Psychiatry for the Human Species

     It is my intent in this work to present to you pure common-sense. As much common-sense as I can manage.  The reason for that is, if you can see the light of Truth (and by Truth I mean common-sense). Then you will end up a saner, stronger person who at least knows what is going on.  Read at your own risk or look away and why not look away from yourself too, because you’re just getting in the way of the progress of the species.  There are people out there who don’t want to be insane and your blind insanity is preventing them from growing the boundaries of what we can do as a species and your blind insanity is also going to destroy the lives of many children and their children.  Such is the “human condition”.  We are doomed to repeat our mistakes forever and ever.  Because all the insane people are too weak to read a few thoughts and have an honest session of thought to themselves.

     I have a lot to say, there is a lot I have figured out. And for your information it was a grueling experience figuring it all out. And it has left me in a state of clarity which I don’t appreciate. This work hopefully will be like cleaning your glasses up to a fine shine, and then you will vomit because you can see all the mistakes all over the world.  To see the human condition clearly is a pain in the ass. The alternative of not trying to see where you are and what you are doing wrong. Well, that one is on you, it’s not my fault if you want your view of the world to be a lie and pointless.

     The first thing you need to know is that the species is insane.  It is not just you it’s everybody.  And there are many levels of insanity.  You can get neuroses like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , which is where you over think your way into a strangled mess in your mind. You can get medical issues like Schizophrenia, which will make you crazy even if you’re not even trying to be.  However the first and greatest insanity on Earth is thinking you are sane.
     At least poeple in mental hospitals are doing it honestly. However all their nurses and doctors are forcing their patients into what they think is real when they don’t really know themselves.  I’m not saying modern psychiatry is pointless because of that.  No, modern psychiatry helps a lot of people cope in a world that is packed full of insane humans.  The mentally ill of us, the ones that act out are just people who struggle to swim in bullshit and live happy lives in bullshit. Mainly because they don’t like the smell.

     You may think and feel that you really have your ‘head in the game’ and you know what is going on.  That is your first mistake.  The ability to think clearly is not something you get at birth.  Proper thought is very complicated.  You have to be humble if you’re ever going to be any good at it. And if you think you know what is going on and you are not humble.  Then you will get as far as jumping over the first hurdle. Then you will spend the rest of your natural life mentally masturbating yourself and congratulating yourself about stepping over this hurdle. You may even shout about this hurdle to the world.  Yet what if you were completely wrong about that hurdle?
     Certainty is our greatest failure in thought.  Every word I write carries the disclaimer that: I may be wrong about everything.  Why though? Well I will explain. A basic noobie thought process would be to think about an issue and then choose the solution that most matches what you think and feel.  That is where you are going wrong. Because you are not looking at the issue from all angles.  So you only see one side of it.  You do that because you are not humble enough to properly think.  Your ego interfears with your decision making abilities.  Ego’s are a neuroses (mentall illness) in themselves if you ask me. They’re just a trick you play on yourself to feel good enough about yourself to live your daily life.  Which is why if you want to be a good thinker and to see things clearly you must be humble. Those who make the big important decisions that effect us all in this world are mostly ego-maniacs and insane. They are like that because life told them to be this way.

     When I say life told them to be this way, I mean that they cannot think outside of the box. Which is the same thing as not being able to think at all.  Because if you only react to all the experiences you have had in your lifetime, which is the obvious thing to do if you’re a creature on Earth.  Then you only end up thinking the thoughts the experiences told you to think, and the thoughts you have are just what you brain would naturally do after being presented with those experiences. You are just like a pinball bouncing around from one thing to the next.  If you cannot think outside of the box there is little difference in your thought processes to the thought processes of a computer program.  You are on autopilot.
     To think outside of the box, first you need to find a way of not being on autopilot.  To do that you need to think in ways that are not natural to you.  Such as being humble for example.  If you’re never humble and spend your days working on your ego neuroses and calling the rest of your teammates ‘sheep’ as if you were some sort of wolf character, well basically all you will ever amount to is becoming an insane wolf like computer program that will run its course and then die. That is a very normal thing to do.

