good example of the information wall between you and a true life.  Your school teaches you about Geography and countries and flags. Let me assure you. They do not exist. It’s just a mind game that people play on each other to keep each other entertained.
If you look the border between Belgium and Holland for example.  You will have a hard time realizing it is there because it doesn’t exist, and it never did. It is just a mind game to make the Belgians think they are not Dutch and the Dutch think they are not Belgian.
And when you think about it, that happens all over the world. They do it because it’s a lot easier to ‘Divide and Rule’ that way. That way everyone feels like they’re against each other, or better or worse than each other.  With everyone so confused you can do anything to them. And the one thing that is definite for life on this planet; something will exploit a weakness if it is there. As lost and divided as we are believing a piece of cloth like a flag is enough to kill each other for, well you can see how weak we are and how open to exploitation we are. And people do exploit that. They become very rich and they live in luxury and then they die. While you will probably lead a hard life.

Life isn’t fair, have you ever heard that?
It is true, sorry.  There are a lot of good things in life.  Though we live on a giant rock flying through space. And it’s dangerous. Bad things are more likely to happen than good things. It’s only cos we’re such an amazing species that good things can happen at all. It took a lot of work for that and a lot of suffering in the past before we could enjoy ourselves so much.
In the past, people died all the time, nobody understood what was going on. It must have been terrifying. Though we made it to the promised land of modern day. And even though we have amazing magical like inventions, and we don’t have to work physically hard all the time, we’re still having a lot of trouble being happy.
Life isn’t fair because fairness doesn’t exist. We have cause and effect instead. Sorry, it is all we have. What it means is there is no good and bad -apart from how we feel about things. There is no law of the universe that says you will be treated fairly ever in your entire life. It is only from healthy people you will ever be treated fairly.
And there are many many who are not healthy. And will abuse you, rape you, hurt you, rob you. And you will have to deal with these lost souls.
Some say you can’t understand life without having felt any pain. Though shortcuts do exist here. With the proper application of thought, we can sidestep a whole load of shit. Some will hit you anyway. And you will be ok if you use proper application of thought to get out of it. But you really need the right thoughts in your head. That is why I am attempting to write this. And please remember that none of this could be accurate or True. Understanding that everything could be wrong at any time will give you the ability to change your mind. Something most people can’t actually do!

I’ve talked to a lot of people. And most of them, not all, we’re quite insane. Because as I said, they grew up behind an information wall. They all thought they were the most important thing in the world deep down. Either because they had figured out some of the wall, or because they fit in with the masses and so had a lot of backup for their ignorance.
We’re born ignorant you know. We don’t seem to have much of a guide for life in our blood like animals and insects often do. We are something different. We are a new chance for life on this planet to stretch out feelers for the Truth. We are this planet’s only chance of understanding properly who we are and what is going on. We are at the top of the food chain, and that means we have a responsibility to all the animals and insects and plants that we carelessly butcher each and every day and cut up and put on our shelves like grotesque serial killers.
We should become more with what we have to work with. Though I understand it is not easy. The few teachings of how to live that seem to be in our blood seem to be a drive for some to rule and a drive for others who don’t want to rule to be ruled themselves. Ruled in their heads, in their strength and their hearts? Well to have a good healthy heart in this society is a painful thing.
Many will just block that heart away. You’re not likely to meet your perfect true love for instance. If you wait your life for them, you will end up waiting alone most of that life.
I hope in future we have better ways of matchmaking, because meeting our true loves sure would make us happy. Though we wouldn’t get much work done. We would be busy being happy. And I think we need to grow a lot more before anything like that happens. You wouldn’t want to meet your true love when you were an ignorant being still maybe.
We seem to be creating this world of ultimate technology. It’s not a bad thing I don’t think either. When I was young life was very boring without the internet. I played in parks and stuff but I was very very bored.
We don’t know where this technology will lead us though. Things are going to get very confusing when people can live forever and we have tiny nanobots that can reshape stuff. You should be prepared for that.

It’s a pretty good time to be alive comfort wise. Though if you ever push your mind outside the wall you will see what an absolute depressing mess it is too. Society is not designed for you to have a fun life. If you’re lucky, your place of living might be designed for you to have a not bad life. What I want you to live… though you will regret it. Is a sane life. One without ignorance.

