Finding what is Lost

I can’t sleep at night.
I have realized that most of the world is in a delusion. From the top of society, manipulating the rest of society. From the long dead history manipulating the modern society still.
I’ve studied people quite a lot. And I’ve studied insanity in depth. I’ve seen the footage of our world wars and I know well of the darkness in people. And how they go astray from a healthy life they should be living.
And I know a lot about what is not real.
Unfortunately it is quite damaging to see Truth in the modern day and back in history respectively. There is only one Truth, and it is not about opinions. There has only been 1 history so there can only be 1 Truth.

It’s just so damaging to see things so clearly. And to know that most everyone on the planet is quite lost in their heads. I neglect myself wracking my brain trying to figure out just what to do about it.
The way I see it though, the situation with that is that people don’t want to know.
People don’t like to admit they are wrong or mentally ill in some way. The more real you get the more they retract because they have to protect what they hold precious. Even Athiests who you would think were quite open minded people are unable to think in constructive ways about reality.
And unfortunately thinking your own way personally out of the information mess of lies and bullshit that children are fed until they are adults, well, you have to be lucky, and you have to be some sort of uber genius.
The Truth is out there sure, it’s just very hard to find amongst the mess.
And it isn’t very nice to know that there is so much pain and torture still occuring across the planet, right now.
Sure there’s a lot of great things happening too, but obviously until poeple wisen up the bad things will never stop happening.  ‘That is Life’, as they say. You cant defeat an enemy to your species such as our pain-sharing endless suffering because we are from nature, and nature doesn’t care about suffering. It’s about survival, not reason.  We have the opportunity to see the mistakes we are going to make before we make them and prevent them, but we don’t.  Our enemy is our natural born ignorance. Though don’t forget also it is our greatest form of flexibility to adapt, and the children and what we feed them is our only hope, as many of us don’t want to change at all and keep our heads in the sand. Life can be very traumatic after all. We’re all trying to just get through it ok.

They say you can’t learn well in this life if you never have any pain, if we eliminated pain from the planet we would become a weak species. Because we are our own predators.  We are a sophisticated product of nature. Our minds are wild with lies and bullshit simply because we not had the tools to figure out where we were before.  It took great effort by many brilliant people to get those tools. Not forgetting the people who kept those brilliant people alive with bedpans and food. We are a team.  And we are all a part of this existence and this life on Earth and we are becoming so powerful we can do whatever we want with it.
We nearly have the freedom to choose our individual destinies.
For the species to stay strong in such a future it is time for people to stop being ridiculous and to stop leading each other astray with ridiculous lies such as organized religion.  And for people to grow up enough in themselves to see that it isn’t all about them in a team. We all survive here on Earth. All of us, the animals, insects, plants.  Just because you’re an individual will never in any stretch of reality cut you off from the rest of life. You wouldn’t learn to read or barely feed yourself if you were left alone. And influencing other people with colored bits of paper that were printed out by a computer from the digits on its files. Well obviously that’s not a healthy thing for a person to do.  And shows great lack of connection to enlightenment or any kind of wisdom or reality.

Because at the end of the day we are all going to die. And if there is any life after death, albeit in a quantum computer somewhere. How are you going to live with yourself?  Say to yourself, ‘Oh I spent my life worshipping or destroying others and keeping them under my rule because I didn’t understand and I didn’t even want to try’?  Well that’s fair enough really. It’s plain to see that most people will never have a chance to see the light of common sense.
I would like to say they are better off, and that ignorance is bliss because at least then I know there are many who will sleep comfortably tonight as we ride around the Sun on “Spaceship Earth”.  But it bugs me so much the people making stupid decisions all over the planet and causing harm and loss because we have no standard as to what is reality. You’re given several different rediculous ideas and are left to figure it out yourself.  And you just pick the easiest one for you.