     What is normal? Well, normal is being able to feel healthy in a completely unhealthy place full of lies and ignorance.  To adapt to it perfectly is to be what people call “normal”.  And it’s the furthest thing from the meaning of the world possible.  That is a fine example of how insane people are.  The lives they think they lead are the opposites to the actual reality of their lives.  And that is one of the reasons why we have pain and suffering all over.

     People struggle in life so hard, poeple struggle to get by well and live their lives well because Earth these days is a dangerous and crazy place. However I have noticed that all the pain and suffering excluding natural disasters, is preventable. We don’t need to do any of it, or endure any of it. There’s no value in continuing what I call pain-sharing.  Just about all of our problems can be solved by us if enough of us start to talk sense, common-sense.

     Though you don’t really stand a chance of ever being able to do that.  The biggest problem you have is society will keep you busy working and not give you any time to think.  The other great problem is society is designed to feed you things that are lies from when you are very little, all the way until you are adult and then it will “educate” you with even more lies all the way into your grave.
     I am not lying, the evidence is clear to anyone with even a shred of common sense.  This vast diverse mix of cultures on Earth all share the common bond that they are crazy and ignorant.  You will find things that are abborant to common sense all over the world and in most every human being, it is hard not to let it get into your head and make your decisions for you.  Your only chance to make up your own mind is to have doubt and common-sense.   At the end of the day we are all free in our own minds. We all have a chance to decide for ourselves.  However your chances are made lower because there are people who profit and feel like happy wolf computer programs, and these people decide how you should think and live your lives for you.  They actively work to keep people stupid and lost because that makes them wealthy and in control.

     Now these people I feel very sorry for. They are completely incapable of common sense. They are the maddest amongst us. And that is quite something to be that crazy.  They live their lives feeling in control and in comfort.  The rest of the species worships them for their money. However money is not real, it is something we are taught to give value to by these people who have lots of it. Yet these poeple are so mentally ill and lost on their money making mission in life, their pursuit of power basically, because they know full well money isn’t real. These people are so lost and do so much damage to our progress as a species, that the effect is they are causing intellectual genocide all the time. At least poor people who fuck each other over are doing it because they were taught by their experiences in life to do such mean things.  But for the “powerful” who control policy, it is worse and so pathetic. Imagine being a creature born to this universe and causing so much damage to all the life around you in a state of complete insanity with no reason whatsoever to get sane at all. The rich and powerful are the most lost amongst us.
     For example, is it common sense for you to watch your best friend starve and die in front of you when you could have prevented it. Imagine there is a rich man driving past some homeless people who are starving to death. Now imagine if that rich man didn’t have his money and one of the homeless people outside of his car is someone who would make a perfect best friend for him.  The rich man cannot bear to give up his imaginary money. So any freindship they could possibly make would be sadly and badly warped by the differences in wealth him and his would-be best friend have between them.  But it’s worse than that. The rich man will never get out of his car, he will drive by, and his homeless best friend who in other circumstances would have laid down his life to protect his friend will die in the gutter never having known his friend.
     The rich people of Earth are just the same as you and me. There’s no need to hate on them. Only pity them.  Material comforts are not the be all and end all of this world.  The main reason for that is we are genetically designed not to appreciate them. 1000 years ago everyone had to work harder just to exist. Even the rich kings had to go fight wars and die of diseases.  The immense pleasure a king from 1000 years ago would feel from living in a regular modern house from this age would be amazing to them. Televisions for example are amazing. The tv shows on them are amazing also. Macdonald’s to a 1000 year old king would blow his mind.  As would a power shower and a spice rack (spices were rarer then because the didn’t grow everywhere and everyone had to carry them by wind powered ship).  Yet do those of you living in a regular modern house consider yourselves royalty?   Not many do even though they live in the lap of luxury. Imagine if it was a poor person from 1000 years ago even!
     So there you have the problem that we are genetically designed not to appreciate life. Maybe the reason is we cannot get satisfaction from all our amazing inventions.  Because we are insane. It is hard to value anything when you’re a human being, but at least you can know you should be valuing it but you cant.  That is better than ignoring your luxurious lifestyle completely.  however even if you did appreciate things a tiny bit you would still end up having problems in this modern society because everything we seem to know and be sure about is based on bullshit.  And that causes problems. It would on any planet.  And the very sad thing is the way we are heading we will be able to colonize other worlds one day. All this technology is great and all but it’s no easy cure for not being sane and you will likely run into grief because of that.
     People always say how wise the Native Americans were because they lived with the land and not against it. The reason is the Clovis, the first tribe of Native Americans who were just like us and made many species extinct because they were so good at killing them and eating them.  They learned in the end I assume that greed doesn’t sustain life.  In fact it just drains resources until your tribe is in a major crisis.  If we go into space and ‘let these bankers off the planet’ then their lack of common-sense will just end up making life shit for everyone else.  And the sum of all their accomplishments in life will be that they were born, they were insane, they died. Although I could be wrong.  Maybe even a rich man with the future technology to live forever and heal their bodies of all illnesses and aging.  Maybe that rich man would have enough time to figure some Truth out.  By that time they would likely be very very old because when you’re rich there is absolutely no reason to think sensibly.  And one of the worst things in existence I think would be to regret your entire life and to have done so much damage when you were lost that you cannot fix it or make amends.  And then to live forever regretting that.

