The Why???

Haven’t posted for a while as I’ve been busy programming my first android app. I’m still just as bothered by the world as I usually am though : ).
I’m sitting here in my home, and I’m trying to figure out the ‘whys’ of this world. After 20 years of doing that most of it adds up now. And it all would be a full picture and all make sense if it wasn’t for the actions of people in governments.
The politicians in the first world, when you look into what they show of their psyche’s and minds in the media; they make some sort of sense. Yet there’s something missing!
Something I cannot figure out.
And it bothers me from the time I wake up to the time I eventually pass out every day.
Their Job Position is to take care of the country and lead the people on to the future ok.
Yet what they are actually doing is everything within their power to drive the people of the countries down and make themselves a bit wealthier.
Looking at them, they seem determined to do this. With everything that they have.

My friends tell me they are just psychopathic by birth, which would explain why they are the ones who want to be the politicians because then they could get some control in a world of 7 billion people who they don’t care about and who make no sense to them. It must be quite hard to live as a psychopath, nobody would make any sense to you apart from other psychopaths.

They tell me that I don’t understand them because they’ve been raised to grab all they can out of this life in goods and finances. And to never care if someone else goes lacking because of it, but feel happy because of that.

I have a personal theory they want to make themselves richer and are working hard to make everyone else poorer and make everyone else struggle harder to survive so that by default they have more power over us with their fantasy money/numbers in their computer bank accounts. Digits (numbers) that are not backed up by anything that is powerful at all. Digits backed up by nothing but what people would do for those digits.

Perhaps the bankers are planning to stage another global financial crisis, and the politicians know this and are trying to save themselves and are tightening the screws on every person in the country to make them work harder so we will all survive it better?

Yet whatever they are doing; the outcome is that many many suffer and go hungry. From the first world to the third world. Over here in the first world were I live, they’re taking away all the support they can for the sick and the elderly and those who don’t work because something didn’t go quite to plan in their lives and they are unemployable.  The result is that the first world countries APPARENTLY can’t afford to look after these people properly any more. Bringing great suffering and fear into the first world as well as the rest of the world.

And it puzzles me so much why the politicians work so very hard to keep the rest of us down.
They’re all very wealthy people it seems. So they have a lot to lose. But someone with millions in the bank doesn’t really have to worry about being looked after when they are old. Which adds a lot of weight to the idea that they are all psychopathic. Because a psychopath is born without the ability to understand that if they want to be looked after when they are old then someone else would like that too.

Basically a psychopath is a stupid human being because of their lack of empathy. They just cannot see what is going on here. It’s impossible for them to. If they tried to be a philosopher they would be the most noob philosopher in the world.
Yet of course they are still smart enough to plot and scheme and charming enough to be politicians.

I’m still confused though, something is still missing from this puzzle!  Is there a cult I’ve been made unaware of that they’re all in and they are all as stupid and lost as anybody else in a cult?
That would make sense. Perfect sense. People in cults do crazy things because all their beliefs are totally wrong. Plus if it’s a cult of psychopaths who are in power then it’s going to have this exact effect.

Would a psychopath be a religious type though?
I’m not sure. “You can’t con a conman” and a psychopath is a thoroughbred conman.

Maybe it’s just as simple as the idea that psychopaths in government recognize each other and use that to keep themselves on the up and the rest of the population on the down.  And they like mindgames and being conmen so they work all day as a government conman to make the population think they have no hope, make them think we can’t afford to look after old people and the sick and unemployed and that life should be scary and dangerous and horrible and you shouldn’t by any means talk to your neighbors as they are far too dangerous.

This behaviour of course will raise crime levels as people adapt to their society- or their distorted view of society.
I learned that from Micheal Moore’s film ‘Bowling for Columbine’.

Actually it does add up now, I guess I’d never thought it through before.
Psychopath is as psychopath does.

The question is what to DO with them. As I’m not going to put a child into this world where they have to grow up in bullshit.
AND I’m pissed off at the suffering, the unnecessary suffering that a child of mine would have to endure. And that everyone else has to endure. I wonder how they can sleep at night, yet the end result is I can’t sleep at night, knowing what goes on here.

It’s not harming the species’ growth at least. We have lots of food and superfast high technology, and we just get more of it. So it’s not all bad at least, or should I say the battle is not all lost.
You can’t keep a species under the thumb with lies forever, something has to give, people will not stop having babies and people will not stop trying to progress.
But they should not live their lives in a lie. As this is GREATLY stunting the growth of the psychopaths and everyone else on this world in anything of value.

Money is not of value, power is not of value. There is only value in actually achieving something of growth within yourself and this world before you die.
You can’t take money and power to the grave.
If these narrow minded genius scientists and quantum physicists can’t figure out there is no VALUE in their idea of existence. They can’t figure out that ‘The Human Condition’ that they themselves perpetuate all their lives isn’t the proper way forward.  Then we are all fucked.  Psychopath and schizophrenic, everyone. That’s what the Human Condition means.

The psychopath’s mental and emotional disabilities and inadequacies are really not my problem, and they should not be made to be my problem.

My goal is to help everyone, I care for everyone because everyone, EVERYONE is worth a shit.  And after much deep and honest thought I can see where we are lacking as a team.
Psychopaths are part of our team. So is everyone else.

Yet they’re very smart and they have nothing to do all day but act like politicians, because they have reached their limits of growth from their disability and they cannot think past it into anything deeper.
Yet of course they’re not stronger than the rest of us. There is only one born in every 200. We could easily just ignore them, not vote for them, not work for them or get on our knees for them or accept the currencies they invented and exploited from them for any goods or services.

Yet that sort of behavior from the rest of the team would be marked as treason as it has been for a long time.
I guess when we were hunter gatherers the psychopaths were much more essential and useful in society. Since we got tired of walking and settled down the psychopaths (our leaders) were put in a difficult position of being useless. So they had to invent an information wall of lies just to keep them on the up.

So really they need an actual purpose.  They need a tribe to lead and we are no longer tribal.
So what else can they do?
They have no enemies despite other psychopaths around the world.
There’s not much left to conquer, they’re not as useful as they were.  How can we give them a fulfilling life when they are so disabled they cannot grow the species (their tribe) in any positive way any more apart from to leave us to grow technologically.

I think, what they need is a really really fucking good computer game.
The best ever.
One where they can enjoy their days battling other psychopathic leaders with tribes of dedicated followers. A game with enough challenge and backbiting to keep them amused for life and happy in that.

In the meantime, everyone else can just be happy with the technology that grew under their leaderships. And live our lives developing this Earth in the correct way. Which I STATE IS NOT THAT OF A SPECIES WITH HEADS LOST IN MIND GAMES! But an Earth of real genuine development, minus ‘The Human Condition’.

Nick.Eliot 11/02/2013


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