So your head and heart’s all in a spin because the dogma of this world is kicking you around inside. So much to worry/fear about, so little time. Your fellow humans are raping the world, you are doing it too on a lesser scale. The flesh of animals you ordered killed for you are decomposing slowly in your refrigerator and you are not quite sure why you were put here to suffer your life amongst what appear to be completely delusional idiots who lack strength in many essential parts of themselves.
Fear not, take a break. Humans aren’t going to destroy the world, we’re not that powerful or stupid. If Earth could handle a meteorite wiping out most of everything that ever there was here and still bring forth intelligent life to the table. Then it can handle a few billion morons. Worst case scenario: we all blow up or die and get remembered as the Great Ancients.
Just imagine what the creatures of the future will make of us now in 2014. We have tunes and more tunes, we have modern masterpieces of films and tv shows that show our life. We’re not the healthiest of species and we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. We’re so busy making awesome we rarely stop to look at the awesome. We also are destroying a lot of awesome, such as Orangutangs. Probably because we don’t understand awesome when we see it. We can walk past it and never even feel it. And we don’t enjoy it, unless we’re tripping on some ‘shroom.
The reason is simple, we’re never content because in contentment lies stagnation, in stagnation there is no progression, with no progression we never get anywhere. For all we know, we’re doing great. Absolutely fabulous best species ever. We are all in a way I think a manifestation of what this universe wants. And all the pain blood torment and suffering is a bi-product, inevitable and a price already paid in full. None of us owe anything after all the suffering in history. If there were Karma and there were souls then every human soul deserves some peace by now.

But there is no Karma, that would take a lot of fact checking by a giant computer that doesn’t believe people can grow ever or learn from a past mistake. It’s a stupid notion. Nope there is no Karma, obviously, and the universe could just keep hitting you again and again and again until you break. If there’s no Karma then there’s probably no universal force kicking your ass either. It might end up that it’s just You kicking your ass. And if it’s not you then it’s probably some other animal or bacteria or insect or virus trying to exploit you in some way because some defense was left down by your genepool. All that is the bi-product you get when you want to build a rational universe with intelligent beings out of a load of rocks, water and some radiation.

The very same reason we’re designed never to be satisfied is probably why we adapt so well to life as we know it. People have held on tightly to status quo situations for ages and ages. And the reason we adapt to it is because if we didn’t we would spend all day freaked out at how weird it all is. Just water alone, what we’re made out of mostly is weird stuff. A strange clear glooping liquid.
All of us humans sitting, running, lying, walking, working on this ball of lava and rock flying around the sun are so much the victims of an epic cosmic joke, so much more than we realize. The ways we behave are quite ludicrous. And despite having a good sense of humor, we don’t quite get the joke. Because it is like one of those nasty practical jokes that goes way too far and people end up having their eye poked out. And you end up with 7 billion people here all running around with brains half cocked and shooting at each other and themselves with their powerful grey matter.
So much is at war on Earth. I never see there being peace in the animal kingdom or the insect kingdom. Some harmonious relationships occur, though at the end of the day everything is out to exploit everything else, it appears to be a law of nature. And we are a part of nature, hence we exploit for personal gain and our family’s gain. If you want to talk on and on about “survival of the fittest” then you can; yet I would ask you ‘why are you surviving?’ to send your genes on into the future to gloriously “survive” in a future where everyone is out to exploit each other?
Practical! Not part of a cosmic joke at all. Basically what I have to say is that all the work we have done has given us the most delicious possibility of not being a cosmic joke, and of understanding our roots and finding a way to make it worthwhile, for all the pain that has come before. To have a fruit grow on Earth, the fruit for the first time of proper conscious, logical, rational thought, i.e. SANITY. Not all the species are capable of it, but their kids are.

Nick.Eliot 06/24/14


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