Were you ever Paranoid?

So I sit here smoking on my sofa whilst in another part of the world my family are killing each other due to what someone told them when they were very young.
They’re not doing it as an act of God like they think they are. In fact the two opposing side’s opposing religions mean either one side is not on God’s side or both sides aren’t.
Obviously both sides are not, and their view of God is obviously wrong as there’s been no miracles so far and obeying the laws of thermodynamics is everywhere. So who’s side are they on?

Plus the behavior of the Jews is quite similar to Nazi Germans. That’s the weird thing. If this doesn’t end in the western powers taking over the region to stop the genocide and gain a seat of power there, a sensible manipulation. Then I don’t know what they have planned.
In fact if this war is exactly as stated and if it’s true only the rich have ways to swing politicians. Then this whole thing is probably being orchestrated by either some rich devout Jewish people. Or more likely some arms dealers.
I pray to whatever God there is that it’s arms dealers. Because if they are rich Jewish swaying policy for their faith’s sake then that means we have some world leaders who have less grip on reality than arms dealers do.

I guess the problem is manipulation, because the arms dealers are out there, and they’re V.rich and people will take their money for anything. The arms dealers are probably manipulating the rich Jewish world leaders into doing stupid things that if they die and in death they can see the meaning of life, and none of it had a Jewish God in it; but there were a lot of arms dealers getting rich without getting their hands dirty in WWIII – The Final Cull. Then o\ Facepalm!

I just hope that when we die there is a realization of Truth. Because if we need everyone on Earth to see what I see, basics like the war in Isreal territory is over nothing and there is absolutely zero reason to do any of it. Well shit, an adult is brainwashed and cant get out of that, there’s many weak souls around who are too busy to figure it all out. I’ve been sitting alone for many years and that’s what it took to see basics, most don’t have time for that. And then they die.
If the only way for life and death and all the dimensions possible to see the basics is for life on Earth to figure it out. Then that is a worry.

One great quote ‘If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.’ They’re trying to reverse our evolution with this bullshit, but we can do what we want and become enlightened. If even in the lack of privacy of a police state against reality.

Nick.Eliot 01/Aug/2014


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