Curiosity About the Global Elite

Where do the global elite live?

We know they exist from the effects they have on the world. Mostly ignorant, negative effects based on primitive greed and lack of understanding which probably stems from a genetic inability to feel empathy.

They exploit, and write the script of our global pantomime where we wallow in ignorance.
The most pressing thing is that they seem to wish to depopulate the Earth, because there are too many people getting on their nerves and there are unnecessary citizens because of the invention of machines which can do their labor anyway.

You know, an Earnings Cap would solve all these problems, I digress.

So I’m wondering, if they are using all means apart from education into a conscious mind to control the population numbers. Methods such as possibly crop-dusting, immunizations that cause other serious medical issues and the poor nutrition of the food which also can cause major illnesses.
This is because global warfare is pretty much out of the equation after someone smarter than them invented the atomic bomb.

And this all leads me to wonder, where do they live?

It is a small world, comparatively. If we could just find them and slap them about a bit then problem solved. There will be no burning desire to corrupt the sanity of everyone on Earth in the name of their profit and happiness any more.

It would have to be a place where there is great affluence, little chance of natural disaster and warfare and no pollution.

Maybe some island somewhere, who knows?

Would we even be able to find it with trillions of dollars sunk into its protection?

It would probably be somewhere unaffected by WW2, because that shit was so stupid there’s bound to be some people behind the scenes making sure it went off with a horrid bang.

Im thinking Switzerland?

At a guess.

If we nuked Switzerland I wonder if it would help the world.

They’ve got to be somewhere, the richest of the rich. And I don’t think it would be in a country that they like to fuck with. Maybe the Swiss rule the world. Maybe it’s just some island in the middle of nowhere.

People don’t like being fucked over and you see all this Anonymous nonsense about rebelling, with absolutely no agenda for a better world after the rebellion it seems.

If they blew up parliament in UK, then if the people who design world agenda don’t live there, then there wouldn’t be any gain.

The politicians in UK parliament are like sheep to them also. That’s why they do their bidding,

Things as stupid as having policemen and women go arrest people for Marijuana. From an independent perspective that is the STUPIDEST THING that the policeman’s time could be spent doing. The only people it benefits are the pharmaceutical and alcohol companies, and the govt (for taxes).

It’s a stupid world! I don’t like it, FUCKING MORONIC sign me out for fuck’s sake.

Nick.Eliot 11/28/13


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