If we had an accurate vision of reality, if people could just settle down and figure out the mistakes they are making and why, if we could figure out things such as why we have enemies or why I would make someone my enemy in a team then it would be productive. It’s nonsense, you’re making enemies of people because either they or you are lacking in the common bond every team shares and life naturally would lead you both to clash because one or both of you is lost and crazy in your minds, there’s no need for any of it.

Though getting a communally agreed vision of reality which actually stands up to arguments because it is common sense is hard to do. What we have to work with at the moment is rich deluded maniacs who at the top of society don’t care about you because they have not been given a healthy mental upbringing. They don’t care about you so much that they would sit there with the keys to your happiness in their bank accounts and watch you starve and die on the streets in front of them as they pass by in their fancy car.
That is who is telling you what reality is. They obviously don’t know, nobody in their right mind would act like that. They’re nuts. And they own the tv and the schools and they make sure they raise you mentally with a different kind of nuts. The one that says their way is the only way.

I’m talking to you from person to person. I have no hidden agenda, I just want to sleep at night knowing everyone on our planet is doing ok!  If we were a species dedicated to True education and evolution of thought and our consciousnesses. Then it would be easy for everyone to be ok. Because wisdom brings humanity. And if we all knew what was going on around us better then we would know we are a team and we could look after each other properly instead of pretending we are all rivals with one another.
I don’t see why we need to be rivals. There’s plenty of food for everyone, energy and water rains down from the skies. Quit your bullshit.  We don’t need to struggle to survive that’s a lie. There are plenty of resources, and there always will be if we’re smart enough.
But that takes EDUCATION people!
You can’t say to a couple they shouldn’t really have 5 kids on a popular planet because they need to choose for themselves. They need to understand why. Because we do not live in a renewable fuels society, this nonsense wont last forever and those insane people in control of it all will send your progeny into debt and labor that they don’t need to do.
It’s good to be useful in this society doing a job of some kind. Yet to be honest there really isn’t such a burning need for every single person to slave their guts out most of their lives. That’s what machinery is for.  Let’s share how to make machinery with the rest of the world.
The competition of a free market economy is a great thing for growth. Look how far we have come so soon competing with each other for profit! We have made it from the stone age to the information age in record time.
Though now we’re here we are noticing how so much can be done automatically, and how so much can be shared for so little a cost.

We need to change from a society that competes to one that can survive without insanity in a truly modern era.  Or else it will just go on like this forever with our stupid pyramid command structure with someone at the top who has no idea what it’s like to have a clear sane mind. Because that much power corrupts everybody. We’re just people after all.
I’m not sure anybody I’ve ever met has been properly sane and with sound enlightenment and common sense.  It’s just too difficult to work your way out of the mind-games you were fed since childhood and which are all around you still. I’ve been working hard on it since I was 13 years old and I’m 32 now and have had all sorts of ideas about what the world was. Until I found I was chasing my own tail and working on the half-truths of modern society.

It’s not that complicated, sanity is just common sense, though you have to understand who you are before you can say such things. And who you are does change in the process of the observation.  And it is easier to say what is not true. Philosophy gets a lot of bad press because the last big philosopher was Nietzsche and he was years ago, before the information superhighway. All the old philosophers were SOME TIME AGO.  It is seriously not that hard to discuss new ideas and to think philosophically and have a healthy level of doubt about your findings until you can prove them.  The most shocking thing you will learn when you sane up is that nobody knows the Meaning of Life.  The people in control of the masses have about as much idea as the masses do as to why they are here. The evidence is EVERYWHERE.
Evidence such as this society!  And almost everything they choose to do with it.

I’m scared to live on this Earth with the rest of the people. Bishes be crazy!  Just because they don’t know they’re crazy because they don’t act out in crazy ways (as a delusional schizophrenic would) it makes it all the more freakish!  Paradise on Earth is not here to be found. Which is why we take drugs or fuel our lives with colored paper.  And it’s never going to be here as long as humanity remains in a state of ignorance. And the team could be lost to fight each other forever and ever amen.

Nick.Eliot 02/07/14


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