Soul Energy

Earlier I theorized that there likely is a soul of some sort because when you strangle someone to death, their energy leaves their body and despite not breaking their body you cant bring the energy back.
All electricity needs a circuit to run on, it must go in a loop or it doesn’t work at all.  We, are likely the same. There probably is a ME loop deep in our brains. A loop that starts some time in a developing fetus.
Now what is this loop that is me? The I inside that is looking out at everything that is happening and using my brain to think.  The body I live in is biological technology of high intricacy. According to Buddhism the power that runs on that fetus brain loop requires a special type of life to join it, a special type of energy that is the soul.
If that is true then how is this energy created? If the Laws of Thermodynamics are in any way accurate then our particular soul energy would always have existed (though perhaps in a different form). But where did it exist? And also if that is true and Buddhism was true then there is a limited amount of life that could ever exist at one point in existence. I don’t see how you couldn’t fill a million worlds with insects and plants and have them all live ok.  You could also wipe all the planets out with bombs and then where are all the soul energies stored until there is a place for them again?
So Buddhism would require there to be a creation mechanism in the universe for a special type of energy to be born relating to need also a storage area for them. The energy that leaves our body when we die, could go anywhere really, we don’t know where it goes or what it changes form to. If it wants an afterlife it is conscious in, then it would need to go connect itself to a brain somewhere.  Maybe there’s some giant brain somewhere full of souls that only soul energy can get to. And it wants to grow, everything wants to grow as we flow and change. There is no Time here that I can see. So that means all of us alive are made of the stuff that always was and always will be.
There is no Time only Change and the only change here I can see is that stuff is moving/flowing through itself and round itself in the most intricate ways and everything that ever there was is still here it’s just flowing itself into more and more complexity and wonder. And it is trying to figure out what it is via separate pockets of consciousness that have a flow so complex they can perceive it and start to understand us/everything.
Now that’s an existence I want to be a part of. Fuck your Atheist shit.  There may be nothing that can call itself GOD here. But dont discount the idea of Eternity because there’s nowhere else for your energy to go. It has to move and flow somewhere. The question is, is our particular energy special?  Or is it common energy like in a lightbulb that just got lucky and became consciousness? Turn it on, turn it off, can’t turn it on again though, because it slipped away.
If this universe is the Atheist’s universe then I think we should definitely turn it into one that is not with our technology. Atheism is very clever and all that, but it’s just not worth living for. And if I’m just a temporary voice of reason representing all of everything then hear me say in this record that you can read perhaps when “time has passed” and stuff has moved and flowed.  I have to say I am alive and all of everything needs something worth living for. We need our Heaven somewhere. I do.

Nick.Eliot 31/Aug/2014


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