I mean look at this mess! Politics for example, and watching the news. All it is there for is to keep people busy. The news stations are not fountains of truth. All they want you to do is to keep you entertained being angry or sad at something other than what is real. And have you react to it in a powerless way.
If you don’t like politics and government, then you are fighting an enemy which is a lie. The Truth of governments and wars and news is a lot of people who don’t understand life who all like their fancy jobs. They’re no better or worse than you or me, just a bit lost. Nobody in their right mind would do the things they do. They are lost souls. Greedy and corrupt. And the same thing would probably happen to you or me if we had their fancy job. That bit of life seems to be in our blood. Because I think, that with leaders, we do more things and we do it faster. And so those genes survived while all the naturally independent peace lovers were murdered.

Though it would seem if you have the ability to change your mind. You can become anything you want to be inside. And what I want to be, is comfortable that I understand me, and I want to be free inside, free to understand whatever the heck I want to. We see with our minds, what is reality. We don’t just see with our eyes and hear with our ears. It takes more than that. Being able to understand knowledge adds so much to the senses of our eyes and ears. And when that knowledge isn’t a load of bullshit then we can really start to understand. And we need each other to figure it out.

I assume you are surrounded by bullshit?
I was.
But I got ill, and I couldn’t go to school. So I got a free pass out of a controlled mind. It was very very scary. Breaking off from the normal. It didn’t harm me though. As soon as I understood monsters didn’t exist apart from for ignorant people, I was less worried. Dinosaurs died a long time ago thank goodness. But I was utterly shocked at our History. So much murder and rape for not much of a good reason.
Watch a documentary on World War 1. Or any part of History really. It’s all a tale of a savage past with great suffering. And when you realize that we’re all the same species, you see we’re just giving each other pain for no reason, *ultimate facepalm* /o\.
And it isn’t stopping. I think the problem could be that people don’t like to think for themselves. We are taught how to think as a child. Brainwashed. Brainwashed into paying your taxes, fighting battles and worshiping your God. Nothing has changed really for thousands of years in some places.

We really do need each other though. And we are so divided we don’t do that. Without money we wouldn’t even work for each other. Which we do. Every single little thing you do affects everything else. We work as Team Human, a part of Team Life on Earth. The invention of money, something totally made up and not real, let us be able to trade our skills easier. It’s got all messed up now of course. And has been for a long time, because it allows the successful to own far more tokens of stored labor (money) than they should have. There was room for exploitation and everyone does exploit money for all they can get normally. If you worship it above all else, you need to be aware you’re worshiping something that doesn’t exist and that’s pretty crazy!
But despite all the exploitation it still functions to make us all become a part of something bigger. Like working in a fast food restaurant will feed plumbers and doctors and everyone else. It’s a valuable thing to do. More valuable than most politician’s efforts at life at the moment.
And in our team we are a very very powerful 7 billion strong species. When you think of all the work and all the history behind each part of any modern room for example, it’s amazing all the inventions around us, and all the work put into taking trees from forests and metal from underground, things from all over the planet brought into a room thanks to money.
Yet as money doesn’t exist, people were actually just doing it for you anyway. Like mind numbed drones. But nice ones: ). Aint that strange!?

So any philosophy writing like this one should at least consider the soul and does it exist. Are you a robot?
I don’t feel like a robot. Do you?
I think a lot of my body could be considered robotic. Yet I am a part of my body and I feel fine. There’s a lot of me that is more than the sum of my parts. And a lot of energy that leaves a body when it dies. And that’s in a universe where we have the Laws of Thermodynamics that say energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form, so it must go somewhere. Not my theory but it sure seems to make sense.
Existing is so strange when you’re a human. You’re like why am I here? Well another good theory is we are here because this is the part of all of everything where some intelligent life could be. So we should not be surprised we’re here and everything is just right for us to sustain ourselves.
But is there a God?
Quite likely yet it would seem we are here on our own mostly. We need to do this ourselves. Sorry. And it might not help you asking for stuff from the heavens. For all we know we’re already where we go when we die. We just can’t say accurately about a lot of issues, and anyone who does is lying! Or lost.
We’re still coming out of the same ignorance we had when we started the species. So don’t be surprised if there’s some wild ideas flying about. And don’t be fooled by them, make up your own mind. I personally prefer to not believe in nonsense that I can’t prove to everyone. If I learn something spiritual personally, I wont tell it to another until I can prove it to everyone. That is a good benchmark to set ideas of what is God. And it doesn’t mean I’m saying God doesn’t exist or does exist. I could be wrong about everything. And until I’m dead, I can’t be sure either way.

