I’m in prison, or prisons.
The first prison is of the mind.
The second prison is of existing.
The third prison is of the society.

I’ve had a number of cells in my time. This one is by far the nicest with its corner sofa and access to a vehicle.
You would think I could just drive off and be free. Though when I’m out I have the prison of the mind, of fear of new places, I have the control of society who think I’m strange. And the prison of existing, which means I must return to my cell, to eat, to count my days and of course to rest in safety from the prison of society also.

I’m theoretically freer than I have ever been. Though I am under no illusion that I am at liberty. Or that anybody else is really. The prison of existing is pretty much a blanket ban on freedom.  I can choose to go any time I like. Yet if life is all about incarceration, who knows what else there is if I leave? Nobody knows.
I don’t think death will be that great if all we see here is thinly disguised entrapment for the betterment of this world. And I am pretty sure the machine would need me back as one of its parts for another life.

If asked which prison is the worse; well, it’s a tough call. I don’t think you can call a prison good and it still be a prison. They’re really all as bad as each other, and they work together to keep us spirits locked down. Think your way past one and you’re just fooling yourself that the others do not keep you captive.

Our only escape is when we are busy, lost in the moment, high, dreaming, playing a game or having our minds lost in a story.
To most, the Earth is nothing but a workhouse. It’s a wonder why government types wish to make the society prison stronger. There really is no need, we are trapped already. Just to think you’re a warden of the prison doesn’t make you much freer.
Generally it would appear better just to keep your mind lost in your own story and live. It’s what a lot of people define as the meaning of life is “living” (as in living life to the full).

Humanity and our lives here are very complex parts of an almighty machine. All of us slaves to the greater good, as trapped as sheep in a field. Exactly so.

We think we’re free, because we wake each day, we have grass to eat. We do our thing. Until death calls. You can’t tell the sheep it isn’t free, because it would not understand you.
Same with us.

We’re at the top of the food chain, there’s billions of us now. Feeding the machine with our lives. All I can think of as the produce of the machine is the Truth and Knowledge and Wisdom.  It’s the only way to get it, with a giant machine made of living creatures and metal and energy.

It’s amazing to see it in action, AWE inspiring even. Yet so twisted in its workings that it would drive a mind insane.  So much so that most not even dare contemplate it.
Most out of 7 billion people is a lot of beings who don’t like to think and see where they are.
In prisons.
I don’t blame them.

So what is the solution?
How to find freedom for our souls on Earth?
Well like I said, you can’t call a prison good and still be in a prison, so we must make our minds good, our lives good, and our society good. It is the only way towards freedom, all others are lies to ourselves.

Nick.Eliot 06/30/2013


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