Egotistical Much??

    So what makes you so special? Or what makes you so irrelevant?  It’s your ego. It’s a neuroses that acts as a protection mechanism to stop REALITY getting into YOU.  It’s a self pleasing thing, feel down and it makes you feel it’s fine to sulk all day, feel good and it makes you feel like you are better than others.  Or both at the same time even.  And one thing is for certain: It will destroy any honest thought processes.
     Since so many are afflicted with this nonsense thinking, the world is unpleasurable to live in for all and has been for some time. At least to some degree the Ego is the Achilles heel of all human life here at present and is the direct cause of all suffering on Earth not caused by surprise natural occurrences/disasters.  It’s worse than an addictive drug, it makes you want to take drugs in the first place even. It feels good inside you and you do not question it, because why would you? It doesn’t feel right to question it and it wont allow you to do it.  You successful person why would you give up your success? You miserable person, why would you give up your misery?

You world leader, why would you give up your goals? You devout worshiper, why would you give up your connection to God?  You rapist murderer, why would you give up your hobby?

Why would anyone, ever, change their minds? Having to change your mind once you made it up is like a kick in the balls.  It’s like a failure, to be wrong.  Why bother being any type of failure at all when you were always right and always knew better?  Even if your life sucks ass, who are you to think past that? When you’re busy suffering.  It’s your pain. Your ego is your only positive emotion perhaps, so why give that up?

For the simple reason that to live with the ability to change your mind is quite handy.  What if you really are NO BETTER and NO WORSE than anyone else? What if we are equal in this universe to a housefly?  Could you handle that? Could your mind possibly believe that you are no better or no worse and we are all here together, flowing together to make something better than “survival of the fittest”?  Something better to do on Earth than fight with each other and yourself.  I think we are equal, I may be wrong and I will change my mind as soon as I have better information.  We are just differently skilled parts of one giant interlinked organism that is described as the planet Earth.

Think what you like, however all the shit on Earth stems from all the people’s individual twatty egos.  There really is no reason to fight, there really is good reason to think. And think clearly.  It’s not that bad here, but the nonsense has to stop because it keeps me up all night.  Just having some positivity here is great, we have a lot of it. Most of it built on lies because someone with an ego lied once, probably to themselves as well as everyone else.  Though we still have music and dancing, so it’s not a dead loss.

‘If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” “Get busy living or get busy dying.” But for Goodness sakes stop lying about why you do it.  The way I see it there is no reason to fuck each other up so much, there’s no reason to get so mentally ill as much, there’s no reason to hurt or hide the strange power inside all of us.  There’s not much actually to achieve here. Apart from growing technology and scientific understanding, which is all we are doing. If only the people who use that information were not lost in their own ego heads then it might be of some use. I think we should do things for valid reasons. For we are a team of equals.  

There is only true and false here, the false = negativity, the true = light.  Follow any path you wish, though if you don’t get rid of your ego, your entire life will be a lie, and false.  You have the power, it is your head: ).



2 responses to “Egotistical Much??

  1. well agree with most of you say expecially the tecnolgy and science reserch as reason for keep going(even can seems useless in the end but wht left that can actually give us something new). I dont see personal choice on the matter of who we are, we dont decide, we can take path but the experiebce made later will decide our ego. Nobody in a sort of way is responsible of his action . The path is what we can choose but path is decide also by previous experience(and yes we can go back further till chilhood where we dont choose our parent or place we born) and sometimes we are forced byt them to choose those path (financial problem , health problem , death of persons you care, natural disaster, assholes). Yuo talikng about changing your mind but you need the input that make peole do that is not come natural as you can thing. I have a very meccanicist way of thinking about life for me we are not even alive but machines following procedure dictate by external facts expierinced by senses nothing more.

    • Good points, thank you for commenting: ). I agree that much of life is to be a pinball being bounced around from one stimuli to the next. I think the human mind is the only chance Earth has of a shortcut to progress. Maybe look at it like someone amazing said to me, ‘We are like shoal of fish and we flow in the current of life, however it is possible to change the direction, even swim against the current and go in the direction you want to, however it is very difficult.” If enough do then the rest of the fish will follow them and it will be easy. We just need to know which way to go for our willpower to want to swim for something. Perhaps it all depends on what we want/need, some don’t know what they want so they just go with the flow. I need to sleep at night knowing that the vulnerable of Earth are being well treated, ugh.

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