Survival of the Fittest?

According to Darwin, only the fittest DNA will outperform all other DNA and that fit DNA will just get better and better over a long long time so that it can become top of the food chain. All DNA mutates, some get’s lucky or rather gets heavily tested by life and if that mutation can breed then that is the fittest one, the one that survives and keeps going and has its offspring give birth also.

And that seems pretty accurate as it mirrors the nature we see around us on an obvious level. It’s a good step away from thinking you owe Jesus or someone for all life.
Is that all of the story though?  Is the purpose of all life just to survive better than all other DNA and beat the system to have offspring that will do the same?

It explains how DNA gets better and it explains how humans evolved. And it has been the main purpose of life for some time. Yet not all life. A honey bee is alive and the honey bee’s life isn’t to breed, it cannot breed. The purpose of its life is to collect nectar from flowers.  Which in turn supports all life on Earth. The humans wouldn’t be all that “fit” or “top of the food chain” if there weren’t queen bees mating and giving birth to honey bees for you.
And just because together we are strong enough to kill entire species. That doesn’t make us the fittest, that makes us the stupidest and most desperate.  

Survival of the Fittest is a poor name for what is really happening. It must be more to do with survival of the entire ecosystem. An ecosystem where all life is the fittest as it all relies on each other for survival.  The habitats and lifestyles of the first major intelligent life here has caused farms, roads and pollution just like it would do for any intelligent species who doesn’t know what to do.
We feel so different in our houses and cars that we lost the sense of connection to the entire ecosystem and think we are not a part of nature.  It doesn’t stop the fact that we are just as nature intended, and are the best it can do so far.  A part of the ecosystem of Earth entirely, yet one who can bring short-cuts to advancement through thoughts and communication.  Inside a thinking mind you can get more value out than you put in.

We are not like a virus destroying the Earth as so many feel. We are doing our best with nothing to help but a history of much ignorance. The other parts of the ecosystem will adapt or die out, that is nature’s way. Animals will evolve into things we don’t want to hunt.  Or we will evolve not to want to hunt for fun when we are the only strong thing left on Earth.  Yet even then there will still be life everywhere.  In every rat, in every fly, in every chicken; the fittest.  

If it all goes wrong and society collapses, there will still be life here and it will still evolve the ecosystem to match the situation on the planet.
The situation now is intellectual growth on a great scale.  The cost has been many destroyed habitats and lost species, yet it’s worth paying, just for the chance of something new under the sun. Something of value, the value of being a creature able to understand why down is up and up is down or not.  Enlightenment of the species is on the menu. However I notice many are not in the mood to be enlightened and they would rather watch Pop Idol.  And there is nothing wrong with that.

We fear that society is making us less smart, for to be an alive mind within it you normally freak out and withdraw to the safety of your home because of all the fake, and you make a part of the universe at home where you alone can enjoy being more free and normal and not caring what others think and not being controlled by them for their weird greeds. It’s hard to mate at home alone, so the fittest DNA that we as a species are passing on to the future will not be very intelligent DNA as only the blissfully ignorant God Botherers and their ideas will survive through mating.

Only the strong survive, and they are by far the strongest and will be until their stupidity wipes them out. For the society we maintain is not sustainable without some growth in wisdom/humanity. We can survive with wisdom/humanity now though it is not what people want.  Smart people are trying their best to steer the power of our billions strong team into some form of renewable/viable system.  And it is working, yet it’s so hard to get any clear message across when there are greedy fools pushing the need for money and a work-life so busy you don’t have time to think. They push competition and put stress on us to do better all the time.
Their ideas are profitable, though obviously they are damaging to all of us, including them as they fuck up their own planet for money they will never spend. Money that isn’t even real. And they live lives where they learn little of value. Apart from how to feel good on drugs.

My point is that life is not a competition to survive as much as what is suitable for the planet at the time survives and is maintained by the ecosystem. And what doesn’t want to survive or what parts that need improving don’t breed and the life within them must change forms into something else, just Honey Bees.  Natural selection brought us intelligent life with hands and voices and eyes. A vastly successful species compared to all the rest. It was always going to act similarly to a virus on the planet and it’s ok that we have been and are.  It’s time for something new, something more positive than being eaten alive because you’re not the Fittest.  Some part of all of the force of Nature needs to know what is going on, or it would not be happening now and learning it now. Whether it works or not is not a worry, just as long as all life isn’t lost in the attempt.

Life is an ecosystem and we are a part of that and it will all balance out in the end, in harmony, so will we eventually. It is Nature’s way.

Nick.Eliot 08/Oct/2014


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