     One of the great benefits of having common-sense in your thought processes is that you do not regret things.  Because you know you gave it your all and you gave everything in life an honest try.  You cannot regret things you did when you were trying your best to get it right.  Failing in life like the rich often do is different.  When they fail they had all the opportunities you could need and they just ended up damaging the world for no reason.
     And now comes the unpleasant task of explaining how “evil” does not exist.  It would be nice if the universe had things such as good and evil in it.  It would be nice and simple and you could just take that first idea that feels right as explained before, and explain all the shit things happening to you as “evil”.  However the saddest thing I ever learned was that it wasn’t any great evil power causing all the pain.  No, it is just a natural consequence of our species being born from nature.  Nature isn’t about the whys and meaning of things.  Nature is only about survival of the fittest and raising the complexity of life of Earth that way.
     What we see and call an “evil” man or woman, well those mean people are just a product of their environment.  That environment being one of insanity and without common-sense.  For those people to genuinely be what we think of as “evil”, well first that mean person would have to understand life properly and understand themselves properly, and then turn around and say I am going to do this nasty act and I am going to cause pain.  Yet what is actually occurring in a common-sense and more accurate description is there is someone acting on an impulse to do mean things.  And then they do the mean things.  They cause harm and loss.
     Would you call an unrepentant serial pedophile “evil”?  You probably would if you met them because that would be the first thought in your head and without any healthy level of doubt.  Yet to me that is just a very unhealthy person who may be totally beyond saving.  The reason they rape the children is because nature gave them a sex drive. Most men need to orgasm regularly.  To not do so builds a high level of rampant lust inside them.  However in their sexual fantasies if they have low self esteem they cannot picture a grown woman being their sex toy because they feel (and maybe correctly) that a grown woman would not do such things with them and then they cannot orgasm.  So their mind turns to a child who cannot resist.
     And then the fantasies lead to the horrific reality of them actually raping a child. Something to a child that is worse than genocide. And it happens all over the world because of this.  It’s happening right now to many innocent children and it is driving me up the wall in frustration/anger/misery and it stops me being able to be happy with my life on Earth.  And it will until the end of my days here. It’s just a natural consequence of humans being born of nature with a high sex drive to continue the speices properly.  Yet nature is not capable of giving every person or any person high sexual self esteem.  
      The Rape.  All the rapes in history of which were trillions.  All those rapes and all that heartfelt torture was inevitable.  It was always going to happen with our genepool.  And is the real price of Humanity and the real cost of having a universe where intelligent life could form.  And we are still paying that price because we wish with our defensive egos to remain ignorant and insane and lost.  And it get’s even worse when you look at it closer.  For the rapist and their chance of being sane and happy and fully content with themselves is destroyed when they commit the rape.  They are causing themselves as much psychological damage by doing it as the child suffers by enduring it. Yet they do not understand that.  Why would they when they are raised in a society with little to no common-sense?
      For “evil” to genuinely exist. The rapist would have to understand life and not just be acting on an impulse to cause harm.  They would have to understand the consequences of their actions, including their future life without proper self-esteem.  And they would have to understand life enough to understand the suffering they are causing to an innocent child. And they would have to understand what it is like to be an innocent child.  People only commit “evil” acts because they don’t understand what they are doing. Not to mention that anybody who understands common-sense would know that the act in itself is more damaging for everyone than it is productive and therefore be a stupid and unwise act.  It would take a very wise person to genuinely do EVIL and not just be some stupid fool who has a drive in them to commit harm or loss.

