No Fate but What We Make For Ourselves

     So I’m there and I’m feeling ill and thinking that we should destroy the universe to end the strain it puts on us. And then I thought: That cant be all there is.
     Life here is all about survival. Survival of your body system against everything and anything that wishes to harm it.  But most of all survival of your species because we are designed to die.  And the deaths stop stagnation of ideas just enough for us to poke our heads out of ignorance.  And argue the awe that it is to exist in this universe.

     And we could blow it all up, if we wanted to. And force our immortal souls onto a different planet if they are real and we reincarnate. It must suck to be reincarnated, a large majority of souls would live short lives and spend their time getting killed.
    I would love to have a soul. To be sure of it would give me purpose, would give everyone purpose. However all scientific endevour to find out why we are here has just lead to a theory of a weird freak of occurrences out of which is born our consciousness. And we spend our time in our possibly soulless lives trying to survive a bit better than everyone else. Well most people do. The outcome of which is life is made hard to those with different ideas of what to do here.  If you’re not all about the money you lose out. We exchanged the battle of nature to the battle of finances between ourselves.
     And the financial battle put the accelerator on both our suffering here and our technological development.  And out of the gore and mess we came to learn medicine, we came to learn a lot of things. We came to learn how to program computers; one day, says my friend if we create an Operating System that can reprogram itself properly then we shall create a being greater than us. Or rather they will create themselves but we start it.  We might even bond with it, and plug it into our brains.
     What I’m saying here, is that the sky is the limit for the human species. Nature isn’t our fault. All it is about is existing and surviving.  What I’m saying is we have been given a real opportunity here. We don’t have any rivals apart from each other.  The universe, is MASSIVE. There’s plenty of room for expansion.  With science we can make ourselves live forever. With nanotechnology we will be able create whatever we need and rebirth ourselves without the need for death.  And power it all on the sun as just about all life is powered here.  And always was.
    We did not choose to exist here, yet we are here, and we have a full deck of cards with which to play our struggle for survival.  A full deck as a species I mean. Each of us on our own are just mostly lonely. In fact the deck is getting bigger as the population increases.
    If we exist here because of some freak accident or divine fate we still have the same deck of cards.  We’re still given the opportunity to play them however we want.  We can make this space and the reality of this part of the universe really nice and really positive.
     Why would we need to? Because ignorance leads us to darkness. Ignorance of who you are as an entity, ignorance of who everyone is and where you are and what your decisions will lead to. We need to know MORE!
     Due to certain scientific textbooks I’m supposed to think my table lamp doesn’t exist when I look away from it. Due to certain religious textbooks I’m supposed to be thankful for having to fucking live here in this world where adults rape children and beg for a better life from an unproven shared delusion.
     However no matter what they say, a solid reality exists anyway. It’s as solid as can be from our perspectives.  Our imaginations cant dent it. It exists anyway. We are a part of it, and we live in it also, which is strange.

     We can learn what it is with our shared research and experiences.  As a team we can figure out what we’ve got involved in.  And with our whole deck of cards we can play them intelligently with our thinking brains. As far as we know we didn’t ask to get involved with this universe but if something was going to exist with concious beings in it, someone has to be the conscious being right?
     From the way I see it. With reality and finding the truths of it. If we could all drop our delusionary states for just 1 year.  Start to admit that evil doesn’t exist, it’s really just our ignorance doing it and that there is no good reason why everyone shouldn’t be fed and housed and educated and free.  There’s no reason we can’t make an Eden type place out of this world.  We could match any heaven we desired with the technology that will come.  It will bring us great pleasure. A fantasy world made real. One where we can compete virtually and not with our entire lives.
     Yet who says that is what we really want?  Our natural born will to follow leaders and to not lead ourselves means that the way our cards are played is often up to somebody else.  What if such leaders don’t really care about you much?  Then they play humanity’s deck of cards for us and to aid only themselves.  Making a world where some have a lot and some have a little.  Which drives up the birth rate as everyone struggles to get more out of life, up to the point our leaders will want to kill half of us off. It drives up pollution and it drives up suffering in the species compared to happiness. It drives up the deaths of other creatures, it drives up many bad things and only a few good things.  Not good and evil,  but things which work for us (good) and things which work against us (bad).

It’s not a hard choice to me, we can make Heaven here, or we can make Hell. For real.  We have the power!
The only Good and Evil here is Truth vs False.  Yet the psychology of modern man, all of modern man is to never question their reality. People are just the same way as a delusional schizophrenic is. Nobody likes to question their reality or have their reality questioned.  And that inability to think realistically above what you assume is a bad card in our deck that gets played all to often and is driving us to Hell when we could have Heaven instead, easy peasy: ).

Nick.Eliot 03/17/2014


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