Infinity and Beyond

So Im looking at this image:



It is generated out of maths and is basically, from what I can tell a visual representation of infinity. And I’m wondering, how can numbers possibly be infinite? Though the problem with numbers is really how do you call a number not infinite? We cannot measure anything accurately with numbers so we invent standard measurements. Otherwise when do you call one centimeter one centimeter? Im wondering if all numbers and mathematics are infinite. The fact that we can see them as infinitely recuring numbers is because we generate them outside of time and our Earth, they are a mental interpretation of our universe. Yet we are stuck in the movement of our matter and energy which generates the effect of time. So we could only see infinity from within a generated model of it.
Movement of matter and energy plus a great deal of hard work and survival allows us to percieve the universe we are in just as if a 1 was created. An I made out of matter moving with energy. A point of reference created inside something infninte. Created from movement of perhaps infinite complexity, a moving churning; inside a great infinite forever. That movement allows life to be. Perhaps an accidental awakening of sentience inside an infinitely dumb equasion through which the fabric of the universe can observe itself via the lights inside. Lights of minds that is, which seem to be places for energy to become unique. When coupled with a steady flow of energy from the body, a drop of light can circle inside the brain and learn. Learn to live, learn to die, learn to see and experience.
I would like to know what happens after death. I assume that drop of light that became the human you are today would be “earthed” and either dissipate into the universe, or merely return to being infinite. Just like everthing else is which is in no movement. Yet if there was a place for it to shine here, in inconvenient Earth with the distraction of living and our body’s needs. Then who is to say there is not a place for it to shine elsewhere?

Nick.Eliot 20/Dec/2014


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