     However a wise person is incapable of committing “evil” because they are wise. They are not stupid. For a wise person to commit mean acts means they were not wise in the first place. There’s really no reason to do such things. The universe isn’t all that awful when you understand it.  It is certainly not “evil” as it is impossible to be evil, only ignorant and lost and unwise. What we have instead is pain-sharing, which will go on for as long as we raise our children to be insane and live in a world made of bullshit.  I call it pain-sharing because we are not actually competing against each other. There is no Survival of the Fittest for Humanity now we have dominated the animal kingdom.  We are and always will be just a team.  A team that hates each other enough to lose every single game.  Because again, we don’t understand this, we are lost and divided and feel isolated from our teammates and that naturally results in us not having a nice time in our lifetimes.  Nature I am assuming and may be wrong, is at the peak of its evolutionary abilities and with all this super high technology of the human body and brain it wants to create something that is not Survival of the Fittest, but something better. To make something that is more than the sum of nature’s parts. To actually have a part of itself that can see the world and understand it.
     I witness a lot of fuzzy thinking in this day and age as to what reality is. People are so divided in our team that many of us are not quite sure that other people are real.  And they think that their imaginations have a real effect on life on Earth and can change it.  Which is just another side of crazy in this world full of insane people.  The reason they feel that way about reality is because each Human Being on Earth is not born with omnipotent senses.  We only see so much and hear so much and smell so much and think so much.  We are all limited.  It takes trust in other Human Beings in the team to share common experiences and from them determine that they are merely observing the same things just in different ways.  Just because there are several opinions of what a tree is, for example. It doesn’t mean the tree is not there.  In fact all their differing opinions as to what the tree is are just opinions and here’s the real thing they are missing in their egotistical insane thought processes: if everyone sees a tree, even a computer sensor and the dog peeing against it. Maybe all of that positive data from all those different sensors means that there might be a tree there!  In fact it is Very likely there is one.
     Quantum physics aside, the end result is a tree.  It is what we have to work with and is the reality we have.  It would be very nice to be a noobie thinker and come to self-serving conclusions such as there are many parallel universes where they live all sorts of different lives.  However that’s obviously someone drawing conclusions who deeply regrets the way they spent their lifetime.  And no matter how many maths you do what we seem to have here by data from trillions of sensors is that we have a stable reality here that has been stable for some time.
     There is a theory called the Weak Anthropic Principle which basically says that if there is a a part of all of everything that ever could possibly exist where there was a place where an intelligent species could form.  Then we should not be surprised to be an intelligent being in existence.  That is why you are here.  By saying this reality is stable and practical and that magic and miracles are completely impossible without faking them with technology, I am not saying there is nothing else to existence.  ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’ A quote from the play Hamlet by Shakespeare.  Something that is True for everyone and likely will always be True.
      There are True things here.  There are things we can put our hands on and put into use because they are True and real. Such as mathematics.  Just because we don’t know what God is or IF God is, doesn’t mean there aren’t many many things that we know of as True and real.  We just don’t know all of it yet.  How would we?  We’re still raping our children for goodness sakes!  We’re ignorant.  Yet we can find things that are real and use them to find more things that are real. Before the Information Age of Mankind we were basically running on trial and error.  With a LOT of error.  Now we know better what we have to work with and we have the opportunity to not be all error all of the time.  There may be other universes, there may be life after death, yet the one resounding thing I’m noticing is that they would all have to make sense in order to exist.  Your imagination is yours are you are free in your mind, yet when you feed it to other people you are likely going to cause harm and loss.  Because you are giving people tools for life created from bullshit.


Nick Eliot  02/11/2014


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