Weapons of Love <3


Previously I have written that if the world’s people all became peace loving hippies then we would become very vulnerable to attack from groups of us who are not peace loving. With humanity not on its guard all manner of danger could befall us. And that makes sense, but something just came to me. The question of which is a more effective weapon, a weapon of hate or a weapon of love?
Technology is like a machete, a double edged sword that can be used as a tool to help or to harm. Making high tech weapons I’m sure is a fun passtime for several well paid boffins (genius creators) around the world. However perhaps there are more effective weapons available for our safety than a nuclear warhead.
What if there were weapons which would prevent war and aid mutual understanding? What if we could make a country that hates us, like us? Or if we’re genuine enough maybe they will come to love us.
What if instead of bombing the shit out of them or starving the shit out of them, we made them have a good time? Make them giggle and laugh. Help them have a few really good parties? Some counselling and fancy clothes? Some awesome music for deffinite.

If it works and they come to love us, then that’s money and effort well spent, trust is a long shot but they just have to love us not trust us. Call me crazy but that sounds a lot cheaper in the long run, both psychologically for us and cheap in resources so our planet isn’t wasted. Also we could leave the boffins to make their death machines if they really must, but save them for a day when something other than love attacks so we don’t have to use them on our global family and make drama.

Weapons of love would be more fun, just gotta find a way of launching them into odd places like North Korea. Is there a boffin in the house? And who is paying these psy-ops people if they can’t figure out simple shit like this?

Nick.Eliot 22/Jan/2015


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