Time and Space and NOW


I saw an idea in the Wikipedia lately that said there is no such thing as time. We only live in the now. Yet how would that work? If there is no such thing as time, then there would only be one moment, this one. And it’s been going on forever. My theory (which is totally mirrored by real life events) is that there is no such thing as time, yet we all are in movement. The planet Earth is in movement in orbit around the sun and blood is moving around our bodies and energy is moving around our brains.
The whole effect generates the appearance of time, however it is only the side effect of movement. We can measure it as almost a constant because we are all moving at the same rate. Yet when we do experiments in orbit we see that time either appears faster or slower than it does on Earth, which has been observed with experiments such as the quantum clock put into a drone  around Earth for ages.

So then the question is, why are we moving? The answer seems to be that we were all exploded out of a black hole of some kind and then everything moved into orbits and eventually this bit of everything moved into planet earth and life began and it’s been moving in a different direction as life can guide itself.
So what reason do the planets have to orbit each other? From what I can tell an orbit is a delicate thing and planets can be shifted into and out of orbits. So perhaps it is caused by metal and magnetism. If a planet has enough mass to have enough metal to be polarised then over the vacuum of space everything is allowed to move via weak tugs on each other.
If that’s true then perhaps a black hole is generated when some heavy piece of metal stops moving. Say if a big planet bashed into another planet and stopped moving then it would have asteroids bash into it and grow more in its magnetic pull until when another smaller planet comes near it the other planet wouldn’t gain orbit it would just fall down into this intense drag of magnetised gravity.

Yet what would happen to Time in such a place as a black hole? Well for one thing your body would be crushed to death, for another you would not be able to comprehend time as nothing is moving. Essentially time would slow and stop. Because there is no such thing as time. Apart from now.

This would mean we, and everything here is eternal and infinite. That still doesn’t answer my question of what we are and what our souls could be. Yet it does explain away a few silly questions. This light that lives within all of us and survives our entire bodies being replaced every few years as cells die and grow; this light was probably always in the now. It just couldnt percieve it because it wasnt in movement. Long story short, we are eternal and the entire universe is happening in the now, yet at different rates.

Nick.Eliot 26/Nov/2014 : )


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