Subjective Reality

If there are 10 people in a room with a basketball; as an experiment to examine the ball. Some people’s reality in that room will be that it is a basketball, others will be in a reality where there is a light, bouncy ball in the room.
I hear so many people say to me that reality is subjective, it depends on who you are and your experiences and your beliefs. Though I say that there is a ball in that room. All the 10 people can agree that there is something in that room, if they are all HONEST they will come to an agreement of a round shape that is there.
Now if you were 1 of the people in that room and realized that the others were real in the room, because they spoke of the same thing you see and feel. Then that means that you are real, the other people are real and the ball is real.
So which bit is the reality?
Well the ball doesn’t seem to understand where it is and doesn’t seem to communicate so you would never know anyway, everyone in the room thinks there is a ball there so the ball is probably real.
The 10 people in the room think seperately that they are all real. And evidence from the shared experiences of the ball suggests that they are all alive and witnessing something similar but from a different point of view.
Though despite them having points of view that are different, the ball has been given existence. Though what are the people to the ball? If they are all in the same room and the ball is real, then each and every one of the people are real, just like the ball.
If 1 of the people in the room changed places with the ball and became the subject of examination, then there would be maybe more diverse opinions of what is the person.  Though all the people in the room would find some similarities about the person being examined.
The person is real, we are part of reality. All of us part of the same thing.
It doesn’t mean that anything in the room actually knows all of WHAT it is. But the room with the ball proves that it is real and there is 1 reality here that we can work together with.
It’s as simple as that.

Nick.Eliot 09/17/13


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