Leaders of the Known Multiverse

Did you ever wonder about all we have discovered so far? If you ignore all the nonsense theories such as organized religion and that nothing is real; then what is left?  We know how we became mankind, via Evolution.  Some say aliens started it off on Earth, yet we have only human technology not Alien. Also if that were true then who started the Aliens off so they could start us off?
We have no solid evidence that Aliens were ever here, just hope. Hope that all the evidence we have acquired doesn’t really point to what it points to. The likelihood that we could be and perhaps Are the the first ever or only ever intelligent life in existence ever in all of everything.

And everything we have learned and know, is all that we know, is all that anything ever knows as of around 2014 and goodness knows how many billions of years into the growth of the universe.  Perhaps that is why all life here hungers for survival so strongly. Perhaps that is why under each stone you will find life thriving and struggling to live.

What if the fate of the universe rests on our good decisions?

If we really are THE Ancients, the first great civilization in the history of planets. Then at least we have a sense of humor. At least we know how to live.  However the structure of our society is balls. It seems that there are no leaders, only rich people. And people who work for them. The idea of money has taken a tribal society and taken those tribal instincts and used them to have us all chasing our tails after the idea of money.
However that is not all that the idea of money has brought. When you look at money it’s basically a self maintaining rationing system.  A poor person (who are many) cannot have a lot of resources but they can still work for a rich person (few) and the only people overindulging on resources are the rich.

And that’s fine and that’s great and I understand your monetary system of glory, yet consider it in the light of that we are actually The Ancients, the species the universe is relying upon and throwing all its Earth resources and animals into.  What if we are the only shot this universe gets for 5 million trillion years?

I think money works pretty well, yet the way it separates man from man is disgusting. The variety of ways money can be made is a big problem. Also what it can be spent on is a big problem too.
Nobody wants to change it that much when they are doing ok, so my idea of a limit to the amount you can earn may not go through ever, man will always be separated from man by wishing to exploit the other (which is just pure nature). Also we will have wars for rich men because there’s no such thing as dirty money when you get to spend it. Soldiers will always take pay.  Yet the way to make the soldiers take the pay is to brainwash them from birth into thinking it’s worth it. And to do that you must set all of humanity against each other. The war in Isreal is probably just because some super rich man decided to live there, the rest is lies. Long told lies that many many have seen as lies and used them to manipulate others.

And we vacuum up all the planet’s resources, because they are worth money. What if we do an Easter Island and chop down all the trees so there’s nothing left to make a boat? Then we cant survive on Earth when it’s all polluted and we don’t have enough renewables left to get to another planet and use the fossil fuels on that?
What if society falls? The internet dies? Experimental EMP bomb accidentally fired when testing….DISK ERROR: INSERT SYSTEM DISK. And the life that comes after us cannot get to the moon because there’s nothing left to use?
I’m not saying using the fossil fuels was a bad idea in the first place, we have improved immeasurably and are doing a good job of advancing thought with our massive population and our striving to achieve. I’m just saying, the way we are set up, as an ignorant society, kept ignorant for pay, is not perhaps a good idea if we are really the only ones here who can understand things.

What if there is no Heaven or afterlife or God, and we’re here to create that? We’re completely nuts. You don’t have to be sane to live here, and it really doesn’t help much to be sane.  My dream is for a world focus on understanding instead of all the focus being on money.  Surely figuring it out must be something we should aim for. Surely just understanding ourselves should be of more worth than imaginary money. We revel in ignorance like pigs eating their slop, all of us do. It bothers me.
However we are designed for a narrow focus of thought. We are designed ‘not to see the woods for the trees.’  It’s amazing we think as well as we do already. Lots of us, the ones who are paying attention.
When you take your attention away from the money or your problems for 10 minutes you can see SO MUCH. There’s so much happening everywhere from our level all the way down to atomically and deeper. All over the Earth there is so much happening that nothing alive could ever accept the complete AWE of it all.

This is a survival situation here. It is for wildlife, we do it so well we forget it also applies to us 100%. And we protect now more than our DNA, we protect all of our Wisdom. Everything we know to be True.  Because for all we know the rescue party isn’t coming, no Aliens with a technology boost and proper power sources, no God with powers to mess up the Laws of Thermodynamics.  Just us, and the animals we take care of and the ones we eradicate from the planet, the insects, the bacteria and viruses.

We’re doing a good job so far, we did great considering there was little information on how to play this game. We played the game of existence and survival blindfold and we won, hi5’d the Moon and got to level 2. And this part is where each of us can understand the existence we are a part of and that we are stuck in together, this is when we should take the blindfold off.
It’s just common sense. We need scientists more than rich people. Rich people are only useful for making money, however knowledge can be shared!

Nick.Eliot 21/Aug/2014


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