Wouldn’t it be great if all the people in all the world decided to stop competing with each other and start living with each other? Yet you can ‘want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster’.
Picture us, all of us as a shoal of strong fish. We swim in an ocean and the further we go, the more awesome fish we become.Now picture that the fish lit a jet engine behind them powered by the organic matter of long dead fish and these fish are flying so fast now. Then a few fish are like wtf are we doing? This is fun and all, but what is the point? Let’s get off and enjoy this island. But the fish cannot stop so easy, they’re moving too fast to turn off the jet engine and they’re finding it hard to steer.
Such is life on Earth in 2014. We’re going so incredibly quickly that we forgot where we were going to. And to turn off the jet engine (the use of fossil fuels) too fast would spell a disaster. I’ve realized that there will be no great change here on Earth until we can stop worrying how to feed ourselves and survive when those next to us are outcompeting us. We need to hit some technolological barriers first.
We need to solve medicine, fuel, food, transport, level of comfort, etcetera. Before we can stop struggling so hard. Only when a good life is assured may we all stop and think. This technology we enjoy today, is not old tech. Humanity has lived for many lifetimes, most of this happened in half a lifetime. What we need to do is plan for the future because current affairs are rediculous.
Looking at human life here, I don’t think people will stop their nonsense whilst it is still turning a profit. The simple solution is to have it not require a profit. With renewable energy and nanotechnology that reshapes matter and energy into whatever we want. We also need to plan what to do when we can make the human body life in health forever.
If those parts of technology are really what we want , and what men and women and children have wanted for a very long time. To give fish reason to stop and evolve in one place, those fish are going to want it to be cosy. People have always had standards here that were not met. The hand with shit in it filled to overflowing and we carried on regardless, still wanting a better life deep down.
Once the comfortable living space on Earth is maxed out by the life on it there would be no more children. Children in a sustainable high technology planet would be better made when someone dies and there is space for them. The only other option is to go live on another sustainable planet in another solar system. There’s plenty of those. So thoreticlaly it would be wiser not to stop the fish swimming until we conquer interstellar space travel.
Therefore the best form of revolution would be into a new structure of life that still works hard to get off the planet. If we make it far enough so that interstellar procreation is possible then Earth may be an outlet for energy to be conscious all over the universe. Though that energy in the future experiencing life on that planet will need the same things we do. Medicine, fuel, transport, level of comfort… They will need to have a sustainable society just like we want today. They will not want to feed on each other or be reliant on planet Earth.
So we need to sort out renewable everything first. Then form a peace loving society because we do not need to fight. Then have so many babies that we want more room. Then some leave the planet. The key to the evolution of our consciousnesses and the freedom of our thoughts and souls eternally seems to be the technology barrier of prolonged sustainability.
Nothing else is important right now, ‘only life is important’.

NickEliot 8/Dec/2014


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