Saving the World

I have lately grown sick of pussyfooting around what other people believe.  I know I should respect their beliefs and not try to offend those beliefs.  However that way of doing things prevents any useful progression of humanity’s wisdom. At the same time, that practice also continues and spreads ignorant thoughts and beliefs that don’t stand up to logical truth.
The human world is in a state of insanity. We know how to practically go about each day and how to advance technologically. Yet we don’t know why we are even doing that. The population of the world is lost in a sea of lies and false truths.  All controlled by an “elite” group of rich con artists.
When I look at the psychology of those around me, it feels like I’m living in a horror movie like Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. Where everyone enjoys being brainwashed and they all point accusing fingers if they see someone who is not brainwashed.  And most of humanity seriously appears to be brainwashed.
Brainwashed into having a large ego which wont question what it believes is real. Brainwashed into supporting the troops, even though you don’t really know why they are killing people and why you are forced to pay them to do it. Brainwashed into thinking there is nothing you can personally do for your species and brainwashed into believing that you are better off just looking after your greedy self.  Brainwashed into thinking you have to believe what everyone around you believes and follow some stupid cult like Christianity or Islam.

Sorry to say, but they don’t have the answers, or we would all join them. They may have some answers for you personally. Yet none of it is real or based on fact. Just conmen upon conmen.
The question is, why would a conman start a religion, or decide to brainwash the world’s children via the education system? That’s pretty screwed up to play with minds like that. And yes they are playing with your mind. Most of what you believe and support is the product of a conman who will gain from your brainwashing.
The question is, do these elite conmen know better? Do they make a decision between telling you to think the True thing and the lie, or do they not know the difference themselves? Obviously they do not. Because anyone who can see what we are and where we are and what we need to do, well, those kind of people aren’t lame conmen. Reality, once you know it better, changes you. Into something more accurate. I personally think the elite conmen who drive the passions of the human world are the most lost amongst us as far as sanity goes.
The horrors they create every day and the drive to bend innocent children’s reality to their wallet is just not a product of a healthy or accurate mind.
We are on this Earth like the blind leading the blind. We may have eyesight but can we really see what’s going on with it? It’s limited is eyesight. We see with our minds really. Because that is where we percieve what we see. I look at a wall, do I see a blue wall or do I see many atoms and molecules harvested from the ground, moved to my house and put together using building methods invented centuries ago and grown until in the past people have put them together and made a good strong wall, and who even knows where blue paint comes from. So you see we see with our minds. The clearer the sanity we have in our minds, the better we can see everything.

And there is so much to see! It’s awe inspiring to be able to look at things and see them, most of everything around us is complete AWE.  Then you add on the fact we’re apparently flying through space really fast and there’s a gas giant sun burning for millions of years. It’s just incredible.  And what do we do with this existence? We live in lies.
They do say ignorance is bliss. Perhaps it is better we don’t know as a species that we don’t know what is the meaning of life. Maybe that’s what the lies are there for. To distract us from knowing that we are an intelligent yet ignorant species.

The only problem I find is that I have to live with a load of people who are living in a dreamworld which doesn’t make any sense.  And I have to pussyfoot around their deluded states. IT’S JUST INSANE AND I HATE IT. We are NEVER going to live in Utopia like this. We will never have security or comfort for all. You can’t build a species on lies and expect it to work harmoniously.  In this world of lies 1 leader can change the face of the world.
THAT is scary. How so many people are so lost that just 1 person who probably will end up being corrupted by their power, can tell masses of people what to do and they will do it. We will never ever live in a peaceful happy planet while there are lies so strong they can drive you to follow a leader and give your life to them.
We don’t need to be doing half the things we do every day.
Everyone doesn’t need a job for example, the people in work don’t need to work so hard to keep them either. We can share that burden. We have machines too which mean there really is no need to be desperate for a nice cup of coffee. The key is to allow everyone to share in the good coffee. We can do it today if we wanted. Convert everything into a rational way of doing things.
We don’t need petrol in our cars, we just need a bit of new technology that doesn’t cost anything for us or the planet. Leaders wont do this for you, 1 leader can be threatened and bribed into doing anything groups of people want them to do. The leader is not as strong as a group.
And I tell people things like this and they say ‘what are you socialist?’ because the lies and insanity within them are so deep they think they should be supporting the destruction of nature and their personal bondage into a 9-5 job. Bloody crazy!!

There is only 1 way to save mankind from themselves and 1 war that needs to be fought. The war against ignorance within yourself. And it will be so worth it if everyone could do that. We live in freaking paradise! There’s paradise everywhere. Yet we throw each other into these prisons of the mind where they can’t enjoy living in paradise.  Our technology is so beautiful and helpful. Yet if it’s used against each other by insane minds, then there will be no good future. We will be trapped in what they call ‘The Human Condition’ forever. We wont reach some sort of Star Trek like sane Earth which we can be proud of, ever.
The future is going to be more bad and more bad and more bad with some good to keep the insane going. Life really doesn’t need to be this hard. At all. We have all the tools we need to be happy and we are not happy. Yet leaders are not going to fix it, neither will a revolution or force of arms. The only thing that will save mankind forever is for all of us to work on the ignorance and lies within ourselves until people can see the world clearer and not accept it.  The masses are the deciding force. We ‘get the leaders we deserve’ because they are the ones we allow to control us. I’m one of the masses and so are you.  Which leader should you be following? You should be following yourself.

Nick.Eliot 08/21/13


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