A Lesson in Psy-Ops from Moses

I’ve just finished watching the modern film recreation of how the Jewish people freed themseleves from slavery, thanks to their great leader Moses.

How did he do it though?

There must have been several factors present in the man. First and foremost he had a Master’s grasp of human psychology, also the Egyptians must have really pissed him off and crossed the line with the genius man. Thirdly, he had some good friends who also detested Egypt and all it stood for, enough to do what it took to ensure its destruction so that no more Egyptian armies, great palaces and artwork were bore from the backs of its slaves.

With the knowledge that the Egyptians were highly superstitious and that their lifeblood was the river Nile, the solution was quite simple: Leave Egypt, find allies, come back to Egypt, start trouble and make the slaves the cause of it. Then once that has begun you simply get your allies to poison the Nile which kills all the fish supply (food), drives out the frogs onto the street to bring pestilence when they die and goodness knows what other chain of disasters that purposefully unbalancing a delicate ecosystem would do.

But all that could be explained away via bad luck so Moses masterminded the Passover mission. Where under the cover of night Cairo was attacked by discreet ninja types who threw poison in the unlocked doors (not many keys in those days) of the Egyptian homes, the poison of course was only fatal for children. The ninja types who commited the infantacide (for good reason, the kids would have only grown up to be evil slave drivers) must have not been locals, or else why would you need a cross on your door for protection?

I shudder to think what Moses’ backup plan was if that wasnt enough to gain freedom/expulsion. However history was saved from his wrath as they were all set free, an amazing feat for the age to set so many slaves free. And they fled across the desert and went to Isreal where they were likely welcomed by their allies.

Apparently it was a long walk and it required a sea to be parted, err, what sea??? Isreal is right next door to Egypt and there’s a land bridge. -_-

A land bridge with perhaps an army nearby who didn’t want to be remembered for infantacide and who were well dug in and prepared to kill all who could talk about them. Slavery is no joke, and well worth killing to stop it. Being free is no joke.


So there you go, don’t mess with the Jewish as they get a good leader from time to time who will stop at nothing to make sure their people are ok. Don’t push anyone so far into slavery that they decide you have gone too far and push back with many years of pent up aggresion.

-Eric Dawson 04/March/2015


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