Harbinger of Doom

Something about this video I saw years ago stuck in my head:

This machine is still theoretical as far as I know. But when you think about it, it works just like a replicator in Star Trek. When you think about it more, each nano factory could make another nano factory, or a death ray, or a viral nano disease that wipes out the Earth, or it could make other nano machines that could easily destroy Earth and every living thing on it. When someone makes such a machine, they will become the most powerful in the world as they could kill on a whim.

Nano-technology such as this would be the ‘Singularity Event’ where all of a sudden we have the power of Gods. Are we ready to wield such power? Is anyone on Earth? The scientist who makes it will probably be egotistical and have other issues. Not sure I really want that as a supreme ruler. And as for the person who is paying them to make it, well, *shudder*.

However the nano-factory could be more useful if put in the hands of someone who wasn’t a complete crackpot. I don’t think I know anybody who I would trust with near unlimited power of creation. As stated before I think humanity is an opportunistic species who will milk every flaw in life to their own advantage. They are also designed not to see existence for what it is, as they can’t work like that.

I personally think we shouldn’t stop our procreation until the nano-factory is created, then we could all put our feet up as there would be nothing else to do but have fun and make stuff that is atomically perfect. The high population numbers we are experieincing drive technology forward. Many hands make light work, or at least bearable work. At least there’s always someone there with cups of coffee for the scientists at many many outlets.

The nano-factory could make nanobots which heal our bodies perfectly forever, the scope of a tool like this would unlock eternity for those willing to experience all of it. After it is made, then we should start addressing population problems. However with the power of nano-machinery that would not be difficult.

Allowng a crackpot to use it would be unwise. I don’t see many humans who impress me with their deep understanding of life, the smartest debator’s greatest argument is ‘nothing is real’ which sounds very pretty though it’s a pretty dead-end way of thinking that bears no relation to the experience of existence. I have no idea why they suck so much at seeing life for what it probably is, apart from that they are too distracted by life. Life isn’t that complicated. We are all born here on Earth and pit against every other form of life here for our bodily survival. We were born from a species which had to learn everything from the ground up with trial and error and most of us are insane and like to worship things that we don’t even know exist, (so that we can get stuff/help). We are all together in this and as a strong species we mostly fight each other for dominance because that gives real life achievements and gives all these weak minded greedy souls what they think they want. We carry on like this because there is no other alternative than worshipping imaginary deity friends.

We need time to grow, all of us. However we are busy, busy working, busy creating, busy homemaking. If we stopped doing all that before the Singularity Event then the rest of nature would literally eat us alive. However with infinite lifespans maybe people will figure out that using a nano-factory to make weapons wouldn’t be a really wise idea. If you want guns we have guns, we have nutcases working 24/7 finding new ways to kill each other because we think we need to do that.

I hope the Singualrity happens in my lifetime. I hope they don’t hide it away and kill people with nano-machines like a bunch of selfish petulant children. I hope humans can all grow old and wise in the time spent with absolutely nothing to do because you can get it all from a machine. I hope.

Nick.Eliot 30/Dec/2014


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