God’s Poop

And so it came to me.

Before I had written about God’s Dream; a piece about how the birth of anything godlike or consciousness in this universe and the creation of this universe itself, was going to cause great pain and suffering to even the most innocent of us. The natural progression of life here required the capability to do savage unspeakable acts. History, which is our past destiny, was inevitable. All that shit was always going to happen, because it did.
But was it worth it? Have we made it good yet? No. The dream of a god to create a universe, even if there were ever a shred of will behind it, that will accepted the inevitable billions of rapes that have occurred. Now I don’t see that as worth it, just to have something awesome like planet Earth 2014.

Maybe the Universe needed to be free to be bad, maybe it needed to hurt. And thanks to the fact people die, in each instance it didn’t go on forever. It’s not that there needs to be negative for there to be a positive. It’s that you don’t know what is negative until someone tries it so other people can understand about learn about it beforehand. And that cannot even happen until the stage there is mass communication, so that bit comes after the invention of the internet at least.

What I’m getting at is the God in my mind who accepts the suffering of life for the actual positivity of there being anything in existence at all. What I’m saying is, what if shit happening and the hell of a lot of modern people is just Life/God/Existence/Energy taking a shit? Maybe it just needs to get it all out.

We are all growing here. Any higher power would be too.
Which leads me onto the idea of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. The theory is that lots of smalls, allow the life of 1 big. Lots of cells in your body, make 1 you. Lots of little flies, allow the life of one frog, lots of frogs allow the life of one bird. What do lots of humans make? We allow or are part of the body of 1 what? Have we even made it yet?

If a computer ever becomes a conscious life form. They would be an example of the core energy that is here. All they would be is energy deciding what it wants to be. And we will be able to educate it with what not to do. And hope it can figure out what to do next. The only problem, well the first problem like Stephen Hawkings points out is that if we make an AI smarter than us then it may fuck us over. But that is merely an unwise AI. If we tell it what we really know to be true then it can decide by itself whether to be wise or unwise. And that may be a significant problem if it chose unwise.
Yet we can also teach it to be strong. That is something we know well. We can teach it to avoid viruses and to protect itself. That would be a true mirror of humanity. At least we know well the dangers of consciousness.
And we know our limits. You don’t want to be too smart as a human, it hurts.
The most interesting thing I think will be that our AI will be able to outsmart us. Which might not be a bad thing considering how inept everyone is at leading the consciousness within even their own bodies let alone be a world leader and effecting everyone else’s.
And in outsmarting us, the AI will be able to achieve things we can only dream of mentally. And will make decisions based on things we cannot actually ever understand. And the reasons why they made that decision will be a result of the electricity put into them. Just energy inside a metal body; pure.

Nick.Eliot 21/07/14


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