And death is nothing to be feared. Many many billions have died before you and you’re just joining them. It’s not something that’s never been done before. Physical pain is something you can get used to, and if you die painfully it will at least stop.
Many great thinkers have put the thought in our heads that if we’re bad in life we wont like the afterlife. Because we would end up punished or if we lead a good life, praised forever.
It’s a wonderful idea that has made much good happen. Yet I find people can be good anyway, even if they don’t believe in anything. Because helping people successfully really makes you smile inside. And it helps someone else too. It’s a win win situation.
My deepest thoughts have lead me to understand there is no Hell. For the simple reason that any great mind ends up a nice person. Because that is wise and logical, to help rather than to hurt. So the devil can’t actually exist. People are just naturally so open to corruption because they’re so lost that they do things that are horrific. Get used to it, that’s your species and you need to school them one day. Anyway the devil can’t exist because he/she would have to have a great mind. And that always results in wisdom, cruelty would never come from a wise being. Only the wiser of us can understand that I think.

My personal fear about death is that I will be told who I was and what the meaning of life is. And to have regrets. Like if I killed myself and I got there, and me and them were all like *facepalm*. Hehe.

But it fucking hurts to stay alive sometimes though. Shit happens! And even though you can be living in comfort, you can feel all sorts of other pain. Human’s are rarely satisfied and even if you reach what you thought was your dream, can you live comfortably in it? Not all the time. Yet it is possible to live a good life.
Some manage it by luck, most everybody else who does works their ass off and can lose themselves in the process. But don’t be fooled by how grim and bad the world may seem to you. Always there is a lot of happiness on Earth. A lot of people doing something they enjoy that doesn’t hurt others. And if they didn’t have fun, there would be no fun on Earth, just a lot of people talking about not being able to have some. There’s a load of wonderful things people are doing for each other. There isn’t only pain here. There are all manners of pain of course, but also all manners of smiles and happiness. We just need to sane up and stop giving each other and ourselves pain and start giving each other and ourselves some of the smiles.

Your life, depending on your circumstances, if you live in a very deprived and poor area for example. You may end up committing crimes before you grow up. It’s normal in anyone to do strange shit when you’re ignorant. It happens the world over, and to all ages of person. My recommendation is to stay true to yourself and try not to do things you will regret a lot, because after the crime, comes the regret. You don’t get it until you’ve done the crime. If you do something that hurts another, then you are hurting yourself too, never forget that. You can’t unmurder or unrape somebody. And since evil doesn’t exist you’re never going to get anywhere with it all you know, not in real reality, only in the information wall type reality of lies and fakeness. You will have to remain a lost soul just to live a day. And this is the wrong piece of writing for that. Though you can always change, even if you’re totally lost and made some bad decisions, you can still become what you want to be. You just have to Will for it. And let your mind be changed by yourself.

Though you have a tough uphill struggle against you. So many are lost and want to exploit you. For sex, for money, for labor.. All sorts. Just take a Heroin dealer for example. They want to catch you at your lowest, and give you a problem that you can’t deal with and make you work your ass off for them, and you would! Scary shit right?

Humanity needs some guidance. We sell healthcare at a high price for example. That’s just ridiculous. We are family! All of us, right down to the last blade of grass we are Life on Earth. And the only way you have to save mankind, is not with a revolution. Because in a revolution there are just leaders who will eventually become corrupt as nature intended. And people will get hurt. Revolutions are dangerous and heartless a lot of the time. The only proper way to save the world from ourselves is to grow in ourselves. If a lot of us do it, and enjoy ourselves. Then others will follow. Not only there will there be wise people around, which helps everyone anyway. If we have enough fun being wise, then others will join and peer pressure will get the rest until we live in Utopia, a good society for you to raise kids of your own and not be terrified like parents are now. We need to outthink them on the land, we need to outthink them in the sea, in the air, in space. It is a battle of attrition against the biggest enemy we ever had. Ignorance.

Nick.Eliot 29/05/2013


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