Karma Police

     What is Good and Evil? What are angels and demons?  Demons are easier to think about because they draw the focus. What is the dark side of existence?  And if there is such a thing as Karma, does it really matter because it will all be put right in the end? If you’re talking classic demons youre talking about possession by evil spirits and evil spirits in general.  Now why would they exist? And if you’re talking atheist you’re talking ignorant acts by people that life has just made that way and the great pain that brings to you to see what a shocker of a species you are a part of.

     Most people I present with questions like this say ‘all of them are true for that person’ which is completely ridiculous and a very shortsighted way of stopping yourself from thinking any further and developing any further. Those concepts of evil may exist in their imaginations, however they did not notice there were rules to the universe and they are not omnipotent Gods who can use imagination to make things real. It just doesn’t work that way, it’s against the rules of this universe.  Sure, you can think of a concept and create it through bending elements to your Will such as making an invention like a clock.  But the clock must be figured out rationally and with the correct elements in the correct order in the right places and shapes. At the end of the day, that’s what it takes, there are rules and limits. Someone had to figure out time, someone had to figure out numbers, cogs, mining. That clock is a team effort.
     It reminds me of computer programming, where you have to bend electricity to your will, by guiding it through on and off gates until it expresses your willpower.  In the virtual we can create whatever our imaginations want and communicate as an avatar that represents whatever you wish. However there are rules and limits.  Someone has to work to make those 0 and 1 those open and closed gates be in the right order for what you want. Someone has to program your virtual stuff by hand.  Computers assist in this because of a great team effort to create all the different things we need to code.  So really everything you see on a computer screen; a massive army made each bit.

     The fact we are working as a united team even though we think we hate each other is beside the point however, what I am trying to get at is there are rules here.  However amazing life may seem it is practical, it runs on hard work and is a miracle but not a miracle in that someone just imagined it. No, it was built.  With a great deal of hard work.

     And why did we do it?

     Why did the first cells on Earth try harder?  Why does our DNA want to keep going and living and surviving and have each cell hard at work to move elements together to create each one of us, even though we are designed to die?  Why was there so much suffering in all of history ever?
     For the same reason a Lioness has to kill with their bare claws and consume, it’s the only practical way forward through time.  There are rules here, and one of them is you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. You can’t have development without suffering and work.  Why?  Because someone has to die and somehow the elements must be in place for a different future, for change. And finally there can be humans born to Earth and finally the humans can get to work and make this here, modern day.  A breeding ground for enlightenment of our understanding of what and who we are and of where we are.  A team that have enough intellect and muscle and everything we need to start the next section of work.

     So where does the evil come in to it?  Why do all of us carry our personal demons?  Why is it so hard?

     Well there are 3 reasons it is so hard, 1 we’re constantly coming up with ground breaking ideas that require effort; and 2, it’s not really that hard, it’s all in our imaginations that it is. And 3, the problem that the Lioness may toy with its prey for fun before killing it, the same thing that happens in humans as our Evil.  Malicious intent, mistakes are very likely in an ignorant society, but malicious intent is malicious.
     They say that everyone has a dark side. Children are malicious as they are born as blank slates and need to test something to know if it is wrong or right. And then somehow, maturity kicks in and behavior which you once agreed to becomes a stupid thing you did as a child.  The building of your consciousness will be done by outside influences mostly. Until you decide to change the beat and think for yourself and against the crap they fed to you and I am even feeding you.
     All I want to do is explain that however much realm of possibility having computer gates of 0 and 1 and having elements all around gives us. I want to explain that there is a voice worth listening to, and it is logic/common sense.  And you need to know that it is a new thing of our era to be able to get so much common-sense.  The information age is the culmination of a great deal of work and it is not even the end of that work.

     For all I know we’re here to make computers smarter than us and that love us.  Or for all I know we help the universe become wise and be able to understand itself.  For all I know we could give up all the hard work today and just chill because there’s no point in developing any further.  For all I know we will become extinct tomorrow.  But what I can tell from all stimuli my limited senses can find is that we are going to make the future whether we like it or not. And like thinking in a dream it’s hard to change the flow of our trip (our life), as there are rules and a whole team here who also don’t know what they’re really doing here.  When they get malicious they get really malicious and they regret it but by then they have made the psychotic break into buying into what other people’s imaginations have fed them, they may never return from such a craziness as the damage they do to themselves when they are badly malicious.  The break from sense.
     Why would committing malicious harmful acts be damaging? Because it’s not common-sense and it is very hard to have common-sense in your mind and be able to understand your position in the universe when you don’t want to feel what you have done and would seek any self affirming explanation of why it was ok apart from any common-sense truth.  Don’t commit acts against your sanity, sanity is possible.  Sanity is knowing the meaning of life and understanding it. And nobody knows that yet, but information from all sources seems to point towards the fact that there is a Truth to this universe, there are rules and limits and they are True.  And to be a creature living here you are a part of a development into something better. And if you really want better you have to do your part and become one of the first few who are saner than before.  It is not sanity or sense to be creatures with great destructive power and insane and running from the truth when the truth of the meaning of life and our particular lives is all we need.  And what I am saying is that all I know of it so far says that malicious acts are pointless and misguided and merely a result of a lack of sanity and personal development.  Proving it to other people is what I am struggling with.

   Thinking about the idea of Karma with common-sense, then there would have to be some rules or what exactly is good and what exactly is bad for each person individually and then weigh those up and decide who is in the right and give them a different life because every single thing that ever happens is controlled by that power.  Too complicated to ever be possible in a place of mud and bricks and steel and sand where all anything ever does is evolve in some way.

Nick.Eliot 06/07/14


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