It has been my experience this week that I need to explain my philosophical outlook and method properly for once, as I’m not getting it across well.
To put it simply: When an inventor has an idea, they try make the creation. They get excited by the idea and are sure it will work and get them fame and riches. Yet quite often what they make is “very pretty but it’s not gonna fly”.  At some point they have to admit to themselves that what they were attempting was not going to work and they go “Back to the Drawing Board”. Which means they go try rework their idea into something practical and eventually if the idea was practical enough it works, if not they give up and wait for a new idea to come.

That is how I write philosophy. I always accept that everything I think I know could be wrong, and I think that at all times.  ALL EVIDENCE I have witnessed in my 32 years points towards the evidence of some Truth in this reality. 2+2 = 4 to many people, myself included. So perhaps math is real. And if some things are real that means everything must be real.  Because I can sit here and have a fantasy does not mean the fantasy is possible or going to be real.  What it means is the fantasy is just a fantasy and not a part of reality.
The fantasy doesn’t share the same Truth that 2+2=4, if I fantasized that 2+2=5, that wont make it true no matter how hard I tried.
Which clearly shows that there is a difference between real and imaginary and false. Also that there is such a thing as reality because 2+2 REALLY SEEMS TO EQUAL 4.  From there, it wasn’t a big leap to see that if something is real then everything is real, just we don’t know the truth of it yet as we were born ignorant on this planet many years ago as homosapiens and through much trial and error we have found some things that work, such as mechanics. We have found some things that are True.

I wish everybody could see this. Yet it seems like I am the only 1 sometimes, who does.
You would think surely that if I’m the only 1 thinking something then I must be wrong. And I admit I could be wrong. And maybe I am wrong I don’t know yet.  What my philosophy is, is an HONEST approach to thinking about what is real.  An approach where I am (as much as I can try to be) honest with myself about the actual events and evidence I see and understand.

This approach is by far superior to any other method of gaining wisdom, I have found.  To use no assumptions apart from the extremely obvious (2+2=4) and of course at all times ALL TIMES to use common sense in my approach and the way I think/process in my mind.

Other beings on this Earth seem to use greatly different thought processes. They think they are born knowing how to think properly and do what they want. Personally I rework my thought processes until they fit into the above approach.  Because it gets me great sanity and good results. And I feel I can stand behind what I say, because I will also admit when I am wrong.

Human beings as a species really need to learn to be able to go Back to the Drawing Board. And not think their great idea is a flyer automatically. We need to learn to talk about such issues as what is real without thinking we are in an argument. For the way I see it, we are all equal honest souls sitting on a planet flying around, not sure what’s going on. We only have our eyes, ears, nose etcetera to observe this with. And some issues such as philosophy and quantum physics are too complex for individuals to know all of everything. Some must be done as a team effort.  My works are often the product of honest discussion, therefore obviously I cant figure it all out on my own, nobody can. I would have to be born on a deserted island and invent my own language in order to do it like that!  There’s just too much going on for a lone ranger to sort out the world in a lifetime.

That’s it. Simple. I must add that I believe to know more of the Truth of this reality would be a positive thing because it is better to know what situation you are in than to not know. Because you can make decisions based on that that aren’t just pot luck if you get it right. An ending to trial and error maybe. There has been so much error here it’s unbelievable almost.  We go down the wrong paths as a species because we don’t value simple common sense.

-Nick Eliot 11/06/2013


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