So I haven’t updated in ages because I set myself the challenge of being able to prove we had a soul via logical reasoning. And I cannot figure it out. What I did notice is that it doesn’t matter what you believe you can still survive here, because humanity is and always will be a team. Though that also raises the problem that there doesn’t need to be any philosophy. We will still survive. It’s probably why there isn’t much.

However I run on the principle that if we had something solid to believe in then we would know what to do, and young people wouldn’t give up so much and kill themselves if they knew what was on the other side and why they were here. People need to worship, I understand that. They need to know there is more to all this than being some accidental scientific robot, cos you may as well just go destroy stuff if that’s all you are and you’re in a bad mood.

This lack of knowing has lead us to all sorts of guesses and conmen which drags down life on Earth into a pit of ignorance and a global state of delusion amongst nearly all of humanity. But does it matter? If there is nothing more to this universe than ‘placing yourself where you want in the sea of beings struggling to survive’ then it really doesn’t matter, nothing would matter. Though the whole team would do better if we were united.
However if we do not have a soul then all we are is our DNA. We have full instructions how to make each of our minds in our DNA. If we reverse engineered all of our DNA then we could create a super human robot, with biological chemistry; a sort of super clone. The only difference between that and us would be that it wasn’t connected to the same source of life as everything else. For in all history we are all connected through mating of live parents producing an alive offspring. We all share that same spark of life that can be traced back many millions of years to the first cell that wanted to live. Whatever that was. Whatever it was it really wanted to live, I can tell that in the way my body burns to eat and drink and survive. And in the same way all things here seem to do. It’s all about life and living and spreading it out as much as possible and as thickly as possible until double cell and multi cell organisms like humans need to have their cells of life come together and have a guiding brain to make them survive better.

And if we have a soul, everything has a soul. If we took a simple animal with instinct and read its DNA then we should be able to read the computer code and create the computer brain and also in the code will be the program to do each specific instinctual behavior. However humans only have mild instincts and very complex brains. That must mean the greater part of who we are is created by living on Earth, being taught and adapting to the situation.
The only thing we really know about souls, if there really are any, is that they leave a body when it cannot sustain them any more. Strangle someone to death and the life force that had been passed down for many millions of years through mating, strangle them and it can’t maintain itself any more and it leaves.
And we know that you can’t really get it back that easy. The strangled person’s body lies there perfectly able to function scientifically. Yet it doesn’t because you cut the life off and the life left and wont come back. Which must mean if we have souls then they are the same thing as our life-force.  And they need a constant running system to maintain that connection.

However if we are mostly created by our experiences and the way we think about our experiences. If all our knowledge is contained in our memory circuits in our brains then wherever we go when we die we must currently forget who we were. Unless we take control and design our own after-life where that doesn’t happen. One day we will be that powerful. We are on the dawn of a new heaven anyway with our technological growth.

The only question is, where does the life-force/soul actually go to when it dies? Apparently energy cannot be destroyed here, only change forms. And there is energy definitely there.
The real question is, where did it come from in the first place?

I don’t see how 2 single cell organisms could have had such a burning desire to survive that it spread thickly all across the planet in all shapes and sizes for many millions of years and is present in all of us today. Perhaps the will to live is an infinite source. Life-force/soul could be an infinite power and who knows just how that could be interlinked. Some say we we just come to Earth on like a soul holiday. And when we die we just wake up at home. Maybe we are all connected to another dimension all the time (as my friend wondered to me). What if life on Earth was where we created a person, an individual soul out of an infinite resource. It could be where we become individuals so when we die we don’t just get reabsorbed into an infinite oneness. That’s all guesswork though.

What it is and where it comes from and where and if it goes back to on death are questions for another day. Because I do not know -_-.
Nick.Eliot 05/06/14



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