The Value of Human Life

     I should really entitle this ‘The Value of Life’.  Though I don’t think people are quite ready to see they’re on a level playing field with all the other animals and insects and plants.
The value we give sheep in the field is about the value of their meat at the end of their short lives. Most of us don’t give a fuck. What is bugging me so much is this news story about the cleanup of the nuclear mess made in Fukushima, Japan. Where homeless people are being conned into cleaning nuclear waste up and get most of their pay taken from them afterwards for the food and shelter they enjoyed in between cleaning up the mess.
It’s the sort of thing that will fuck with your brain if you’re from a society like in England where we give a shit about each other because we know it could be us not them if our luck falls short.
Yet Japan is a very wealthy country. Very very well educated. Yet behaving like depraved ignorant fucks. In Japan, they think it’s “OK” to eat a lobster whilst it’s still alive and looking at you in horror after being boiled for a short while. So it’s no stretch of the imagination to see them treating the homeless like cattle in a field.
All I can say is thank goodness there IS a western society.  Because these newbies to existence in eastern countries just cannot get ‘Humanity’ into their heads at all it seems. Though the Japanese are just humans like the ones in the west.
The problem being we are all born into this world ignorant. And if the lessons you’re given to expand your horizons are bullshit then you will end up like that.

So what is the value of Human life?
Well, if you threw a few thousand human babies into a field and fed them and did nothing else for them. What would happen? You would get a field full of feral children who barely can even figure out how to point a direction. If you can control them, then why don’t we kill them and serve them ground up into a burger like we do with cows?
There’s nothing to stop us.
Though those feral children are not born for the field, they are not tame minded like a cow is. But we kept slaves for millenia, we may even take slaves again. All a slave needed was a good beating. They were more useful for work than breakfast though. Why? Because they have huge powerful minds and opposable thumbs.

An Elephant probaby has a huge powerful mind, as does a Whale.  And they’re breakfast already. So basically the value of human life to humans is the usefulness of their body.

Of course I’m talking of other animals, who live in nature, not buildings. What does nature have to say about the value of life? Nature replies, ‘I DON’T GIVE A SHIT IF YOU SUFFER, the big picture is all that matters.’

Nature, as so often refered to by those who have been born into an affluent life is “survival of the fittest, only the strong survive”. So why not just throw some homeless slaves into the meat grinder and eat them all up. You’re “fitter” than they are right?

I think a big problem is the complete utter lack of sanity throughout the planet Earth. People only see out of their eyes. I only see out of my eyes, and I used to wonder if life was all a big fraud and it was only me that mattered.  A LOT of people don’t believe other people are quite real. And that there’s 7 billion of us flying around space on a giant warm, wet rock. I mean why would you? Truth is stranger than fiction, fiction sounds and feels safer than the sanity of knowing reality for what it is.
Bunch of fucking cowards on this planet if you ask me.
Too scared to question, too scared to think. Even when it is our birthright to have free thought inside out minds.
But the real problem is they are too comfortable to think.
Give a man a nice girlfriend and he will believe in God and go worship.
Why would you want to ‘rock the boat’ of a idea that is doing really well for you?

If they say there’s some giant man in the heavens and they like you then who gives a fuck about reality, sanity, brotherly love?
Of course their lives are never quite smooth sailing because they’re a deluded lie.

And the lies, and the falshoods and mistruths and general dazzling bullshit of human society 2014 (if that really is the date – I do believe the Earth and life on it is a little older than that) is what drives people to NOT CARE about the homeless and their fellow man enough to get them to waddle off and clean up your nuclear waste. Or become your dinner or your house slave (on minimum wage).

And that’s how life IS here, at the moment.
The boom in technology we are experiencing is just a boom in tools. Not in us so much. We haven’t suddenly become a wise intelligent species. We were probably more intelligent before society began, as “survival of the fittest” doesn’t bring the best Human team to the Earth, it just brings one that works with society. Enlightenment isn’t a big deal, a big deal is a 50% discount on your burger.
So the brilliant die off, and those more attune to hard labor, flourish.

Yet every Human baby is born ignorant. And still brilliant in their own wouldbe skillsets. There will always be hope for life as long as that remains the truth.

So what is the value of human life?
Obviously not much. Our lives are valuable to ourselves.  Yet there’s seven BILLION of us!!!  In a cramped city somewhere on Earth, people probably don’t give a shit about each other. I mean why would you?

And yet, a homeless begger gets thrown a dime at least every so often. In America people go to cafes and order 2 cups of coffee. One for them, and one reserved for the next person who will come in and not be able to afford one.

People are not shit.

So why do poeple treat each other like shit?  Why do some of us have empathy for the homeless man, and throw them a dime and a cup of coffee?
It’s not because the person can afford two cups of tea.  There’s plenty of people who can afford to give away millions of cups of tea. And they don’t even bother.

“Humanity”. what is that?
Being “Humane”, it comes naturally to quite a lot of people. Though it’s proof postive that it isnt really an innate (naturally built in) feature of being a Human Being.
The idea mostly lives in the “western world”. In the island I live on poeple will go out of their way to make sure you dont hurt an another animal even!
We don’t have many stray cats or dogs like Europe. And not because we don’t like cats and dogs around the place, but because we see and share lives with these other animals and we know if they were stray they would probably suffer. And we know that is not the best thing for them.  This society isn’t made for stray cats and dogs. It’s made for humans, and as the more mature and evolved species we actually will try rehome and take care of these other species.

And yet the muslims are here now. They want Sharia law declared over the UK, and it seems like they want to outbreed us so all there is left is their ignorant religion and no more humanity, just masses and masses of people clogging up the place.
That’s when even I would have a problem with the value of human life.
If I couldn’t move for people everywhere then my humanity would run weak and start to see them as the cattle in the field.
Yet that is a lie. And a falsehood. For each of their babies are born with a blank slate and if I were to adopt them then they would be loved, and given value of human life and as much wisdom as I could give them through their childhood.

In conclusion, I’m starting to think that Humanity and being “humane” is actually Wisdom!  Humane means Wisdom, because as I have stated earlier, the only outcome of great intelligence and intellectual evolution (enlightenment etcetera); the only outcome of Wisdom is to become a Humane individual.
You don’t start wanting to fuck people over when you have seen the light. And the light is not a story from 2014 years ago at all. No, the light is ‘sanity’. It’s a clear vision of the world and the knowledge of why you are as you are and why others act how they act.
There is no wisdom in the way bankers and politicians and army generals act.
They think they’re doing things for the best for them. Maybe even their country. But as explained there is no value to human life at all here. Nature would rather see you be eaten alive like the lobster, just as long as you successfully mated beforehand. There have been wars before there will be wars after. There have been rich men and kings before, they are all dead now. No big deal.
The only thing I can see worth fighting for in this existence, is for the idea of Wisdom.
I would go to war to fight for the right idea.
I would go kill a billion people, if that meant the idea of the ‘Humane’, the reality of life that always has existed and always will despite what we think in our deluded minds… I would kill them if I knew that idea was going to live and thrive.
Just like all the allied soldiers in WWII did.
Because we nearly lost that idea then.
It was nearly forgotten, and the writings of it burned in big piles.
And we did nearly lose that war by the way. We nearly lost everything of value.

Being humane, being more than the sum of our parts. Is only possible when we breed ideas of Truth. Our lives are worth nothing and will be gone one day.
What we built, and the ideas we built, and the children that live in them, are the only difference as to whether we were here or not.
It’s very important that we sane up a bit. Because we’re fucked as it is.

Nick.Eliot 01/08/2014


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